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Thread: T2 Demo FM: Hookshot demo - May 14, 2008

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    T2 Demo FM: Hookshot demo - May 14, 2008

    hello, I've tried to create a new tool called the hookshot.

    MAKE SURE TO ADUST YOUR CROSSHAIR AT THE BEGINNING!!! Yes, this mission features a crosshair. AND MAKE SURE THAT YOU DON'T HAVE ANY CUSTOM FONT INSTALLED FOR ONSCREEN TEXT, or else the crosshair will not aim properly. read the description below to get instructions.

    This is just a demo, so don't expect any great architecture and texturing. In fact, the mission is very weird-looking and ugly.

    This is a demo of a tool called a hookshot. If you've played Zelda: Ocarina of time, you should know what I'm talking about.
    Basically, it's an arrow that Garrett shoots at a wooden object, and then he gets pulled towards it. To bring up the arrow, press whichever key
    you normally press to bring up the broadhead arrows (default: 3). To fire the arrow, simply left-click the mouse button once, no need to press and hold.
    I wasn't able to actually show the chain mechanism extended and contracting. So, I just made that part of the "story." I called the hookshot "fiber-roped
    hookshot" - meaning, the chain/rope is meant to be transparent and invisible. Once you reach your destination, you will fall down a moment later. It should be possible to make the arrow deploy a rope; I did think of that; however, I think it's more exciting when you sometimes fall and have to hookshot in mid-air.

    and the crosshair: in your inventory I've put icons so that you can match the crosshair to your game resolution. The crosshair is defaulted to a resolution of 1280 x 1024. it'll take a few seconds for the crosshair to adjust. also, whenever you complete an objective, the crosshair disappears for a few seconds and then reappears. However, I don't know if the crosshair will be accurate - this might be do to difference in monitor size. sorry, but this was the best I could do.

    currently supported game resolutions for the crosshair are:

    640 x 480
    800 x 600
    1024 x 768
    1280 x 1024
    1600 x 1200

    I'm sorry if your game resolution is not supported. and again, I'm sorry if the crosshair isn't accurate even at your resolution. All these were pretty accurate on my monitor.

    All of the above should make much more sense once you enter the mission.

    Mind you, I did do some risky things with dromed,

    Known bugs: -occasionally you can get stuck once reaching your destination.
    - if a solid brush gets in your hookshot path, the game can crash. even your pc might crash (sry).
    - occasionally, garrett might get cannonballed to the wrong location.
    - the game just randomly crash (and ur pc) - very rare
    - randomly, garrett may let go in the middle of the path and fall down

    and now, on to the download.

    I would like to thank Zontik for betatesting.
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    The banned user, not the game
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    trying it now,thank you

    that was amazing

    i loved how i was able to take out guards so sniper like,and the grappling hook was sweet worked perfect

    i used 1024/768 resolution
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    Cool little mission,it was great fun!

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    So this must be what the Alarus extension looks like.

    What I found to be really fun is shooting the guards while travelling in mid-air.

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    And this was made without custom scripts. Cool!

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    Sounds pretty cool! Here's a mirror:

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    It's like a gun!

    Like the fire arrows, these babies aren't affected by gravity and travels at 100 km/hr! Also, it's unlimited range can serve as a sniper bullet as Garrett has his mechanical eye...and no reload time means MACHINE GUN SNIPER RIFLE!!! My gawd I had so much fun gunning down those thieves!!XD

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    Great little demo. It amazes me how far people are able to push this engine at the end of its lifespan.

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    This was awesome hope to use it in a mission soon!!

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    Finally ... the bow upgrade

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    Quote Originally Posted by DreamWalker View Post
    Finally ... the bow upgrade
    No, it's a further development

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    Interesting possibilities for a city mission.

    Tried it 6 times & it worked perfectly 4 times - other times got the stuck-on bug. I could still use the bow, but just kept getting stuck once it started happening (& couldn't get the loot ). Cleared with a re-start.

    None of the other bugs you listed. Set at 1024 x 768, using inventory.

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    Actually, that worked fine at 1680x1050 as I had no trouble sniping, strafing or travelling from block to block. The cursor looked quite small but that suited me fine. The only oddity is the tendency for the players view to go upwards a little when travelling. Does this use a camvator technique?

    Well done, though, I can see great things for this tool. Spiderman mission, anybody?

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    Quote Originally Posted by casalor View Post
    Does this use a camvator technique?

    Quote Originally Posted by casalor View Post
    Spiderman mission, anybody?
    ha, yeah, that crossed my mind as well. Making Garrett fire webshots and being pulled towards them...

    anyways, I'm glad you people are finding this amusing.

    and thank you, pavlovscat, for the mirror.

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    Wow. Just wow. Every year the dark engine gets pushed further then any of its creators could have ever emagined. you my friend, are one of those people.

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    heh, interesting... I just played it, I died like 2 times. At first I didn't realize that the latter disappears, and so i was frantically searching while the thieves were after me... I got killed.
    Man, I don't know how you did this, but it is certainly a neat idea. Of course, it is totally unrealistic, especially since you see no rope. Cool nonetheless.

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    hey, thanks Shadak!

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