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Thread: Therapy-forum: Tell us the story behind your username

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    Tears of the Moon

    Originally posted by Ethne:
    Ethne- a lesser goddess in the Celtic book of the Dead. I thought that there was no-way anyone would have ever heard this one. (But they are everywhere)
    The name Eithne (Ethne with an exra "i") is still given to girls in Ireland for sure, and maybe elsewhere. I don't think it's as rare as you first believed. The musician Enya's first name is really Eithne, but she went with Enya becayse that's the phonetic spelling of her name.

    There's also a lot of Celtic mythology lovers out there.

    (I've always wondered if Enya did that because she got sick of people mispronouncing her name. Maybe I should do that with mine...)

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    Might as well.....It's a real interesting story:

    You see, once I was "sifting" through a box of magazines and someone yelled, "Land ho!"....cuz I was on a sea-faring vessel of some sort, see, and we land. So it popped in my head and I went to the prow of the boat and declared: "From now on I shall be known as Siftland!!"

    Everyone was very impressed, but not because of of my declaration, but because it had begun to rain bunnies...That was it.

    "...Speaking of metal detectors..."

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    I'm named after my Hamster who died in 1998, he was my lil baby <

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    I'm the Ringmaster because my school class is like a circus.

    High bender-trender it's all indoor games.

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    Elusive Paladin

    Hm....well, I registered here a long time ago with my preferred username, Bejorgen, but then lost the password. So, I used my other preferred name.
    Bejorgen has quite an interesting story behind it. It supposedly means "small fish" in Norwegian (or so I say), and this can be used as a conversation icebreaker in the most amazing places. The other part of the name (viz. Hfrungletoper) I saw while playing someone in Delta Force. My surprise at seeing the message "You were shot by A Hfrungletoper" was enough to adopt the name as a pseudo-surname.
    Elusive Paladin is much simpler. I love playing Age of Empires II, and the Paladin is without doubt one of the coolest units. Elusive just makes it sound cooler.

    I can also offer a pronunciation of Naartjie, in Afrikaans. The "Naar" is pronounced as-is. The "tj" is almost concatenated, giving a "ch" sound, with overtones of "t" (Afrikaans ain't easy to speak). The "ie" is pronounced "ee". See if you can work your way along that
    Here's an interesting tidbit for you - in South Africa, no-one knows what a tangerine is. The word "tangerine" refers to a general orange-type fruit. Everyone uses naartjie. You go to the store - "Naartjies = 70c". Read the news "Naartjie farmer strike in Boland". Look on the net - "Mbeki is a naartjie". How's that for cultural language development?

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    uhs, because zombie is always taken, on everything.
    zombie because I look and sound like one in the morning before I've had my cup of coffee

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    The reason I chose maddog is because when the guy from the internet service asked me for a username and password, all I could think of was dogs, and since I'm a rudedog, and I had a pacodog, who is now a deaddog, I thought, what the heck? so maddog it was.

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    named for a sardonic, loyal old Narnian
    from CSLewis who was in the wrong place
    at the right time and naturally became a hero. Cheers.

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    Well, I got "Avatar" from the Avatar of the Eight Virtues (Ultima for those unenlightened souls). Curse me for the unimaginative son of a donkey salesman if you will, but I was pretty young when I started using it (about 15 or so IIRC). Since then, it would be too much trouble to change all my email addresses, and other stuff. So it stayed. Oh yeah, and it is an extremely overused nick, thus my initials after it.

    Oh yeah, and about the personal info which you supposedly wanted : 22 year old, male, living in Straya (like anyone cares).

    All your base are belong to us.

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    There really is no interesting story behind my nick. Just must fill that stupid column "Username" with something, and "Shrieker" did sound good to me.

    In fact, I am far more introspective person, as might my nick suggest. No need to shout at anybody.

    Beware the Dawn of the Shrieker Age!

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    If your a little bit older you will probably remember a game called "Quest for Glory 1"
    I took this name from the main theif character who was a real theif.

    Theif: (Thef) <n> A person who steals, especially secretly

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    In devotion to one of my favorite punk bands, Screeching Weasel.

    And as my sig says, I'm not a very good thief. Though I haven't been caught in real life...

    I'm of an odd heritage... 3/4 German and 1/4 Welsh. My first name is Irish for "He who upholds the good." My last name is Schwanz. For those of you that know some German slang, I can combine my names into one: Viagra.

    Skreechin weasels don't make very good thieves...

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    Master of RTS

    I'm affraid that my name is not as humourous as those who have posted before me. I was at a loss for a name, so I chose this. I had originally planned something from TDP, because that is the only Thief game I had played at the time of my joining. I decided not to, (lack of ideas), so I contemplated using my name from other places, ktaiidan. I didn't. Finally, I decided to use the name MORTS. My first name actually means "Champion", I just remembered so hey! There's another good reason to use this name. Oh, I hope anyone reading this post has neither died of sheer boredom or had to gnaw their leg off to remain sane.

    "Do you expect me to talk?"
    "No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!"
    from "Goldfinger"

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    in Italy there is a movie series centered upon the stories of an unlucky employee - Fantozzi his name - (played by a comic actor, Paolo Villaggio, ....something like Laurel & Hardy style): in one of its episodes he plays the imaginary role of a Japanese WW2 kamikaze fighter, namely Tozzifan: as my main interest is virtual jetfighter air combat, I took that nickname.........

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    Hmm... can't figure mine out...

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    I've used this name on other BBs that I joined before this one, and only wanted to have one name to remember. My other hobby (besides playing Thief) is keeping aquariums, so I thought up this name for the aquarium BBs. I built a small cylindrical aquarium and the name refers to that.

    JA aka Cylinder

    When are they going to bring me my dinner, that's what I want to know.....

