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Thread: Good Old Games (

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    My understanding is those are quite poor. They came out a few years back.

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    Well, BS1 Remastered had issues when I tried it. If your audio device had its default format changed in the device properties from 16-bit, 44.1 KHz to anything else, you wouldn't get any sound. Which was a bug from BS1 that was fixed back in the day. I also couldn't tell where the visuals had improved (and by some accounts, some of the water effects were actually a bit worse?), but IIRC they fixed the physics engine running at a separate temporal resolution (30 FPS), so that was an improvement at least.

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    For anyone who purchased nothing during the recent sale, but fancies playing Fantasy General:

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    A fantastic game. I spent many a sleepless night with that and Panzer General. Sometimes I look at my way too crowded GOG "shelf" and shake my head, but it's really nice to have evergreen classics like these ready at a moment's notice.

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