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Thread: Cold Silence - Work in Progress Preview

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    Cold Silence - Work in Progress Preview

    Hi everyone,

    It's been quite a while since I've been back on the ttlg forums. I just posted a preview video of the Thief II mission I've been working on. I stopped working on it for a few years due to falling on hard times, but I'm getting back into the swing of things now. The mission is still alive and will be finished someday now that I have more time. The video is kinda long. It's pretty much a full tour of about 75% of the map, but I wanted to show a bit more than what I previously had in screenshots. There is no sound, lights, objects, or AI added yet at this stage. I will upload another video with some lights and stuff soon.

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    It's great to see you get back into Dromed, and also your mission looks like great traditional T2 goodness! However I noticed you're using OldDark (v1.18), any reason why you aren't using NewDark? We're up to v1.27 and the improvements over OldDark are massive.

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    Thanks for the great feedback. NewDark is now up to v1.27? Damn, I've been really out of the loop. I heard v1.19 came out, but never got around to installing it. I'll get on to updating it. Thanks!

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    Welcome back! Love the room and hallway designs!

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