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    Up and bump you go...

    My nick, Spitter, comes from Jurassic Park. Yes, that movie about 5 years ago or so. I was a blue-eyed kid back then, and I simply loved that movie. I had all kinds of stuff which had more-or-less something to do with the movie, one of them being a calendar. It had still pictures from the movie and little descriptions about the dinosaurs. One of them, which name I've forgotten (!), had a nickname, spitter. So there you go. Nothing macho-wannabe.

    A malfunction! -- A brother of Karras. -- Dangerous conditions!

    Geller's Pride screenshots. For Thief 1, ETA - When It's Done (tm)

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    Well, I registered a while back using the horrendous DancingLeper[Psychobunny]. Then I sobered up and realised it was no good at all. When I decided I´d start participating more actively, I decided that I needed a new username.
    Morte´s the name of the constanly horny disembodied skull in Planescape: Torment (magnificent game, go buy it now), which I had just recieved. My imagination was running low at the time, so I figured: "what the hell, one out of two´s good enough!"

    Faintly, beautiful nubile virgins are heard singing Morte´s praise: "...Superhero, you´re my Superhero..."

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    I have two main names I use online: Pandora (games) and birdbrain (everything else, cause I have 45+ birds). Pandora was taken so I had to use birdbrain, even though it doesn't quite fit the forum. On I've also been known as Goulish_One (necromancer), Pandora~|GS|~ and ']['he|3itch.


    Some day I'm not gonna be a guard anymore. I'm gonna be a manor lord. And I'm gonna hire lots of guards to make them go on patrols at nightwatch. And I'm gonna sneak up on them and say, "Didn't you hear something?" and watch 'em jump.

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    Norman Druart

    I guess my alias is obvious (maybe it isn't, let me know) but it symbolizes for me the attention to detail that went into creating the Thief world.

    I greatly appreciate the background information that's there not to advance the main plot but just to create an immersive environment and spark the imagination.

    If I had to re-register, though, I'd probably go with Manfool.

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    Constantine's Butler

    Ooooh, another chance to respond to a "gone but not forgotten" thread unceremoniously unearthed.

    Well, I wanted something basic and Thief-centric. Usernames go through me like a sieve so I had no other to really fall back on. There was "Neurasthenia" but it was getting rather archaic for its own good (as if it wasn't already).

    "The Sword" is my favorite TDP mission so this moniker fit the bill. Constatine's Butler has to be one of the most amazing, death-defying posts in Thief-land. All that evasion and resetting of traps, repositioning of chests, and clipping of hazardous vines in the cellar surrounding the sir's brandy. Mortality rate has to be high in a place like that; notice the lack of a serving staff? It was just my night out when all you guys were taffing about in there. Had my work cut out in the morning. (-:

    Each desire provokes in me a counterdesire, so that whatever I do, all that matters is what I have not done. --E. M. Cioran

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    Registered: Apr 2001
    Location: My Pants Are Haunted!

    OK, I'm in!
    The Turtle comes from a mediocre surfing movie called 'north shore' that i saw when I was younger. It had a character named Turtle in it, and I remember being amazed that a person could have a name like that, so I kind of adopted it.
    The 1776 is my birthday, 1/7/76.

    And yes, it's all because aol sucks.

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    The name comes from playing the original quake on gamespy... I noticed there were a lot of sad taffers with names like-=DaRkJedI= and crap like that, so I went for a "real" name to piss them off. It stems from me taking the piss out of the media for targeting violence in games, and becaues i like puns

    If anybody online asks "d00d, y j00 u53 y3R CraPp1 r3@l n@m3 ?!?!?!?!"

    I reply "Its a joke name, like Biggus Dickus"

    If they dont get it its a lost cause.
    - Seymour Gibbs

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    Registered: Oct 2000
    Location: Yes, please.

    (Ok, it's an old thread, but what the heck, I'll bite...)

    I'm h-son on TTLG. In real life, I'm H-son. It's my name. It's just as boring as that. My full name is Jonas Henriksson, which I've shortened to Jonas H-son ever since 4th grade, since nobody could spell my last name (IT'S VERY VERY SIMPLE!) for some reason. People usually call me either "Jonas" or "H-son". I rarely respond to anything else (except possibly "hey, you!").

    When I joined the computer club at the univ I figured I might as well be known as H-son there too (as there was already a Jonas), but usernames on that system were lowercase only, hence h-son. That was in '91. Since then I even sign emails with a lowercase h-son, just by habit.

    When I registered on TTLG I figured I'd pick some cool sounding nickname, but in a total brainlock I just couldn't come up with anything sarcastically funny enough, so I just went the old h-son. I guess it's still not too late to register another nick in case I'd come up with something funny, though. (On IrrGames I'm known as kold, which was just a bad joke nobody ever got).

    Pronounciation? I guess it'd be something like "haw-son" or something (the letter "h" is probably pronounced something like "haw" in my language), which I came up with in some other thread. Since Daxim read that thread, he now calls me haw-son-oab whenever I do something he doesn't like

    (Hey, where does the name Daxim come from, Lars?)

    So who am I then? In short, a 29-yo sysadmin in the norhternmost part of Sweden, playing SS2 & Thief. Details available upon request. (Yeah, that should interest the ladies

    And unless anybody already noticed, I might as well add that I can be quite longwinded when elaborating dull details

    [Edit: Daxim highlight]

    [ April 22, 2001: Message edited by: h-son ]
    "I never use resurrection. That's cheating.
    I save, die and reload. Which is also cheating."

    My System Shock 2 walkthrough

    (aka Gray)

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    Registered: Jan 2001
    Location: Lost in transit.


    Really, you must´ve went to school with some very stupid people...
    Don't trust the skull.

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