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Thread: T2 FM: The Horn (07/20/08)

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    T2 FM: The Horn (07/20/08)
    The Horn by Silencium18.
    Nice small ghost mission

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    Walked right past the rat hole during my initial reconnoiter of the premises, and then had to go back for it.

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    Is there a blackjack in this mission?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haplo View Post
    Is there a blackjack in this mission?

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    Great ! Downloading !
    Can I be the first to post the obvious - '"I've got The Horn" !!

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    hehe, congrats

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    Why do people insist on taking away the sword/blackjack in any mission for any reason?

    I know its useful to set up a mission such as a jailbreak and whatnot - but I have a hard time believing Garrett would show up to something like this with no weapons at all - he is a master thief after all.

    That being said - thank you for this mission!

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    I guess because a real master thief doesn't need them anyway.

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    That was a quick one. Thanks!
    If at first you don't succeed...reload and try again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SinisterShadow View Post
    I guess because a real master thief doesn't need them anyway.
    Perhaps not, but having all of your tools at your disposal should something go wrong would be much better than showing up with nothing but a diary entry and hope.

    I guess I'm just not a fan of FM's that force a certain play style like ghosting. Its ruined a ton of FM's for me personally. The satisfying thud sound and watching the AI slump to the ground is half the reason I love thief. If you want me to ghost a level - make it so in the expert difficulty and on easy give me the sword and blackjack.

    There you go - every taste is covered.

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    I just thought that it was bBulgarian site,too bad its Russian

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    Wait... this was a ghost mission?!

    I perforated everybody on my first run through... Oops!

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    And there lies the charm of Thief. You can play it however you like! I'll have to go back & try wholesale slaughter.

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    Russia, i love europe/asia

    ihavent seen ghosts
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    I couldn't get all of the loot, because the mission ends when one has the Horn and the minimal loot

    Gloria Creep
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    Dare to join .............

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    Nice small FM.
    I haven't known rats like gold...

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