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Thread: T2 FM - The Uninvited Guest by eepcat - 19Jul08 **

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    T2 FM - The Uninvited Guest by eepcat - 19Jul08 **

    Woohoo - the forums are back! Thanks Dave and co.
    For those who missed the release on the temporary forum, my latest mission "The Uninvited Guest" is released.

    Download today!



    My Home Site: (limited bandwidth)

    ...there are a few more sites hosting it, but the links are on the temporary forum which is now off the air...they'll start appearing one by one...

    - eep!

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    Fun mission eep! It's nice to see you back with a new FM!
    I found dewdrop, of all places. Lots of hidden passages and some of you are bound to miss a few. Found all but one secret.

    Thank you so much!

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    Nice mission!

    I found most everything, but I couldn't help noticing that there was an area with the tree beast and what looks like rocks to climb but could not figure out where to climb.

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    Great mission with lots to explore. Thanks for this mission!

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    Thank you Eepcat!

    Gloria Creep
    There're angels who playThief and angels who don't ........ both go to heaven ............
    Dare to join .............

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    What a mission!

    It is so great to spend a sunday morning enjoying this mission.
    It's so easy, but I can't do it.
    So risky - but I gotta chance it.
    It's so funny, there's nothing to laugh about

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    As mentioned in the temporary forum and by courtesy of flying_hope, here is another mirror:

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    Quote Originally Posted by mxleader View Post
    Nice mission!

    I found most everything, but I couldn't help noticing that there was an area with the tree beast and what looks like rocks to climb but could not figure out where to climb.
    There was a tree beast?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arondil View Post
    There was a tree beast?
    The shattered East Tower.

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    Enjoying this one eepcat

    I thought I'd been everywhere inside and out - evenover the lava pools on the broken bridge, but I cant find the Crayman Wand.
    Can someone give me a tiny hint please?
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    a very enjoyable mission eepcat. good work!

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    frobbin hood,
    Have you been in the attic yet? Two ways to get there.

    Crayman Wand is in the attic - you can get there via the roof (with a couple of rope arrows you can climb to the roof from the west side of the front of the building), or through the second floor storage area next to the nice bedroom - check the bookshelf.

    - eep!

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    Very good mission eepcat! I wish to see more missions from you in the future

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    Thank you...thank you very much

    Your wish is granted - I am currently working on a new mission which I hope to have done by year's end. If you haven't played my other 7 missions, you can search and get them all at The Circle.

    Taff on,
    - eep!

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    great fm eepcat, just finished game with all loot. and only 2 out of the ten secrets to find. Will be hanging out for your next efforts.

    Thanks heaps

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    Thanks eepcat - as usual, I missed the obvious !

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    Very nice mission, fun to explore and patrol routes are well executed: I never truly needed to whack those silly hammers, but one step on tiles and you're done for!

    I totaled an embarassing 4\10 secrets.
    I found the Lava pool. Why such an intricate mechanism for a stack of coins?

    And you could add some readables near the wand; just some rambling about the retrieving would be nice! But maybe the text I want is already there in some secret room...

    Back to explore! I want more secrets!

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    Last week I played this mission all the way through twice in a row. I really, really like this mission, and still haven't found one secret.

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    Since I just played this mission, I thought I'd pass along the 8 of 10 secrets I've found:


    1. In the "entrance area" or "garden" area with green walls, opposite the door that opens with the Garden Key (between the Garden and the main Hammer area) is a statue. On the right side of this statue is a post with a switch. Throw the switch to open a crawlway. (Beware of spontaneously spawning zombies!)

    2. To the east of the green-and-white floored entrance room of the Hammer complex (with a small fountain) is a staircase. Midway up the staircase is a metal door leading to a room with coin stacks and a readable. (The readable is a strong hint.) Frob one of the five coat hooks behind you for the secret.

