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Thread: Thief II "Broken Triad" Problem

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    Thief II "Broken Triad" Problem

    Every time Garrett meets the Keepers in his apartment after he finishes robbing the museum (or shortly thereafter), the game crashes at some point during the conversations (and sometimes it crashes during the conversation in the graveyard). I've tried setting Priority to High, not running the game as an Administrator (I have Windows Vista),reinstalling the mission and starting over, and nothing's helped. I've reinstalled the Thief II game entirely, but that means I must start over for a third time!

    I'm just about ready to pull my hair out, as I really enjoy this mission otherwise. Can someone please help me?

    - David

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    Have you checked to see whether this occurs with original missions?

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    Actually, I'm thinking it might be a bug with one of the custom scripts because I know the original missions don't use them, and the OM's always ran fine on my machine. The crash occurs when spoken lines are printed on the screen.

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    It looks like you are correct. It's one of Telliamed's scripts (OnScreenText). It used to cause a crash on Windows 2000, and he corrected that for me and sent me a custom version of the scripts module. The mission's been tested on several Vista machines, and OnScreenText never caused a crash.

    The only solution I can think of right now is to make another version of the mission where all subtitles are disabled (which shouldn't take me that long, as I only need to rename the script name on the objects that use it).

    My apologies for this annoyance.

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    I guess that might be the only solution, Eshaktaar, because frankly, I've tried everything else and I'm a bit frustrated.

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    I sent you a PM.

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    Uh-oh. I'm on Win2K, and currently playing through this mission.

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    It should work in your case, as the new version of the script specifically addressed the crash occurring on Windows 2000.

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    Having the same problem

    can i get that script?.....Ok, this is what i did and it worked, for me. I opened the Broken Triad zip folder, copied the thnscript.osm. The opened my t2 game folder and renamed the thnscript.osm. Then i just pasted the thnscript that i copied from the FM folder and it worked fine for me, first time. If anyone else has this problem, hope it helps U..
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    Scripts don't work

    From very beginning of the game when Garrett leaves his apartments he must walk through the strange corridor with the hammer at the end, and then the game starts with a nice music. But in my case nothing happens when Garret walks outside his apartments.
    Does anybody knows how to fix this script mistake? Before it was working properly, but not now.

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    Check the last few pages of the main Broken Triad thread, there should be some answers there:

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