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Thread: t2x won't play

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    t2x won't play

    Ok, t2 and t2x install fine, its just when I start to play t2x, it goes to a black screen and plays some ocean sounds. Then it crashes to desktop.
    Yes, I deleted the ; in the user cfg.

    Anybody have any ideas?

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    If t2 plays fine then the culprit is probably a malformed darkinst.cfg in the t2x folder.

    Open it up (using notepad or some other plain text editor) and change its contents to
    cd_path d:\
    install_path ..\
    language english
    resname_base +..\res
    script_module_path +..
    movie_path movies
    Make sure you set the red marked 'd:\' to match your cd drive letter.*

    *if you're unsure open up the darkinst.cfg in the thief2 folder and copy the 'cd_path' line from there

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    I actually had to edit the entire file to make it work. ALL of the paths were wrong.

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    That's what I meant with 'change its contents to'.

    But glad to hear you got it running. Have fun!

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