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Thread: Warning: Out of dynamic lights in monolog when entering game mode

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    Warning: Out of dynamic lights in monolog when entering game mode

    I am getting this error in the monolog when entering game mode: Warning: Out of dynamic lights. How to solve it? I deleted a lot of dynamic lights on the level and the error is still there.. Is there a limit for dynamic lights? I only know about a limit for static lights. Is this error fatal or something or it can be ignored?

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    theres a hardcoded limit of 32 dynamic lights. i dont believe newdark increased this: at any rate modders_notes doesnt mention any increase. you should not ignore this limit: i dont think the game will crash, but im not sure; and from a quick look at the code going over the limit may stop all dynamic lights from working properly.

    if you cant simply reduce the number of dynamic lights youre using, you may be able to recycle them. for example, if you have a lot of wisps in different parts of your mission, use room-based triggers to teleport the same set of wisps into different areas of the mission as the player enters them.

    (note that this limit is specifically for dynamic lights, not animlights—unless you ticked newdarks dynamic light checkbox for animlights)

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    How are you using that many dynamic lights? You have 20 guards carrying lanterns or what?

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    I used many anim lights with mode slide smoothly and i think the engine think these are dynamic lights. Some of them had the quad lit option checked (i was not sure what this option does and in some cases i checked it). Anyway what is the difference between anim light and dynamic light? I'm really confused.
    I had this error before and deleted some of the anim lights with slide smoothly and the error was fixed. Then i added some more anim lights and error is back now..
    I will try now to uncheck all the quad lit boxes to see if i get rid of the error.

    Edit: I used some objects from DDX gamesys called Oil Lamps instead of lanterns. Maybe these are the source of the problem not the anim lights? I had to check. Anyway thank you for your answers guys!
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    What vfig meant is, if you open the properties box on the AnimLight where you will see the list such as:

    slide smoothly
    millisecs to brighten
    millisecs to dim
    max brightness
    min brightness
    and so forth...

    At the bottom of the list you will see a checkbox "dynamic light" - make sure you did not check this box.

    Dynamic light means the light can move in-game, like a wisp or a guard carrying a lantern. A normal AnimLight can go on and off but has to stay in the same location.

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    Thank you for your answer RippedPhreak !

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