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Thread: Lord Bafford's Manor CE 3.0 Released! [Thief 1 FM] Update August 17!

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    Lord Bafford's Manor CE 3.0 Released! [Thief 1 FM] Updated August 17 (v3.1)

    Yay! \o/ It's finally done. For those if you who are familiar with my custom edition of bafford's this is the latest version - and to avoid any confusion (those who've played older versions and those who have not) for you taffers, the zip file is called Below is the official link to my official FM page to download the mission. The mission is uploaded to filefront, which is free and does not have any wait times! \o/ I love filefront!

    Official download location: Here (Version 3.1 - TDP/Gold)

    Thief Missions
    The Circle (mirrors) -- Update 12/24/2018: This is actually version 3.0... not sure why it is labeled 3.5; Sorry for confusion.
    Filefront (direct)
    Some obligatory information:
    -Please read the readme.txt. Most of the information you are looking for is in there. (e.g. difficulty levels)

    See below. (Big UPDATE word...)

    -Unfortunately, this is a "Thief Gold Only" FM. Sorry TDP owners! At the time of this writing, I do not have a copy of TDP, so I can't test it. Based on darthsLair's testing with TDP, it doesn't sound like it will work properly. Try it at your own risk. I'm looking into getting a seperate download version that will work for TDP owners, so sit tight.

    BIG thanks to my beta-testers:

    and myself, I caught some things playing it


    If you are curious to see what the changes were, I recommend reading the changelog.html. Most if not all of this information is heavily technical though, so you may only want to take a look at it if you are a dromeder.
    August 17, 2008
    UPDATE: Yay, since release I have worked with darthsLair to get a TDP compatible version. With darthsLair's work, I now have a TDP compatible version ready for download!

    Download here

    I gave credit to darthsLair in the changelog.html, and the readme.txt

    To avoid further confusion, yes this 3.1 is TDP/Thief Gold compatible.
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    Great Mission! Long Live Thief Gold!!!

    I highly recommend this over LGS' version of Lord Bafford's Manor.
    It is much more fun to play, and I must say, more challenging on Expert.
    I believe it is much more Thiefy now, and The Title of the Mission speaks for itself, "Custom Edition".

    Great Work sNeaksie, and Congratulations on your release!

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    Thanks for the compliments darth.

    Oh, and on another note... I just realized that my screenshots to showcase the mission are not the best considering I am using a model pack and a texture pack, so the game looks different. Sorry folks for any confusion!

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    Mirror here:

    This is a revamp of the original first mission. There are more AI, extra loot and other changes on Experienced & Veteran. So, have a look around at the level that started it all, now with more awesome!

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    Nice Thanks, sNeaksieGarrett!

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    I'm a litte bit confused: Why do you release it as new mission and not just update the previous version?

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    This should explain the release as an update

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    Thanks again darth And yay, the review is up. I hope people enjoyed this one, I put quite a bit of work into "enhancing" one of my fav missions of all time.

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    I like seeing this kind of work and love that people are trying to keep the original experience alive and fresh. However, in an attempt to help those looking for a fresh experience, I would warn that very little is changed in this mod. All loot and AI from the original appear to be unchanged. While some loot was added, it was largely next to existing loot. I was a little dissapointed in that I expected to see the AI and paths, along with the loot to be turned upside down. I wanted a loot hunt and a fresh experience in AI changes. A few new objects and textures would have been nice since this was pitched as a new thief experience.

    I would encourage you to keep working on this and replace some wall and floor textures with high quality ones, make stationary guards patrol, take the loot off the tables under the spot lights and hide it under the stairs or behind some crates. I'd even love some secret panels and additional furniture. there were complete rooms in this level that the developer left empty for an eager modder to complete. I also wouldn't mind some subtle light changes just so that all the known shadow-filled corners might not be the best bet anymore.

    Thanks for the time and effort and for sharing your work with everyone. I hope you'll take the constructive criticism lightly and keep doing what you enjoy.

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    Hmm interesting points there Huckeye... But I'd like to counter by saying that it wasn't meant to be a totally new experience. If you are looking for such an experience, I would highly recommend Return to Bafford's Manor by darthsLair. His mission has some of what you mentioned.

    Don't forget (unless you already were playing Veteran) that Veteran has the most of the changes and more challenging. Normal mode is almost the same as the original. I did try to make it seem a little more fresh by making the servant patrol in the kitchen, added some guards (which you didn't mention), etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by Huckeye
    A few new objects and textures would have been nice since this was pitched as a new thief experience.
    I kind of thought that adding anything would be too much, since this was more of an "enhanced mission" than a totally new experience (e.g. Return to Bafford's Manor) and I don't have any new objects and textures unless I used Nameless Voice's stuff.