    3. From the same entrance room, go north then west then north into a library (this is the library where a guy is reading "Lawn Care for Dummies"). Frob a book on the right side of the back bookshelf to lower a ladder.

    4. From the same entrance room, go north then east to a left turn in the hallway. Go in the door to the right to a storage room. Remove the crates in the back corner to reveal a switch - throw the switch for the secret.

    5. If you're traveling through the cemetery, enter the tomb at the end and look for a switch behind and on the right side of the coffin right in front of you. If you're traveling through the root cellar, go past the large gray/blue walled corridors to a crawlway with brown walls to a dead end. The switch is on a hole in the ceiling above you.

    6. In the small building opposite the entrance to the cemetery (west of the main complex), stand on the pressure plate in the back right (opposite from the sinks) to open the secret. (No, it won't close on you instantly - you don't need to place rubble on it to keep it open or worry about it locking you inside.)

    7. On the second floor of the main complex (above the west stairs), travel north in the hallway with blue wallpaper as far as you can go, then go east to a wooden door on the north. Enter this room, and frob a book on the right side of the bookshelf on your right. (This is the way to the attic without ropes - beware of trapped chests in the attic.)

    8. Follow Secret 2's opened route and cross the top of the room containing the Horn of Valance - frob the large gear on the north end of the room (or rope arrow up from the floor of the room). You will be noticed by the occupants of the room as you sneak across the high rafters!

    Hope this is useful. Has anyone found the other two secrets?

    - prjames

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    the other two secrets...

    Dewdrop - climb the rocks east of the cemetary and have a look around.

    There is a Hammerite banner that is hiding some jewels on the second floor - by a sleeping Hammer.

    There's also a small easter egg crediting the test team. I don't think anyone's found that one yet.

    - eep!

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    I had to re-install my Thief 2 recently, and when I attempt to play this FM I get a "Direct3d device driver does not accurately report texture memory useage" error. But I did reinstall my video card with the latest drivers and it runs the original game just fine. Am I missing any extra scripts, bug fixes, etc, etc? I have no idea what I originally downloaded to my TMA folder from here for FM purposes...

    I'd really like to play this FM...

    (DrK's A new beginning, also works fine).

    Edit:NVM, either something is wrong with the archive at or it didnt download right for me, different linked file is working just fine

    Edit:Nice mission. Lots to explore. Kept me quite busy.
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    Found all the secrets, but ended up 195 short of full total loot.

    Must be behind the 2 metal doors that are unpickable
    and never found their keys!
    To thieve or not to thieve?
    Oh hell, that aint even a question!

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    dml to fix a number of misplaced objects, courtesy Jax.

    Note: We couldn't fix a banner in one of the barracks.

    //Uninvited Guest: Fixes. File: miss20.mis.dml
    #script "squirrel"
    //fix flames escaping fireplaces
    ObjProp 451 "PGLaunchInfo"
        "Min time" 1.40
        "Max time" 1.90
    ObjProp 1025 "PGLaunchInfo"
        "Min time" 0.50
        "Max time" 1.20
    ObjProp 1032 "PGLaunchInfo"
        "Min time" 1.80
        "Max time" 2.30
    ObjProp 1034 "PGLaunchInfo"
        "Min time" 1.00
        "Max time" 1.50
    //prevent reaching through the oven doors
    +ObjProp 1053 "BlockFrob"
        "" true
    +ObjProp 1054 "BlockFrob"
        "" true
    //reposition objects
    -ObjProp 1504 "PhysType"
    ObjProp 1504 "Position"
        "Location" -148.894, 90.2716, 3.6868
    +ObjProp 1172 "DesignNote"
        "" RepositionLoc=-159.352,149.261,3.23511
    +ObjProp 1172 "Scripts"
        "Script 0" SimRepositionAbs
        "Script 1" ""
        "Script 2" ""
        "Script 3" ""
        "Don't Inherit" false
    -ObjProp 213 "PhysType"

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