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Thread: Current song you are listening to(or the Last song you listened to)

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    I was looking for early medieval music today and what I mainly found was the "hardcore medieval party mix" and stuff (performed) by Elfenthal:

    If you're not a fan of nasal sounding instruments, you might have a hard time with some of it (the party mix is almost only that). The first song starts slow, but the tempo picks up after around a minute. The second is more of a potpurri.
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    Verily it dost speaketh upon my black heart wending it well. Seriously, there was a point it reminded me of this fine piece (no not Sandal... wait... is that a button snap on her chastity belt?) -

    Love how it makes the fine hairs on the back of the neck rise at 3:30.

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    I'm getting some large Carmina Burana vibes from that section. Heaven knows, Conan probably could've used some Old Spice. (Interestingly enough, Elfenthal seem to have embraced rock opera since the mediaeval party mix. It's a decent melange of ideas.)

    Anyway, I finished slogging through Person of Interest's first two seasons a while ago, and it *finally* becomes a properly fantastic show at season 3 when it tells CBS to go cork their procedural formula. But even on the way there, it flogged some good tunes, and this one was perfect accompaniment to some on-screen badassery.

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    Right at this moment I'm watching the Eurovision. I'm a bit late, because I didn't have the time to watch it "live".

    I had honestly forgotten about it -- because busy -- but just got reminded, so I watched the whole show today instead (when things had temporarily cooled down a bit). Iceland was by far the best, Australia was pretty good, and Denmark gets 12 points for nave charm, but then there's the rest... I actually don't remember much at all of the other songs... Norway had some jojk, Italy sent the same song as every year, Spain and Czech came pre-chewed, and the rest is blank. Jean Paul Gaultier looked like something that effectively resists translation. I also had to dig up my old Front CDs after the show was over. Eh, pretty good show overall.

    Edit 2:
    Almost forgot: Cyprus was kind of interesting.
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    A weak year for Eurovision, I thought. I only liked Denmark, Iceland and Netherland's entries.

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    Isn't this what it's like every year, though? :P The jokes were as harmless as ever, probably specifically designed to be just that (like a couple of dads meeting over a glass of lemonade), great stage shows and costumes, and always at least a couple of songs standing out, making it worth it musically as well.

    On the other hand, the guest artist's performance was unusually weak. And who was that other guy? Did anyone, including himself, even know what he was doing there? Sorry, other guy, but, really, autotune? In the Eurovision? What were you thinking?

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    Quote Originally Posted by henke View Post
    A weak year for Eurovision, I thought. I only liked Denmark, Iceland and Netherland's entries.
    I liked Azerbaijan, Slovenia and Icelands. The Slovenia entry was really atmospheric, a night driving track. The Iceland guys were idiots but I dig that chorus.

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    Live on Thursday!

    In our marriage, music was very important. We were both proper music nerds. Our wedding playlist was 10 hours long, but three songs were on top. Lamb: Gorecki. Depeche Mode: Home. And this one.

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    I feel the ESC has been getting progressively worse for the last few years... Not just because of less and less good songs, but just look at 3 of the last 4 winners as well:

    An Ukrainian lady singing about her grandmother in the Russian Gulags (or being forcefully resettled or whatever, don't remember anymore) and clearly drawing parallels between then and now (the Crimea situation) AND winning because of that. That it's explicitly forbidden to bring politics and current events into the songs didn't seem to bother anyone.

    A Portuguese guy tugging on people's heartstrings by singing about being sick or whatever and winning because of that. I guess I should be thankful he didn't bring politics into it...

    An Israeli plus-sized () chicken-lady singing her chicken song and winning because... Israel hadn't won in 20 years and it was that time again? Dana International's entry 20 years ago was way better.

    And this year - I guess the best I can say about the Netherlands' entry is that it was among the better songs, but at the very least Slovenia (only 105 points and most of those by other Slavic countries - what???), Norway and Sweden were all better than it IMO. At least this year there were quite a few songs in the language of the respective country - too bad a few of them didn't move past the semi-finals. Singing in your own language should automatically get you +100 points in the ESC!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tocky View Post
    Well ding ding bow wah bah bah wong ding dong.

    Tocky, I think I love you more than ever. Ministry are playing here in a couple of months, and I've got tickets. Last time I saw them it was the loudest fucking thing on the planet. Windows were broken just from the sheer force of the soundwaves. Planes fell out of the sky. Bears came out of the forest, saw the noise and ran away. It was a great night. And I hope this next one will be at least half as awesome.

