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Thread: The Name That FM Game

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    The Name That FM Game

    The rules are simple. Post a screen shot from a fan mission along with the name of the mission in spoiler tags. Players will post their guess (also in spoiler tags) and then check to see if they were correct. The taffer with the first correct answer then posts the next screen shot...and so on...and so on.

    I'll start.


    Missions already used:

    Abominable Dr. Dragon, The
    Ack! There’s a Zombie in the Basement
    Adventures of Burrick Boy, The
    Affair of Wizards, The
    After the Party
    Airship, The
    A.K.A. Noah
    All For a Night's Sleep
    All Torc: Mission 3 Fort Montoya
    Among Two Storms
    Amoral Dilemma
    Arac Attack
    Art of Thievery, The
    Ashen Age, Pt. 1, The
    Assassin at Sir Ganrish House
    Assault at the Gas Station
    Auldale Chess Tournament, The
    Autumn in the Lampfire Hills
    Bad Blood
    Bad Debts
    Bafford's Last Stand
    Bafford's Town House
    Bank Job, A
    Bassett’s Keep
    Bathhouse, The
    Benny’s Dead v2
    Bestest FM 3: In the Link of an Eye
    Bestest FM 4: Wishy Washy
    Betrayal (Voices)
    Bloodmist Tower
    Bloodstone Prison
    Bluecoat's Training Facility
    Book of Prophecy 2: Hidden City
    Borrington's Castle
    Box, The
    Brawl in the Tombs, A
    Breakout from Apocalypse Prison
    Broadsword of Sheol
    Broken Triad: Arkford
    Burglary in Blackrock
    Burrick's Head Inn
    By Order of an Unknown
    Calendra’s Cistern
    Calendra’s Legacy Mission 1: A Meeting with Basso
    Calendra's Legacy Mission 2: Midnight in Murkbell
    Calendra's Legacy Mission 3: A Winter's Eve
    Captain of the Guard
    Careless Little Fly
    Castle of the Dead
    Cathedral of the Damned
    Cell Next Door, The
    Chain Project, The
    Chasse A L'Homme
    Circle of Strain 2
    Cistern, The
    Citadel of Douro
    Citadel of Wrath-Amon, The
    City Square, The
    Clean Out, The
    Clocktower, The
    Close Encounters
    Cold Feet
    Collector's Greed
    Cop in the Shadow
    COSAS: Gathering at the Inn
    COSAS: Mission X
    Coterie of Smokers (Lady Lotti series)
    Crazy Maniac Mr. Timms and the Wooden Shack, The
    Crom’s Blade
    Cult of the Damned
    Cult of the Resurrection
    Curse, The
    Curse of the Carnival
    CZSK Council
    Damsel in Distress
    Dance with the Dead
    Dancing with the Dead: Mission 2: Deep Analysis
    Dangerous Conditions
    Dark Messiah
    Darkness Falls
    Dead of Winter
    Deadly Darkness
    Debt Repaid, A
    Deceptive Perception
    Deceptive Perceptions 2: Phantasmagoria
    Delford Abbey
    Den, The
    Dirty Business
    Dirty Money
    Dracula Chapter 4: The Dark Throne
    Dracula Reloaded: The Dark Throne
    Dracula Reloaded Chapter 1: The Love Thief
    Dyer's Eve
    Eastwater Bank Gold
    Elevator Mission 2
    Elizabeth Bathory Chapter 1
    Elizabeth Bathory Chapter III: On All Saint's Day
    Embracing the Enemy
    Emilie Victor
    Escape: The Bear Pits
    Events in Highrock
    Evirath’s Misery
    Eye of Rutherford, The
    FaBT 4: Four Weapons
    Fall of a Chook
    Fate of the Art
    Father’s Pride
    Favour, The
    Fever, The
    Fiend, The
    First Day of Winter, The
    Five Tigers: Eye of the Tiger
    Five Tigers: HBS Butterfly
    Focus, The
    Folly of Youth, The
    Forbidden Rites
    Forgotten Forest 1
    Forgotten Forest 2
    Fortress by the Sea
    Freedom for Nepumuk
    From Beneath the Sands
    From Beneath the Sands 2: Whispers in the Desert
    Ganbatte, Thief-san
    Garrett and the Beanstalk
    Garrett to the Rescue 2
    Garrett's Nightmare
    Garrett's Revenge
    Gathering at the Bar
    Gauntlet, The
    Geller's Pride
    Gem, The
    Gerrard’s Temple
    Ghost House, The (Haunted Hospital)
    Ghost Town
    Guard called Benny, A
    Guardsmen of Haddur, the
    Gussie's Dream
    Hammer and Garrett
    Hammerite Deathmatch
    Hammerite Imperium:Seven Shades of Mercury
    Happy New Year, Mr. Lambert
    Haunted Hospital, The
    Haunting, The
    Having a Ball
    Heading Out
    Heart and Soul
    Heaven in the Garden of Stone 2: Secrets of Avidan
    Heist Society
    Heretics and Pagans
    Hidden Agenda
    Hightown Museum
    His Own Medicine
    Hole, The
    Homo Arbor
    Horns of Canzo: A Long Way Up
    House of Random, The
    In Dubio Pro Garrett
    In the Loom of Doom
    Inventor's Tower, The
    Inverted Manse, the
    Item, The
    It’s all for a Night’s Sleep
    Jenivere du ja vu
    Just for Show
    Just Friends Pt. 1
    Just Friends Pt. 2
    Karras' Diary
    Keeper of the Prophecies 3: Insurrection
    Keeper of the Prophecies 4: Oracle of the Prophets
    Keeper of the Prophecies 9: Under the Raven Moon
