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Thread: Chat Noir May/08

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    Chat Noir May/08

    You are Chat Noir, a petty thug from the interior of France.
    You decided that wonderful Paris should provide more challenge and gold for your talents. And you were always curious to meet the city of light.

    But the nights of Paris prove to be more dark and cold than you ever imagined. Cruelty, sin, perversion, all is permitted in the shadow's of Notre Dame.

    You strive to survive in such a cruel city when an acquaintance of yours deliver a message from a mysterious man. He's interested about your services and provided information concerning a well protected warehouse. Something seems wrong, your benefactor has an horribly familiar name...

    But it's your only chance to start conquering Paris anyway, unless she consumes you first.

    Time to embrace her secrets and horrors...

    Bonne chance!

    * WARNING ! *

    This mission contains readables with erotic texts of famous writers and books. If you are a minor or if you are offended by such content then this game is not suitable for you.


    Thanks for Winter Cat and Cardia1 for their kind attention during the beta tests.

    Hope you all enjoy it!

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    Nice to see a new one up...

    but am wondering how large is it before I go through the actions to get it? I'm still temporarily on dial-up. I'd also prefer to wait for other mirrors, like KOMAG or Southquarter. Thanks.

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    the .zip file is 344 kb.

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    Cucumbers everywhere. What is it for?

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    "congress of a herd of cows" might prove a conversation - starter.
    Last edited by Sticky Fingers; 3rd May 2008 at 07:47.

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    Whoohoo. Thank you for cheering up a cold Saturday

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    Thanks a lot, downloading now!!!!

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    new fm, fantastic. thanks heaps

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    Quote Originally Posted by fibanocci View Post
    Cucumbers everywhere. What is it for?

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    did someone say erotic.........I am so there!

    Hettie x

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    a fun little fm gambit. merci!

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    I like the way your mind works Gambit! Erotic, but not enough to be considered a weirdo or anything...

    Now I'm off to do some research on that elephant thing (always in the water you say?)...

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    Quote Originally Posted by fibanocci View Post
    Cucumbers everywhere. What is it for?

    This reminds me of the fm where you have to take down the cult trying to revive the trickster and kill the leader by making it look like she drowned...beside her bed was a cucumber...Garrett picks it up and says..."no comment" XD

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    "For the Love of the Game"

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    OK. I totally understand the cucumbers...but a fish? Can someone please explain THAT to me?

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    A fish? I would say Led Zeppelin, but that was a shark...

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    verbal analogy:

    cucumber is to female as fish is to male... (I think...)

    won't elaborate any further.

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    Thanks for all the downloads and the mirrors taffers!

    I hope you enjoyed it. Im thinking about making more Chat Noir stories.

    And I totally new that the animal congress techniques would get attention here

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