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Thread: Therapy-forum: Tell us the story behind your username

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    "They told afterward how Ned had carried Ser Arthurs sword back to the young sister who awaited him in a castle called Starfall on the shores of the Summer Sea."

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    dont think im a stupid newbie. i had 134 msg but i changes account.
    my name come from The Lord of The Rings. Aragorn is my favorite character and (i think) the best. btw, who has never read The Lord of The Rings?

    One Ring to rule them all,
    One Ring to find them,
    One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them,
    In the Land of Mordor, where the shadows lie.

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    Oddly enough, there is a story behind my name.

    My real name is Stephen Sullivan. My friends called me Steve. Until that night two years ago. My friend Caleb and I were playing Goldeneye on his N64. We're both large, I'm 6"3' and he's 6"2' so we think nothing of downing a load of sodas. We both went through 2 two litre bottles of mountain dew, coke and other stuff.

    We normally taunt each other after a kill, after that much caffeine, he couldn't pronounce my name, so he started calling me Steezo, and it stuck. It annoyed me for 3 months, after that all my friends were calling me Steezo, and by then I think the caffeine was worn off.

    That's it. You were expecting a serious story? All it was was Caleb calling me Steve after 3 two-litre bottles of soda.

    I hated it for 4 months. After that, Caleb had told everyone and I had to get used to it. After a while I just started using it as my online tag.

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    I was playing a MUD for the first time, and wanted a name for my lady thief. I was also in a shakespeare lit class at the time, so... I opened up the Riverside to a random play and, Voila! Viola! Not sure what play it was, definately not Hamlet or MND or Tempest or Winters Tale or King Lear, as I know those well.

    On Everquest I was usually Aphrael, from another Eddings series (I think the Tamuli).


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    Nephthys, I only like Belgariad series. The Malloreans and the "Sparhawk" saga are all repetitive and boring. Ok - the reason why I like Belgariad is in the style of the writing (not so much as the depth of the story). Eddings' writing is makes the story more lively especially the endless bickering among the party members unlike most of the other authors who tend to make their characters bland and gloomy.

    Of course, if I want depth of plot, I would be reading Tolkien.

    Side note: I hate the Riftwar Saga and I don't see why people love Raymond E Fiest. His plots are so far fetched and stupid!

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    Retarding Moment

    Viola is a character in What You Will (Twelfth Night)
    TI994a - haven't seen those letters in a while

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    When I first started at University in the dim and distant past I was given an IP address of some sort of game. At the time I was sure I was going to be working so hard that I would not have time to play and chose a name off the top of my head - Turnip. Sadly the IP address was a local MUD called Sushi and is closely connected to the reason I failed to attend any lectures for the last two terms of the first year and subsequently failed my first year exams.

    Still, it was always funny to look at the kills log and see "Demon Harbinger of Death killed by Turnip".

    Male, 25, very Welsh

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    It always amuses me when people get into heated arguments over which fantasy novel has a better "plot." Come on. We're talking about wizards and orcs here. If you're looking for literary value in any mainstream fantasy novel, you're barking up the wrong tree. The only fantasy novel I've seen with any depth in it since Tolkien was Tad William's Memory, Thorn and Sorrow. The rest is all fluff. Sure, enjoyable fluff, but still the mental equivalent of an enema.

    Um, sorrow about the drift.

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    aaah well, just a wish, or mabe the 3rd way

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    I've just one thing to say:

    'It's a hamster!'

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    Hmmmm... well at the time, I had been watching the forums for a while, then I saw something that I really wanted to reply to... Ooops; I had to register. My online name is usually some variant of my Hebrew name (Solomon, Shlomo, Shelomo), but I've gotten used to it being taken (I really had no idea how big or little the forums were) and I didn't want to risk it since the thought I wanted to say was slipping by the minute. So I decided to think of something else, and Schechter was the first thing that came to mind.

    For those who don't know, a Schechter is a kosher butcher (kind of an slurred together form of 'Schocheter'), but there have also been a couple of important 20th century teachers and Talmud researchers with that name as well.

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    My nickname in real life if cochon, but most of my friends use the short coch (pronounce like "kosh").

    cochon is the french translation of "pig" ...

    Know that thou must enter by the Gates
    in the lawful manner, as is put down
    in the Covenant, else thou are surely lost.

