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Thread: New Thief-inspired music: "Mortified"

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    New Thief-inspired music: "Mortified"

    I started dabbling in writing ambient music lately, and here's my first effort. Normally I wouldn't post it here in the FM Forum if it were just normal ambient music, but ithis piece is in large part an homage to The Cradle, so I thought the folks here who don't frequent The Editor's Guild might appreciate it. It includes lots of sounds, effects and samples and isn't really intended for use by FM authors as background ambient music in their missions - I hope to write music more in line with that in the future.

    Taonside: Mortified (192k)
    Thanks to Random_Taffer and SlipTip for offering feedback as I was working on it. In case you're wondering, Taonside is the persona I chose for my dark ambient work.

    The length is 7:42 but for some reason as soon as I start playing it in WinAmp it reverts to 6:38 (the duration of the previous version). It works properly in WMP so I don't know if it's the file itself, an issue with WinAmp or something else on my system. Samples are taken from the movie The House On Haunted Hill (1999), the songs "Regression" (1999) and "The Glass Prison" (2002) by Dream Theater, and of course Thief 3.
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    L'architecte de Rocksbourg
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    Sounds great, I feel like I'm back in the cradle

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    If you are having some winamp / wmp problems better check this.


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    hghehe nice Yandros...

    actually i must create a music background for hoc2.. don't know where to begin.. since all the tools that i have are useless to what i want to do.
    I need to create a long suite.. something of similar of what you do. With protracker this is very difficult.
    what can i do ?

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    I don't know about protracker, but I used Audacity to do this one. I recommend the latest Beta and not the "stable" version.

    cattamer: Thank goodness I'm not having that problem. The total time displays correctly on this PC in WinAmp, by the way. I may just need to reboot the other PC.

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    Wow, this sounds really great!!!

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    Keeper of FMs
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    Fantastic, Yandros!! This is so creepy. I am very impressed. I'm really at a loss for words. Hmph!

    BTW, I am using WinAmp v5.54, and the track length is 7:42.

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    Very nice Yandros...

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    This is great!
    Should you build the FM around the music?

    Did you ever listened to the CD's of electric harpist Andreas Vollenweider?
    He also has some "cavesounds" with grid sounds and waterdrops falling from the ceiling of these caves .... you can really relate to a cave-kind-of-FM

    Gloria Creep
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    Very spooky, very atmospheric, very good! (recommend turning the lights off first ).

    Actually, I wondered if at least a couple of sections (roughly 1:06 - 1:32 & 4:38 - 5:23) could be used as ambience if looped correctly. Of course, it would need to be in a very creepy place...

    Hope you can find the time to keep doing this, Yandros

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    Good job, Yandros

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    I've posted it to my MySpace Music page.

    If anyone has a MySpace account and wants to send me a friend request, feel free.
    Just include your nick from TTLG so I'll know who you are!

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    Hey Yandros ..i follow the line.. thanks for the idea.
    Now i have the MYspace site me too

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    Sounds nice Yandros. Brought back some (bad) memories from The Cradle.


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    I'm just glad I saw and listened to this this morning rather than late late during...the...gulp...night...AHHHHHAAAHAHAHH!!!!!!

    Really great...uh...spooky sound track

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    Very creepy, Russ!

    Great work!

    (and thanks for the add!)

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    Very creepy. I need to play this on a larger speaker system and play it late at night.

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    That is abosolutly amazing. That would make great background music at a spooky halloween party or something similar!
    Really great work! More... more!
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    Keeper of FMs
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    Just what I was thinking...great for a Halloween party!

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    One person has suggested there's too much stuff going on... would anyone prefer to hear a more sparse version? Or even a "naked" remix which was mostly just the background music? That would have to be shorter though since 7:42 of it would get boring.

    And thanks for the add, 'cat!

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