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Thread: Faceless Mission up for Adoption!

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    Faceless Mission up for Adoption!

    Well, I've decided to put this mission up for adoption, but with a perk: I'll still feed custom content into the creation of this, during my (limited) breaks from working on this.

    For those who don't know what the I'm talking about, it's this mission here: [Gallery 1] & [Gallery 2]

    So, without any further ado, people who might want to take this on can download below, and snoop around the mission:
    Link 1 (the mission - 80mb with all saves)
    Link 2 (sounds - 246mb, ambient sounds uncompressed)

    Further notes:

    The mission doesn't have any sound rigged to it yet, but for a sample of the sound going into it, you can listen to this sound demo MP3: [link]
    Update: and here's an ambient sounds pack.

    - The zip file has a readme that should give you the skinny on how everything will work (which will be quite simple).

    The lesser part of the mission's goal is to be very attractively scary (and be released with a "light" version, with the more extreme horror elements simply stripped out, so that non-desensitized people can actually play it). That said, there won't be any instances of Japanese survival-horror-style BOOGEDY-BOO jump-scenes. The focus here will just be stylish, deeply story-and-suggestion-rooted horror that makes you appreciate more than quiver.

    Then, the greater part of the focus is storytelling... 'having the player spend three nights (3 difficulty settings) trying to unravel what happened in the last days of a lost religion, while experiencing the things that were left behind. (I guess the soul-word of this mission is "intrigue")

    More in the .doc file in the zip.

    I hope someone takes this on!
    (btw, only looking for experienced Dromedeers or map-makers! - I want to say it here, so I don't waste anyone's time, and make them have to download the whole mission only to read that in the readme)
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    as i just said: i would, but i can't ...really the faceless project fascinated me well but since i have hoc2 to complete any other things become impossible.
    Hope that someone will take seriously this mission to a complete version, all that i saw and heard about it looks amazing.

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    I've checked it out, and Dario's mission is really impressive. Its a shame he's willing to give it up. Fortunately, other designers will potentially be able to complete it. I've seen screens of this fm months ago and was impressed of the esthetics. I really hope someone will get to finishing it soon.

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    It looks amazing, Dario - too advanced for a beginner like myself. I want it, but just to study your architecture and lighting techniques (shameless thief that I am). Oh! - and to walk around in that one really creepy space where the escape rope hangs (with every light in my flat turned on full, of course!)

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