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Thread: TG FM: Holy Hammer (May 26, 2008)

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    TG FM: Holy Hammer (May 26, 2008)

    I resettled three days ago. My new shelter is not far from the Hammers' temple. Maybe that's why they asked me to do something for them. Their temple has been walled off since occupied by Trickster's beasts, but the Hammers left here their holy hammer. The beasts try to destroy the wall but it don't fall apart, so I have to find some another way in. Also, if I need some equipment, there is a little mansion located not far from this street massive. If I find it, I'll certainly find some weapons or potions needed to fight the beasts - seems like in the temple there will be very few shadows to hide in.
    Author Dront.


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    Something about the screenshots from Dront's missions makes me want fire up DromEd and start building. Which definitely is a good thing.

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    Many thanks clearing. Next one please.

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    So, clearing, does Dront churn out a new mission every other day or did the designer sit on a horde of unreleased missions that were turned over to you?

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    This its old missions. See readme in zip file missions (2005).
    Now Dront works on new mission.

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    Keep them coming, clearing!

    Check the readme files. The original release date on Dront's missions is listed as 2005.

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    What the hell is this crap flood?

    Sorry everyone, but what is this? One new, SHOEBOX/totally empty, completely detailless Thief Gold fm per day. Ok, I don't want to hurt anyone, and really glad about the fm making is still alive, but these missions are all the same and not too good. Again, sorry, but this is my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ticky View Post
    Ok, I don't want to hurt anyone, and...
    What you want is irrelevant. What you have chosen is at hand.

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    These FMs (Captured by Beasts, Holy Hammer, Returning the Lockpicks and Admiral's Compass) were made when I was not an experienced DromEd level builder. If you don't like them - just don't play.

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    Sorry, just not my cup of tea - More endless, featureless corridoors.
    I appreciate some hard work has gone into this, but wouldn't a more compact map with more visual 'clues' to help orientate the player make for more interesting gameplay?
    Of course that's easy for me to say - I'm not very experienced with dromed...

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    holy hammer

    has anyone got into the temple i cant find a way in, i bet the young lady from thunder bay has i found the weapons thats all i need help

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    To Doug

    Look for the entrance in sewers, in the south-east corner.

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    Finished on Normal in 49 minutes with 1703 of 2353 total loot. Only for absolute completionists: 1/10.

    I got some enjoyment out of the two previous Dront missions I played, The Kill for Life and Captured by Beasts. They were too very basic in design but had at least some interesting elements.

    Holy Hammer, in comparison, did not do anything for me. It just feels slapped together: Large, dark areas with low detail. Long, brightly lit corridors. Whole sections copied and pasted. No sound near doors and in other areas. Most doors have to be picked, which becomes annoying after a while. Stationary enemies in rooms you have to enter and where you are forced into a fight. There seems to be no understanding of what made Thief's level design, story or gameplay fun.

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