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Thread: Therapy-forum: Tell us the story behind your username

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    Well, all the other names from Egyptian mythology I usually use were already in use by others, although I see no posts by most of them...


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    I was on the old forums almost a year ago (infrequently) but kind of drifted out when I got frustrated with Dromed after they finaly released it. Then with Thief 2, I came back for a hint, and found the thriving forums.

    I settled on "Sneaksie_Coward" because I just finished Trail of Blood, and after lurking for three or four days, I somehow missed all of the posts from all of the other "Sneaksies" and decided that the name would be 'nicely inconspicuious'.

    The underscore is from my unix habits, despite the fact that I moderate my own UBB forum, and know you don't need it. DOH!

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    Kroakie, Ilearnt mandarin using bu-pa-mu-fa and if I put a K in it it'd be too much like King Kong. And he sucks.

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    When I signed up for my first internet account I learned to my horror that there were a few other people in the world going by "Mike," so I used the second thing that came to mind. "Slortar" is the name of Michael Moorcock's god of evil wisdom in the Elric of Melnibone series. Come to think of it, I wish I'd used my yahoo email account name instead (sonofsanta). Slortar is a bit goofy sounding...

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    Being a literature major, I always try to come up with clever and evocative names. Then, after a lot of thought, I just pick something boring like combining my first and last names. What can I say? My cat is named KC Cat because we called her kitty cat while I tried to come up with a clever and evocative name. It was shortened to KC and she started to actually come when called. Since I never had a cat do that before, I dropped the search for a clever name.

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    It's a long story:
    In 1783 the de Elhuyar brothers discovered me: They reduced the tungstic acid to get a pure me. The name actually comes from Swedish tung sten (heavy stone). In some languages I am called Wolfram, 'cause I was first found in the mineral wolframite.
    In my natural form, I consist of 5 stable and at least 20 unstable isotopes!
    I also have the highest (!) melting point of all metals.
    To find me, just look at your light bulbs, I'm in there (often together with Osmium, who does not often post here).

    so much about my name and character

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    Originally posted by Ringwraith:
    I bet nobody knows where mine came from!
    I do.

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    I chose mine as a tribute to an experience that changed my life: the first time I played Thief. Ten minutes into it and I was already in love with the game....I'm a very sentimental person I made it plural because I thought "The Lesser Follies" would be a good name for the zombie dance review in the blooper mission :P (weak, I know!) P.S. Hope that's not a spoiler there, sorry.

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    My username is my real name, too. I've only ever really posted on the Total Annihilation and BattleZone 1/2 boards, and I registered for those when I first started going on the internet...I thought I had to put my real name in!

    Now it's just habit....

    -Alessandra, Lady Thief

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    My username comes from what a few girls at work called me. One called me Biscuit, but believe it or not that name is beyond taken on the Net!
    My real name is Richard and one of the other girls combined that with biscuit to form the word, Risquit, which BTW,is pronounced risk it. I like the idea of taking risks in life, so the name appealed to me and no one on the Net uses it.


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    Secluded Memory

    The story behind my name is quite a strange on...

    One day at McDonald's, I bought the incredibly disgusting Chicken McNuggets for my science experiment on molds. While I was leaving, a fat man slipped on a ketchup packet on the floor. The ketchup squirted into the eyes of a Voodoo witch-docter. Blindly, she set a curse on me (she thought I was the fat man) and forever made me roam the internet as Secluded Memory.

    Oh, and it sounded pretty cool.

    -From the people who brought you Shroom Tea, Anal Coffee, Pele Puffs, Paco Nuts, and many other breakfast items comes HAPPY CHUNX!-

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    -Alessandra, Lady Thief

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    Originally posted by KGoodsell:
    I meant to type "KGoodshell", but I missed the 'h'. Woops.

    Heheheheh. Unless you guys have been around here for awhile you probably wouldn't get this. People kept misspelling Kevin's handle as "Goodshell" back in the day.

    Kung Fu Gecko is a handle I've used for a long time. Back in college, I liked doing Kung Fu, and personality wise I'm a social chamelean (sp?) but gecko's were cooler. It was just a fun handle but it stuck.

    In development: "Lesser Evil" (working title) progress meter: 8% |##+--+--+--+--!--+--+--+--+--|
    My Thief 1 missions: Bloodstone Prison and The Library

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    “Comes a man to rescue me...................”

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    Kublai Krim was a marshall of the Supreme Space Office in german SF-show "Raumpatrouille".

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    Magnus Vile

    Mine is the name of the last AD&D character I ever played, Chaotic Evil and responsible for the deaths of thousands... Wahahahaha

    Permission to repair Flybot denied. Please report location upon impact.
    The Computer is Your Friend.

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    Little Girl Blue

    Hey everyone, I'd thought I'd come back and clear something up. I deleted the lyrics to the song I posted, since they were misunderstood...thought I'd let y'all know I did NOT mean for the song to represent how I feel, I just really liked it & I named one of my ponies 'Little Boy Blue', from the Rodgers&Hart song. Little GIRL Blue was a spin off of Bluesy's(Little Boy Blue) name. That is all that was about - any questions ?

    Official Tactics Coordinater for Clan Foofie !

    You don't fight destiny, No sir, and you don't eat crackers in the bed of your future, or you get all...scratchy!

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    Okay, so 4,972 years ago, when rocks ruled the world because dinosaurs hadn't been invented yet, there was a computer called Amiga. And on this box of joy (don't get me started, you know how those Amiga nuts get) there was a game by a completely unknown developer called Naughty Dog. (They've since gone on to fame as developers of Playstation games, proving that you can make a living after making a game which essentially is one huge pubescent joke but I digress).

    They made a game called....wait for it... Keef the Thief.

    Yes, it was that easy. I mean, no one had used it ever that I've found. And he was cool. Had a spell to make the barmaids shirt drop open and everything. (Told you it was a childish game.)

    That, and my high-school teenage angst name of Cypher (should have been Cipher but hey I was in the midst of angst so what did I care) was sooooo taken

    ..I'm not the one whose so far away, when I feel the snake bite enter my veins...
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    Well this name came about when I first learnt of these Forums. It can be spelt with one or two R's and is a method of strangulation but especially in the act of robbery. ( Robbery - to steal by force )
    Maybe not entirely apt but it did resemble Garrett ( Garret BTW = Attic )
    Heck if it's a crap name then I'm not doing any more FM's

    Standeth in front of the Camel.. It bites.
    Standeth behind the Camel.. It kicks.

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    Ismay is the name of a city in "A Wizard of Earthsea" by Ursula Le Guin. I was reading it one day and the name somehow appealed to me. Reminds me of the word "dismay", a common emotion of mine.

    A side note, have many people read "The Tombs of Atuan" also by Le Guin? Lovely book!

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    Mr. Natural

    Anyone familiar with the artwork of R. Crumb and the history of Timothy Leary will be knowledgeable about my name. Sorry it isn't in tune with the thief thing, but that's my "handle" on most of the boards.

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    "Raumpatrouille - Die phantastischen Abenteuer des Raumschiffes Orion"...
    Oh. My. God. -That brings back memories...
    Just dug out the Soundtrack after seeing your post!

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    Keeper Mallinson

    My last name is Mallinson, and I love the way of the Keepers. *shrug*

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