    Ok, so I exaggerate slightly. Still, it was a great show.
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    An oldie, but an.. egghh.. just reminds me of someone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gray View Post
    I just got back from seeing VNV Nation live in Glasgow. I know, this thread isn't about music reviews, but I'll ignore that and tell you anyway.

    It was awesome. They played all the songs I wanted to hear. They kicked ass. Although I'm too old and tired to dance, I had to do it a little bit anyway. I can't stand still to this. (Sorry, I know, they have a song called Standing [Still]. But I could not. Pardon the lame joke, but it's true.) I've only ever seen them live once before, and that was 21 years ago at a rock festival in Sweden, and I had forgotten how bloody funny the singer is. In between songs he'd tell stories and make jokes. Since I knew I was going, I've been playing all their songs all week, and I've been hearing them at the back of my head when I wasn't. They played all of them. They even played Standing, and I got so drunk from the atmosphere I even sang along to it, I know every single word. And I only ever had the one beer, so it must have been the music. Probably the most sober gig I've been to in decades, but definitely one of the most ass-kicking awesome ones. Next time they play your town, do not miss it.


    A bouncier song they also played, that will prove my point at bit better. The crowd went absolutely nuts when they did this. People jumped so much I thought the floor might collapse. Classic EBM bassline, like DAF or 242 or Die Krupps or FLA or And One.

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    Listened to an old Warp Records electronic album on the train this morning, The Black Dog - Spanners. I was really into it.
    It's low key but somehow all the more powerful for it, and all the parts work well together.
    It's ambient, so something you'd have playing in the background of whatever.

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    The Offspring - Hammerhead

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    Orbital! And... something else!

    I just got back from a live gig of Orbital. It was... um, how many F-words can I use in a sentence? Several of those, ending with "awesome". I've seen them a few times now, and this was the most kick-ass yet. The version of Satan just seemed to go on and on, and get better and better. And when they played Dr Who I nearly jumped out of my skin. My new Fitbit claims I was doing cardio for two hours. That's right, old grumpyface here actually danced. Danced! Sweat was shooting out of my forehead so hard it knocked over a few innocent bystanders.

    But this isn't about that. It was an awesome show. This is about the opening act.

    I've never heard of Wuh Oh before, but quite a few people in the audience apparently knew who they were. Or him. Or, um, that. Not sure if it was a guy, all I saw was a golden sparkly massive fur of glitter headbanging to hard drum machines. Some songs were quite soft, ethereal, weird. Others were hard, bouncy, and weird. A good weird. Some very hard syncopation. This is the only song I could find on youtube, but there were much better ones live. Maybe there's hope yet for the younger generation if they can produce awesome stuff like this.


    And yes, just to make it perfectly clear, this IS the song I'm currently listening to. I've be doing that over 15 times since I got home. I just wish I could have all the other awesome Wuh Oh songs somewhere. They kicked ass. Sometimes the boom of the bass drum almost knocked me over. And that's me saying that, the bitter old grumpy cynic who never likes anything. And I was even sober when they started, so this isn't alcohol fuelled distortions of events. I went to the bar after to fix that, though, the heavy beats got me thirsty. I'd never seen a double-pint plastic glass before, but it seemed like a good idea to cool me off. It was like a small bucket, and made a six foot man feel like a tiny hobbit. So I only had two of those.
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    Quite possibly the best Depeche Mode remix ever

    Whenever I feel that people don't understand me, or I don't understand them, I think of this song.

    There's been a lot of that lately. Probably just down to my own stupidity.

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    Insomnia does weird things to your head. This song is probably not about that, but seems very apt.

    Also, I realise I've just triple posted. Sorry about that, but you people need to listen to more music and post in between mine. You're making me look bad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gray View Post
    (Depeche Mode remixes)
    Not bad, but my fave is Trentemoller's "Wrong" remix.

    Hey uhhhh did dema already post this? Probably! But here it is again.

    Those vulfpecks. How do they get SO FUNKY???????

    Actually, let's make this a Louis Cole double-feature, here's KNOWER.


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    Seems appropriate for today.

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    Such a lot of good music lately. I just want to say thanks. I haven't anything I've discovered lately to add but I've discovered what you have posted. And Pukey Brunster, that is the sweetest video I've ever seen I think.

    Well there is this-

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    Here is one discovered just today and about how I feel too.

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    I was on a 90s pop binge on Youtube and this popped up, probably boosted in the relevance rankings by the Chernobyl show.

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