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Thread: ParticleAttacheing things to the Player can be very interesting! - Demo included

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    ParticleAttacheing things to the Player can be very interesting! - Demo included

    Yes, I know this has been discussed and tested before. However, I've recently been experimenting with this and having lots fun, so I thought I might share what I've done (run through dromed2 only):

    I think giving a ParticleAttachement link to Player (via a conv, of course) can be used to create some cool effects. The object actually rotates along with the player's view - only horizontally, though. However, that can be a good thing actually.

    In this little demo, I've roughly attached a body to the Player. In this case, not being able to rotate the attached object vertically is an advantage. You can look down and see the body and rotate it left and right. Of course, it's far from perfect. For example, the knees don't actually bend when the player moves, and the body doesn't adjust when the player crouches or leans. but at least it's a start. Perhaps some of the more experienced dromeders can make this setup more sophisticated.

    and just for fun and laughs, I've attached missile launchers to garrett's sides, and you can fire the missiles by right-clicking the magic missile in your inventory. There are AI in this mission, so go ahead and kill them!

    Tell me what you think.
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    It was cool to see Garrett's feet in the game! I toggled between crouching and standing, and it looked like he was warming up on parallel bars! The knees don't bend. But it does look like you're bending from the waist. Could be very cool for some things. Like if Garrett was disguised as a woman, or under a spell to change him into one, you could attach a woman's avatar to him so when the player looked down, Garrett's body would reflect this -- GAAHHH!

    There are some limitations to handling the magic weapon. When I was on the block, I couldn't aim down at anyone. Also if the ai get too close, the weapons just go right through them and they aren't affected by the bolts.

    But you're right. It's a great start and opens up a lot of fun possibilities!

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    Cool! Reminds me Doom.

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    Neato! Gonna go try it now.

    LMAO! It's like Garrett is holding two logs. Ditto to what redleaf said. He more like slides on the ground. It's similar to doom's player functionality. That's one thing about thief I've always missed: Being able to see your own body. I think perhaps the first game that I've seen that actually does this is Halo 2.

    [edit2]How'd you make dromed show garrett? Please do tell.
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    Actually that's just "garstd" object attached to player marker.

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    It's more than that... I just looked at the mis file again, and it looks really complicated.

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    ya, you do have to play around with properties and links and stuff. I have an invisible, invincible, and mute crate particleattached to Player. and the crate is of the OBB type. this way, I was able to particleattache the garstd object to a specific face of the crate, because particleattattache allows you to attach objects to a certain submodel of the parent object, and the 6 submodels of an OBB object refer to its 6 rectangular faces used to determine collision. To understand this better, check out the data of the various links. but even then, things will still confusing. sorry, I'm just not a good explainer.

    I really would like some of the more technically advanced dromeders to check this out and give suggestions as to how to improve the setup, or how to do this an easier way.

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    thief0, very interesting

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