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Thread: The Name That FM Game

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    Me: 'Hmm, would that be Dock Land Purgator?'
    Other Me: 'Indeed it would Purgator, well played Sir.'
    Me: 'May I say, what a decidedly attractive hairdo you are sporting today, P.'
    Other Me: 'Why thank you P, so kind of you to notice. I've been going to that new place on the High Street. Prices are a little steep, but the results are defintely worth it. Heads are turning, as they say.'
    Me: ' I wish I could afford those prices. A pudding bowl and some safety scissors is about all my wallet will stretch to these days, I'm afraid.'
    Other Me: ' Quite. Now, about posting that screenie, dear boy...'
    Me: 'Oh, I think I'll let someone else do the posting if that's ok ? My leg is giving me a bit of gyp.'
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    Ok, here we go:

    Answer: Between These Dark Walls

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    Shadow Politics by Skacky?

    Edit: Nope!

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    Oh, that's definitely Between These Dark Walls.

    Edit: Yes!
    I'll have a screenshot in a bit...

    Curse of the Ancients
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    Coterie of Smokers by Christine?

    Edit: Ahaha, I suck at this!

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