    Keeper Investigations
    Kill Factory 2
    Kindred Vault, The
    Korrigans, The
    Lady Lisa's Harbour
    Lady Whitman's Disease
    Last Page, The
    Left For Dead
    Librarian, The
    Living Nightmare, A
    Lord Alan’s Basement
    Lord Alan's Factory
    Lord Alan’s Fortress
    Lord Binclair
    Lord Edmund Entertains
    Lord Fishkill's Curse
    Lord Gibson's Estate
    Lord Maguire's Estates
    Lord Matt
    Lord of the Thieves: Attack of the Orcs
    Lost Castle, The
    Lost Crusade
    Lost Souls
    Love Story 3, A
    Lovely Night, A
    Mad as a Hatter
    Mansion of Chaos
    Mask of Agamemnon, The
    Mask of the Red Death
    Mech Angelo
    Mech Bank
    Melian's Method
    Memoirs of a Dead God
    Mighty Joe Young
    Mine Affairs
    Mirror, The
    Mission with No Name C4, A
    Momento Mori 2: Vagabond
    More Time to Foil Karras
    Moth To a Flame
    Mountain Monastery
    Murder in Featherstone
    Myloch's Tower
    Mystery at St. Ann's Inn
    Mystery Man
    Mystic Gems 1: Unlucky Soul
    Mystic Gems II: Heart of Bohn
    Nice Game of Chess, A
    Niggster's erste
    Night Falcon, The: Brotherhood of the Falcon
    Night in Rocksbourg 1: A new Beginning, A
    Night in Rocksbourg 3: Ink and Dust, A
    Night in the Pub, A
    Nightmares: Hard Waking
    Night Shift, The
    Night Watch: Confrontation, The
    Night Watch: Reorientation, The
    No More Clients for Monty
    NV Gizmos
    Obligatory Prison Mission
    Off The Record
    Old Comrades, Old Debts
    Old Friend, An
    Ominous Bequest
    Order of the Vine, The
    Orthodox Wedding
    Osama Bites the Dust
    Oswald's Patisserie
    Out For A Revenge
    Pirates Ahoy Mission 1: Cast Off
    Pirate's Downfall, A
    Plot Thickens, The
    Poor Lord Bafford
    Portisco Head
    Prodigal Corpse
    Properly Paranoid
    Quiet Heat, The
    Radiant Garden, The
    Rebellion of the Builder Mission 3: The Contradiction of the Builder's Children
    Relic, The
    Requiem for a Thief
    Retrieval of the Soul
    Returning a Favor
    Right Up There in the Mountains
    Ring, The
    Ritual, The
    Rogue’s Honor
    Rowena's Curse
    Ruined Mission 1
    Ruins of Originia: Mines of Margroth
    Ruins of Originia: Mines Of Margroth (Beta)
    Ruins of Originia, Mission 2: Guilded Rivalry
    Ruins of Originia, Mission 4: Ashes to Ashes
    Run, Thief, Run!
    Saint of Redmound, The
    Saints and Thieves
    Sammy Pays His Dues
    Saturio Returns Home
    Sceptre of Dor Am'al
    Secret Breaking of a Pyramid
    Sepulchre of the Sinistral
    Servant's Life, A
    Seven Sisters, The: Night 1
    Seven Sisters, The: Night 3
    Seventh Crystal, the
    Shadow Of Darkness
    Shadows of Eidolon, The
    Shining Standards: Lord Vernstien’s Manor
    Shopping Stopover, A
    Silent Nightmares
    Simple Enough
    Sinful Opportunities
    Sir William's Keep
    Sisterhood of Azura Pt.2: The House
    Skeleton's in the Closet
    Sneaking Through Venice
    Skygem Connection, The
    Sly's UT Arena
    Snatch & Grab
    Snobs Pt. 2
    SOD: Walking the Edge
    So Long Hammers!
    Something Up There
    Spider Caves, The
    Squeaky's Secret
    SSDD1:Tipping the Scales
    Stiff Competition
    Strange Meeting
    Suffer Catalyst
    T2X: Mission 3 - While the City Sleeps
    T2X: Mission 7 - Down Among the Dead Men
    Taffer's Tower
    Tales from the Cleft: Vandal
    Temple of the Tides, The
    Thief's Holiday, A: 2004
    Thief: The Chain Project
    Thief The Flying Age: Mission 2
    Thief The Flying Age: Mission 3
    Thief Noir
    Thieves' Highway
    Three Crowns
    Time that has Passed, The
    Torner Island
    Transitions in Chaos Pt. 1: Conspiracies in the Dark
    Treasury, The
    Trial By Night
    Trickster's Castle, The
    TTGM: Chasm of the Lost
    TTGM:Elsewhere (Parallel Paradox)
    TTGM: Making Tracks
    TTGM:Shore Leave
    TTGM:The Trickster's Rift Gem Mine
    TTGM:Up Shit Creek
    Turtle on it's Back, The
    Two Fathers
    Turn of the Tide
    Turning the Tables
    Unbidden Guest
    Undead Reckoning
    Underneath (a.ka. La Mine)
    Under Templehill
    Underground Escape
    Unfinished Business
    Unknown Treasure
    Uninvited Guest, The
    Unnecessary Risk
    United Bank of Auldale
    Vanishing Point
    Varyx Obelisk, The
    Viktor Gaspar
    Virtual Asylum
    Visit to Lord Ashton's, A
    Warehouse 51
    Water Arrow in the Fire, A
    Way of the Sword, The
    We Miss you Bob
    Wedding of Lady Dark, The (formerly Theker’s Castle)
    What a Drag!
    What've You Found, Little Fly?
    What Lies Below
    When Angel's Refuse to Die
    Wicked Relics
    Wickerman, The
    Willow Island
    Winter Holiday, A
    Winter's Night, A
    World's Collide
    Zealot's Hollow
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    That's from Durant.

