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Thread: TG FM: Admiral's Compass (May 24, 2008)

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    TG FM: Admiral's Compass (May 24, 2008)

    All is simple - I was offered a job to get to Admiral Regalio (Captain Regalio's brother who I robbed in the Mage Towers) to steal his compass. Nothing is said why it is so valuable, but this job seems to be very simple, so some extra amount of cash will be useful. Regalio is now on the board of his ship staying at the docks. The ship isn't very large so I won't have to search very long, and the docks are not far from my current shelter...
    Author Dront.


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    There simply isn't time enough in the day to keep up with all these missions.

    I'm not complaning or anything only smiling.
    It's so easy, but I can't do it.
    So risky - but I gotta chance it.
    It's so funny, there's nothing to laugh about

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    Mirror for Admiral's Compass

    Yay! Another TG mission...thanks clearing!

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    Admiral's Compass (Southquarter)

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    Thanks again clearing for another T1 mission. If you have some more publish them all at once please.

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    Indeed, I keep having to reinstall T1 compatible drivers!

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    thank you, Clearing!

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    I'm Stuck

    Need help - in the water/dock - can climb onto the metal ladder but not get off at the top - how do I get into the building?

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    You can get onto the top from a ladder. Try some more.

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    Stuck Again

    Thanks Winter Cat would you believe I was climbing the ladder on the wrong side?

    Think I have run into a bugopenened the crate to the left of the entrance (and got loot) but on the right something entered my inventory and then froze it. Anyone else had this problem?

    Stuck againbeen down to the light switch & 2 crates but how do I get upwards without a rope arrow?

    Taking me longer than usual for this mission

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    Also stuck

    I've completed all objectives except find information on what's going on at the docks. I have the yellow, red, black, and blue keys and I'm playing on "Expert" difficulty.

    I found the book referring to a brother who lives on/near the docks who has the needed info but all the locked doors I see still don't open to these keys.

    What do I need to do next?

    - prjames

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    Quote Originally Posted by Draigcoch View Post
    Think I have run into a bug. <...> Anyone else had this problem?
    I never had a problem like you described.
    Stuck againbeen down to the light switch & 2 crates but how do I get upwards without a rope arrow?
    There is a ladder leading upwards, it's on the wall.

    To prjames:

    You have to find a white key. Look for a rope arrow on the very top of the ship, and then go to the starting point. Look up and you'll find the room with this key.

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    Finished on Normal in 24 minutes with 1541 of 2754 total loot. After I found the compass in the ship, I tried to go back to the streets to get more loot, but the mission ended whenever I left the area, so I left it at that.

    Admiral's Compass is a bit basic and might not be for everyone. The area before you reach the dock are mostly large, open streets or gigantic, empty rooms with guards that can easily be dispatched. Houses in the streets are flat walls with textures repeated across their surface; no roofs or architectural details. Ambient light settings do not seem to be set, so some areas are pitch black. Make sure to check for doors along the walls in these dark areas.

    The highlight for me was the stone pillar near the starting location. It looks very nice.

    A pointer on what to buy in the shop before you start the mission: Get at least one rope arrow. There is a room with some loot directly above the starting location.

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