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Thread: Therapy-forum: Tell us the story behind your username

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    Ok, here it goes....

    I am a HUGE Star Trek fan. I love the whole series. The all time best episode for me was called "The Inner Light". I won't go into what the episode was about but thats where the name "Ressiccan" comes from.


    "Camel-mannered Tunic-wetting Mollie-coddle!!!"

    Offical "Human Shield" of the SPCB

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    I got my name from Quest for Glory 1. An RPG game from back in the day. The owner of the local Theives Guild was thusly.. TheCheif

    Guild member #10023

    not like anyone cares


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    I came up with my own username. Thought it was appropriately newbie-like. Besides, I kinda like the word "taffer". I used to go to the other Thief forum...was it the Eidos one? Can't remember...and my username was Knife, but I don't go there anymore. It was too unfriendly.

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    I just love the zombies!!!!
    I also love movies like Re-animator, Dawn of the dead, Zombie flesheaters and so on.

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    ok i wa this total annihilation fan. then core contigency came out. it was at that time that i actually started going on net, so i chose the biggest unit in the game "Krogoth" and the smallest unit "A.K", inset "a.k" into krogoth and i got Kroakgoth. later it just evolved into "kroakie"

    btw would it be ok if u guys can sorta introduce yourselves? like where you came from, gender, age etc? who knows, one of the people here might actually be your long-lost twin siblings.

    anyway i'm a 16 y/o boy living in singapore.

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    Salokin is Nicholas (my name, obviously) pronounced backwards. Simple really. BTW fro Kroakie's information, I'm a 20yr old student from England.

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    *pokes her head in*

    I'm 19, female, and like Kroakie, I live in Singapore.

    And to repeat, for the benefit of those who might've missed it, my username's my own creation, finding it very appropriately "newbie-like". (Yeah, and a newbie who loves bashing guards on the head and shooting a dozen arrows into one too)

    *ducks and runs for cover from the onslaught of tomatoes, potatoes and onions

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    Hi Mizu, glad to meet a frog-fan here!

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    14 year old girl here. I feel so alone...Am I the youngest female here!?! *clears her throat*
    Well, I might not be the youngest girl on the forums, but I bet I'm the only girl here that not only loves our Thief Garrett, but Dragonball Z and Pokemon too. Figure that out.

    By the way if you didn't know, Zantie comes from an old black and white Outer Limits episode.

    Just happy to be here. =)

    Proud member of the SPCB

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    You think this is lonely? Every other place I go on the internet, I'm the only girl posting at *all!*

    I don't know why Thief is so much different, but I like this board!

    -Alessandra, Lady Thief

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    My name is a composite of "Xochipilli" (my patron god of good fortune who maintains my Net existence) and "Shadow", (because I'm a nocturnal kind of demon).

    I wanted to use something different for Thiefiness, but all the good nicks were already taken....I am, however, leaning closer and closer towards adopting "Mopachtli", which is an Aztec synonym for "thief".

    As an introduction....I'm taller than the cat and shorter than the fridge freezer

    xoshade, cunningly disguised as Mopachtli, sneaks across the thieves' highway and into a lady's chamber, wherein are found very many shiny objects which make a curious "ch-triiiing!" sound when handled.

    "It was a dark and stormy night and the brigands were sat in their cave and the chief brigand said to Antonio, 'Antonio, tell us a tale', so Antonio began thus...."

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    *sniff* Thanks. I was feeling kind'a bad, *wipes a tear from her eye* I love ya guys!

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    It's not a very GOOD story...but this is it:

    One afternoon a friend and I were looking through a name book (needed some names for a story we were writing) and were futzing about somewhere in the L's when we ran across mine (which is uncommon but also rather uninteresting...maybe that explains the uncommonness... )

    Anyway. Listed next to my name was its Welsh root word...and since I rather liked the spelling and it's not in very common usage on the internet I've taken to using it as my handle for a great many things. This is perhaps unwise, as I'm not actually certain what it MEANS...

    Still, there you have it.

    Once you can accept the universe as being something expanding into an infinite nothing which is something, wearing stripes with plaid is easy.

    --Albert Einstein

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    Since I like rap music there's the whole original gangster thing. I just changed it to original thief, shortened it to O.T. and obviously added the present year. If I'm still around in 2001. I probably will update it.

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    The Man Eating Cow

    Moo! -


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    The Man Eating Cow

    *The Man Eating Cow, seeing that her pictures aren't working, runs off to get her interpreter*

    Interpreter - The Man Eating Cow would like everbody(especially Tungsten)to know her story ...
    Criminals Whisper about her on dark nights;
    No one knows where she came from; The swish of her tail is like the whisper of the axe; THOSE WHO ACT EVILLY MUST LIVE IN FEAR OF HER!
    *The mighty Tick, joins the two and tells you more about The Man Eating Cow!*

    The Tick: Heh, a while ago I swore in The Man Eating Cow as protector of The City for her outstanding work in ridding the world of unnessisary supervillians!

    The Man Eating Cow: MoooooO!

    Interpreter: She says 'I'm hungry'....

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    MML stands for Martin Mc Laughlin, which is, as you've probably guessed, is my name. Original, eh? (believe it or not, a lot of thought went into choosing my username...)

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    I am called Fong. I put the name "Bel" in front because of my love for the Belgariad series from David Eddings... if you have read those books, you will know what I mean.

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    I am right in the middle of the fourth book in the Belgariad, and I LOOOOVE it.

    Just call me Polwynne. Or maybe Polwen; it flows better than my natural name.

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    The Cloaked Wolf

    I love wolves (I'm one of those hopefuls waiting to see if the PC game of WEREWOLF: THE APOCALYPSE will indeed be finally released), and I also love fantasy stories such as Tolkien, etc. I sort of have this mental image of my name representing a humanoid wolf creature decked out like Garrett, it seemed to have a medieval, mysterious, atmospheric feel to it I liked, so I went for it.

    <+> The Cloaked Wolf <+>

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    Wynne, Belfong - I could never understand it. These books get my award for the most boring and stereotypical fantasy I have ever read, with the Wheel of Time cycle a close second (at least Jordan makes his world somewhat interesting, if not his plots). Perhaps you could explain why you like them - so far it's been a mystery to me.


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    Fantasy fans don't want something interesting, not in the sense that more mainstream fans want. They want characters that are easy to identify with (note the interchangeability of the reader identificatoin heroes in most fantasy, particularly the long epics) and verbiage, to lengthen the time they can escape from reality.


    That sounded pretty harsh considering that I'm a fan of Robert Jordan/Eddings, too...

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    Kroakie, bu-pa-mu-fa is a script used in Taiwan to teach Mandarin. It is like the alphabet in that each character represents a sound and many may be put together to make a new sound, but unlike it in that the sounds are tonal (of course) and that each "word" (equivalent to a single chinese character) is made of between 1 snd 3 bupamufa characters. There are about 30 cahracters altogetehr and any mandarin sound can be written in bupamufa. Better than pinying IMO 'cause you can't get confused.

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    Dark Knight

    For as long as I can remember I have always stuck up for the people in life who are being bullied or mistreated in some way. When kids at school were laughed at I always took their side out of principle as I REALLY hate to see people suffer in any way. I didn't mind being seen as a loner and it earned me a lot of respect from other kids. Many years ago someone asked me who my favourite superhero was and I replied "Batman, he has no powers, he's just a man but he always does what he believes in".
    That was a long time ago now but I don't think I've changed that least I hope not

    BTW, check out my mail address

    Dark Knight...

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