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Thread: Therapy-forum: Tell us the story behind your username

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    It was 1:00 or 2:00 on a fall semester evening in college, and I had just finished a long study session in physical chemistry. I walked into the room of some friends of mine who I knew would still be up. One of my buddies took one look at me, bleary-eyed and nearly catatonic from trying to make sense out of what is traditionally one of the nightmare courses of any chemistry major, and he said, "Ahhh, feelin' kinda mazzo tonight, eh?"

    I have no idea what the etymology of this word is, but I've used it as a "nom de computre" ever since.


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    Some funny stories .

    As for me, I started playing rugby a few years ago. My dughter, who has a propensity for scrambling phrases, asked me if was going to play rugball one weekend. I thought it was pretty funny so there you have it.

    Mystery solved.

    In a bad part of town, The Thieves Quarter. Login as "thief"

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    About 8-9 years ago I was playing around on the newsgroups (back when it was still a Unix based internet...)

    Anyway, we had an email club for Piers Anthony (the author). I had an idea for a character, and took his name.

    Been using it ever since.


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    Hollow man

    I know I know...
    It's pathetic to have a name of a sci-fi movie as nick. But, since I really didn't play much anything else than thief those days I decided to have something that would fit for a thief. What else could it be than invisibility. Inaudibility would be better though...

    Future generations are hostage to our care.

    --Sermon of the Talisman

    "Best place to hide a letter is on the mantelpiece."

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    Registered: Dec 1999
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    erm...take a wild guess......

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    Silent Death

    Although my name is somewhat cliche, I chose it because it describes exactly how I play Thief. I thought the name up though when I started playing Commandos.

    I love creeping on an unsuspecting enemy in either game and delivering a death blow without the baddie ever knowing I was there. Particularily in the Theif series I like to kill guards with a single arrow from as far away as possible.

    Hell, I'd buy a new Thief game if the only point to it was silently killing everbody.

    "If all the world's children were laid end to end, some would be in the ocean......."

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    The King Of Thieves

    I got my username from a character in Xena: Warrior Princess.

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    Actually, I got my whole line "Verak, Destroyer of Worlds" from a little joke about 3 years ago. I worked for a large company, sharing my office with the Webmaster who was working on an Intranet, dreaming up strange stories to populate the pages with.

    He made up a brief description of a Star Trek episode where I would be playing a Klingon, Verak. Unfortunately, a few other employees got a hold of that site and people actually believed it, until we let the cat out of the bag and revealed the farce.

    Since then, the name, the phrase, has stuck. Can you guess my real name?

    Verak, destroyer of worlds

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    Mines simple. I just wanted to make an old English sounding name or he type of name you might here in Thief. All I could think of was "Gafland" and it was good enough for me.

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    TTLG Server Goddess
    Gone, but not forgotten

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    It's ms-ledd (or, depending on the day... msunderstood, mstaken, msused. msguided, msjudged) Read into it what you will

    I've always had people who are convinced that "sledd" is my last name, actually I come from a long line of Sledds none of whom, however survived infancy...

    I know you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.

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    Apache from the Native American tribe..Simply because I am Apache I guess no funny story. Just Me

    Need one-on-one help. I'm just a click away.
    Or Check out my ever going web site.
    NativeArt Design
    Under Constuction

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    My name is Sonny...some friends used to call me 'Sunshine'...there ya go.


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    Well lets see. I'm on the computer a lot, so that explains the Cyber. And the goth? Well I'm fairly gothic, into the black clothes and nails(odd because im a guy, and im definitely not gay). But i'm not the most extreme goth either so...That's my name!

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    Keeper Hellzon

    Originally posted by ThiefinRain:
    Hellzon... ...Why are you raising the dead everywhere?
    Well... It seems that I'm not the only one to post here. Anyway, there was a new post like this one in the general discussion, and Grundbegriff did as usual - post a list of all the previous threads. I replied to all I could. (couldn't reply to though. )

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    When I play an RPG, it's as a bumbling goof, tripping on my sword and becoming worm food, ergo: Buglunch.

    Drive sideways !

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    I have paranoid schizophrenia.

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    I chose this name as a tribute to my favorite comic book character. Green Lantern
    specifically Hal Jordan from the silver age of comics. although the name is intended to pay homage to all the Green Lanterns. I'm just a big kid at heart. my comic and action
    figure collection is the only thing that can draw my attention away from the greatest game ever created, which I'm sure all of know is Thief

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    So when I started going online, and needed a username, I chose "Anarchy Divine" after one of my favorite Fates Warning songs, and a song the band i was in was *supposed* to cover :-P

    Unfortunately hanging out in all the chatrooms I did as "Anarchy Divine" led to lots of horny 12 year old boys trying to cyber wiht me... Not something i was interested in, seeing as how I am a guy myself, and definitely NOT gay...

    Flash foreward, one day I was on a friend's comp, about to play Quake 3 for the first time (hooked on it today), and he REFUSED to let me play unless I created a new name, apparently he did not want me to "soil his nick with 'bad playing'" ... which makes no sense... Anyway, so i sat there a few seconds, and typed in "Thwark". And I've been Thwark ever since, on anything that doesn't require my real name.

    Unfortunately, my main email is still under Anarchy Divine, and my AIM nick is still AnrchyDvne, since apparently you can't change it without losing your "buddies".

    "Shotgun goes BOOYAH!"
    -Cypress Hill

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    My real name is Despot Brown, but Goran is one of the names from my favorite country-Yugoslavia, so I just use it. Sounds cool...

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    I have paranoid schizophrenia.

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    Yeah, right! Like someone believed you. Now bugger of you two.

    This nick is not at all my invention. After the English lesson, my friends were talking about net-protocol, and especially those "crazy names". And of course one of them joked that "he could be something like DeepQantas". Qantas was because the English lesson was about Australia and it was listed as the Q-word (A-aborigine, B-boomerang and so on). And Deep propably because it's so usual (DeepBlue, for example).

    Truth is for those, who cannot read the lies.
    The lies are for those, who cannot bear the truth.
    This is why I tread the path of shadows.

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    Keeper of Metal and Gold

    Goes along with the Keep of Metal and Gold.

    Wanted to alude to both Thief 1 and 2. Since I only now own TG and T2 (I did originally have T1, but swapped it with a friend after getting TG), I decided to use Gold and Metal in the title, and it just sounded better to have Metal first.


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    My nick comes from an old Saturday Night Live sketch, ca. 1977. It had Belushi and Bill Murray in it, I believe.

    It concerned a greasy spoon run by immigrants with a poor command of English, which was mostly limited to shouts of "No Coke, Pepsi!" and "Chee'burger, Chee'burger, Chee'burger, Hey!"

    Actually I enjoy Coke and Pepsi. Whatever ya got.

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    Old thread, but I'll post anway.

    In 1969, Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention were doing a bus tour. They bought a decomissioned Greyhound, but replaced the name with "Phydeaux". Dogs, poodles, and especially ones named Fido are a recurring theme in Zappa's work. It's a bit obscure, but I like it.

    There's nothing an agnostic can't do if he really doesn't know whether he believes anything or not.
    -Graham Chapman, MPFC

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    is the name of the powerful A.I. with a personality from the William Gibson novel of the same name. Neuromancer isn't even my favorite book, nor Gibson my favorite author, but I was fascinated with the concepts when I read it. Thats where my nick comes from.

    kroakie: 18 yrs old, male, from louisville, ky

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