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Thread: Available voice actors

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    Registered: Jan 2011
    Location: Wild and Wooly West of Ireland
    I should like to throw my cap into the ring!

    Sex: Yes, please.
    Type of Voice: British/Irish, deep and fruity (can lighten to suit taste).
    Languages: English/foul and abusive.
    Experience: I once had to impersonate a Vicar at a Charity Mud Wrestling event, I have, however, no FM experience.
    Availability: I'm yours anytime, be gentle. GMT, however, and I use celsius, spell colour with a U, and pronounce "research" they way it supposed to be pronounced.

    My show reel is a little rough 'bout the edges, a bit like it's creator really.
    If you like what you hear you can contact me via PM on these very fora.
    Demo Showreel
    Edit: I'm not impersonating any original OM voices in this, Hammer voices are alternatives.
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    Location: Germany
    Quote Originally Posted by Purgator View Post
    Sex: Yes, please.
    I laughed harder at this then I should have

    Anyway I pmed The Phantom but since I didnīt get any answer yet, Iīll include my Information here aswell:

    Sex: Female
    Type of Voice: Girly. High. Iīve been said that itīs rather cute.
    Languages: English/German
    Experience: Zero. I only did some outtakes and send them to 2-3 people that listened to them and said that they are not bad.
    Availability: Usually 23/7

    If itīs a girl/woman that has to be voiced I think I can fit alot of roles. I also like to experiment so Iīm open for anything
    Please contact me here via pm if needed

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