    -The "Necronomicon"

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    Originally posted by Slortar:
    If you're looking for literary value in any mainstream fantasy novel, you're barking up the wrong tree. The only fantasy novel I've seen with any depth in it since Tolkien was....
    You'll find some literary depth and skillful writing (as well as some deliberate but nevertheless annoying overwriting) in Stephen R. Donaldson's two trilogies, The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant (1970s-1980s, Del Ray, numerous printings). There's a reason he's often called the second Tolkein, though in fact he's a very different, very late-20th-century kind of writer.



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    Darkblade is my name. I picked this name to be a theif in the game of D&D I hope most of you know what game that is I am a 7th level theif and I pride myself on my thefing skills in D&D as well as theif. Not a funny story but it works. Just to let people know in the D&D game I have died 5 times. and much much more in theif. but I do pride myself on being a very good theif in sticky places hehehehehehehehe

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    [QUOTE]Fantasy fans don't want something interesting, not in the sense that more mainstream fans want. They want characters that are easy to identify with[QUOTE]
    This fantasy fan tends to like the odd plot twist now and then. characters are all well and good, but if they spend the entire novel watching TV the book probably wouldn't sell.

    just thought i'd pot this back to the top...

    'There is no law for those who make the law and no law for the incorrigably lawless. All the laws and rules are for those people stupid enough to think like Cockbill Street people.'

    A proud member of:
    and RSPNPN (one-man militant faction and freelance dissident)

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    Morrgan is the name of a cat in some comic. Or maybe it was a dog... Can't quite remember anymore, it has been some time since I last read it, but for some reason the name came up when I was trying to think of a username.

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    Back in the early 90s, I used to write a lot of music, largely electronica stuff. Of course, I needed a name to release this music under, so I simply looked up "sound" in a thesaurus. The entry that caught my eye was, surprise surprise, "sonance", which is an archaic English word meaning "sound" or "noise". Naturally, I used it as an online handle whenever I could, so I guess it's stuck.

    It can have some humorous side-effects though, particularly on IRC. Normally I'll use my real name (Mark), but if I happend to pop onto a busy IRC channel with the name Sonance, some desperate types automatically assume I'm female and hilarious chat-up antics ensue.

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    it's a german company that makes these cute little dolls in yellow dresses...and nobody would've have talked to me if i'd called myself Pikachu..."pika, pika!" "Nooooooooooo Pikachu! put the voltaire down!"

    ..look, i dont need any more pheasants, bugger off!

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    The Gnat

    I used to play Dungeons and Dragons a lot and one of my all time favotite player characters that I rolled up was a Gnome Thief/Fighter I called "The Gnat." He was an independent cuss, a real bothersome individual like - well - gnats are! Chaotic neutral in nature who eventually had many different factions after his hide. It was great fun! Yes, he still is "alive" but in hiding.

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    Aragorn...I think most of us have read LotR.

    And as for my name: it comes from a name of one of my cute little (damn big actually) furry tiger I had when I was something like 5 years old.

    DARK is not the opposite of light, it's the absence of light.

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    Darkblade: any relation of Mallus?

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    Helloe everybody, my name Jacksberry and i'm an escapist...i'm actually a fragile female thief and i've no idea why i named myself after a horny old man - but reading the scriptures and seeing the ghosts in TOB just made me so heartsick i decided to show my forgiveness for my old adversary. Constantine Rules!

    Lagophobe Finder General & Keeper Of The Sacred Sawdust
    Clan Foofie!
    ..Raisinette anyone?

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    Keeper Hellzon

    Check my signature and use your brain.

    NOOO!! I did NOT mean "smear it all over the monitor".

    Anders Hällzon, keeper of the keepers' library with enemy info.
    Violent member of SIDE.

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    Bloody random thread resurrection demon.

    Begone foul fiend

    I sense much NT in you.
    NT leads to Blue Screen.
    Blue Screen leads to downtime.
    Downtime leads to suffering.
    NT is the path to the darkside.

    When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading. -- Henny Youngman, comedian

    The inspiration of the Bible depends on the ignorance of the person who reads it -Robert G. Ingersoll

    Official Midget of the SPCB. So there.
    Low Keeper of the Dreaded Fnord for CAEDSWOB

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    Hellzon, you're doing the same to another similar oldie in the Community Chat. Why are you raising the dead everywhere?

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