    Thanks for the feedback anyway, at least you were kind and not saying something like "this sucks."

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    Just for the record, I wasn't implying you did anything wrong. I just came into it with the expectation that it might replace the original. In my opinion it needs a little more umph! to do that.

    I did try Return to Bafford's Manor as you suggested (can't believe I missed that one). And that mission was more like a sequal which changed lots of things.
    My recomendation was to leave the structure and story in tact. But change enough subtle things to breathe new life into a mission some of us have completely memorized. For example, don't change the hallway in the manor, just replace the old brick texture with a new high quality one. Don't take the scepter out of the throne room, just make the guard pace into the dark corners once in a while, etc.

    I'm thinking in terms of Diablo or Darkstone who boasted limitless dungeons based on their random dungeon generator. (Which seemed useless to me in games like those). But regardless of layout, items, or AI, the core gameplay was always the same.

    Again, I'm just offering suggestions since I'm not talented enough to do it, and also in hopes that you will keep tweaking things and bringing more enjoyment for everyone to share.

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    Ah, okay..

    Sorry, it's just my first reaction to become defensive.

    Hmm, I think I understand. You basically wanted more changes, and you thought that my CE was not "changed enough."

    I suppose I could do another version, but I was thinking that version 3 should be the last version.... (Plus there's that chance that people are sick of more downloads i.e. "not again, i already downloaded the last version!")

    Anyway, just to try to make it more clear what my intentions were:

    First and foremost, I did it because I wanted a more enhanced bafford's.
    Second, I felt that perhaps others who still have thief gold would want to try a "different" experience, and feel good about playing bafford's again knowing that it's been "enhanced" for better replayability. I think I succeeded to some degree, but your comments only show that perhaps my version is lacking and that it is not the best it can be.

    Perhaps in the future I can do more, but what with RL and wanting to do other things (e.g. play other video games - I can't help it!) DromEd is not high on the "to do" list.

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    NIce, but i readed the dude who created this mission is dead? i readed it form ur txt . The original one, i mean, that one were my itroduction in the thief-saga

    anyway, i always wanted be some original missions edited, for see any change in the map, or way not see the king on the armachair from the throne room, hehe

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    um, thanks (I think).

    But no, I think you misunderstood the text file. All I said was that LGS (Looking Glass Studios) is "gone", as in they closed their doors; as in "no more." I'm sorry if you got the impression that the fellow DORIAN was dead. (Though I honestly don't know anything about this person.)

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    Good news! A TDP Version is available! See first post!

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    Thief Dark Project Owners! Check it out!!!

    I just downloaded the new TDP compatible version from theCircle, and it
    Plays Great in Thief The Dark Project, and just as Perfect in Thief Gold.

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    So the question is, will the TDP version work with Thief Gold? If so it would make things much simpler and more clear to just host that latest version
    "For the Love of the Game"

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    You do have a good point shadak, but i guess i was stubborn and left both available. The way i see it is this: If you never downloaded it, get the TDP (3.1) version. If you already have it for thief gold, don't bother.

    So yes, to answer your question, the 3.1 version works in both Thief Gold and TDP thanks to darthsLair. Sorry I didn't make that more clear...... Then again, I say that on my website.

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    I really enjoyed The New Baffords

    I gotta say, I really enjoyed this. I found it at shadow lurk and it was so fun
    to play. Thankyou! sneaksie garrett

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    Not that anyone probably cares considering this is 10 years old but I've updated the first post with working download links. Those of you who downloaded it 10 years ago have already played this, so nothing new.. but, if there's anyone out there that is new to this forum, well, this is for you then.

    Also, I was actually working on a "redux" version that would have more changes some years ago but never finished it. If I ever get the desire to finish it I will post a release thread after it is completed.

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    Registered: May 2005 still has v3.0, so I used your link to download v3.1. I played the mission on "Typical" (i.e. Normal). On this difficulty level, it took me 32 minutes to get 1344 of 1594 total loot.

    Before I played Lord Bafford's Manor CE, I had read some posts on the forums about there being hardly any changes. Still, I was suprised the only differences to the original I noticed were an addititional servant in the room with the beds right before you enter the mansion proper and a woman in the hidden room with Bafford's notes on his shadow business. Maybe there some changes I did not notice. Are there more changes on the other difficulty levels?

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