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Thread: Broken Triad Released (05/31/08)

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    If my memory doesn't fail me, incense has a low frob distance, so you have to lean into the container to grab it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unna Oertdottir View Post
    This is the public script issue. It only works if you restart the mission, since the scriptparams links didn't trigger in the savegame. FrobInert is still on the objects.

    I recommend updating Thief 2 to NewDark 1.26, you're still on ND 1.24
    OK, thanks!

    marbleman: I tried as close as possible, jumped into the container and crouched down - not frobbable.

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    My bad then. In my experience, if something is not frobbable in this mission, then everything is not frobbable.

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