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    Back in a bit with a screenshot.

    Here you go:

    Calendra's Legacy, Mission #1: A Meeting with Basso
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    A Meeting With Basso
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    The Inverted Manse

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    sorry for breaking the immersion, but I just wanted to say that this is a fun thread! At least it keeps us busy while we wait for more fms to come.

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    I know what that one is too but I won't say so someone else can get in on the fun.

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    Great way to keep us taffers entertained, and refresh our memories

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    I don't think you should have the answers, even hidden. There are just some times where the honor system just don't work. I mean, i'd cheat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ganac View Post
    I don't think you should have the answers, even hidden. There are just some times where the honor system just don't work. I mean, i'd cheat.
    It's either that or waiting possibly ages for the poster of a pic to confirm a correct answer. And if the honor system won't work for a stupid game like this...feel free to go ahead and cheat...just post another pic.

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    Very cool idea, btw...

    **pic removed**
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    Location: 0x0x0 to follow the rules.

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    Whoops, sorry, I thought the gig was up on the last one.

    I think I agree with the idea that the answer shouldn't be included in the post, even with spoilers. It's too easy to just give up and look at it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brethren View Post
    I think I agree with the idea that the answer shouldn't be included in the post, even with spoilers. It's too easy to just give up and look at it.
    I agreed. I think possible simply afterwards after correct answer to edit post.

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    What would be great is a little Java app that took care of checking if an answer is right or not automatically without revealing the answer. But you can't have everything ... so this compromise is better than the alternative.

    And even if someone could look, it does keep the game going, and everybody can play along at any time just because the spoilers are there. (Speaking of which, @Sly, maybe you ought to spoil your correct answer up above so future people can play along with ones that are already done.)

    Aaaanyway ... even putting aside the fitting architecture, the skull health meter is definitely Inverted Manse

    (This gives me another idea that, if a person really wanted to convince us s/he didn't just look at the spoiler, they could give the reason why they know/think it's really that FM, or where in the FM it is, knowledge you couldn't really fake ... like I did here.)

    As long as we're starting with some classics:

    A Meeting Gathering at the Bar (technically the T2 adaptation)

    doh! mistyped something, now corrected
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    Dang, none of these mission have I played.

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    Ice: these are some of the Best FMs ever! Go, plaaaay!

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    Does demagogue loose for getting the name of Gathering at the Bar wrong?

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    Yes he does!

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    My post doesn't mean I won and it's my turn. It's not fair because I worked on that mission.

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    Ah crap Digi, go ahead anyway. It's just a game...

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    Oh ok.

    It's Circle of Strain 2

    And no fair checking the URL!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digital Nightfall View Post
    Does demagogue lose for getting the name wrong?
    hahaha! I even had the name literally sitting in front of me on Darkloader. I know what happened, too ... I was looking at A Meeting with Basso right when I typed it.

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    Might that be
    Circle of Strain 1... by Mokkis

    spoiler: close!

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    This is great, but...

    Why put the answers in spoilers? Wouldn't it be more fun to give us screens of three of four missions at once, and give us a day or two to figure it out?

    Or am I beside the point?

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