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Thread: Current song you are listening to(or the Last song you listened to)

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    The first few times I played that Dave Brubeck song, I really thought that "Golden Brown" was a cover by the Stranglers of an unknown Brubeck song. Yesterday I tried to figure out on which Brubeck Album the song was originally released. I couldn't find it. Today I watched the video again, saw some little things (e.g. the twitching at the beginning, the fact that the fingers of the saxophone player were not in sync with the music). And then it started to dawn on me.

    Two million views since May. Not bad.

    I watched the embedded video. Not the YouTube-page. So I saw nothing, besides watching the video itself. I wrote this post just to say how well done the video was.
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    S/he explains what s/he did and how s/he did it in the video description.

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    I already posted some Ferrabosco a while back, but that was the elder. This is Ferrabosco the younger and I've been hooked on it for a while.

    My favourite cover of a popular bossa nova tune.

    Still picking away at bits of Brazilian music, if only because now Spotify has decided that that's all it's going to recommend. Jorge Ben is mandatory.

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    For all the grandpa's

    Some Ragtime from Tuba Skinny

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    I wish there were more funk.

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    Everywhere at the End of Time || The Caretaker

    Banger if you want something to lose your mind to.

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    Vulfpeck just dropped a new track. Pretty kickin.

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    There is no substitute.

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    As an old fat slow man, there are not a lot of songs that make me want to dance any more.

    This one does.

    Boing. Peng. Boom-Tschak. Peng.

    System Shock 2 Walkthrough

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    A couple of girl singers:
    Starcrawler - I Love LA The song doesn't start until 2:00 min mark so to skip the garbage start there. This is a California rock for sure. The lead singer is super skinning.

    Hole - Malibu Another blonde singer that is not as skinny but her clothes are a little thin.

    A couple of Latino bands:

    Los Lonely Boys - Diamonds This one is sung in English. After i played this one Youtube was unsure of what to recommend next. Is it a up beat country song or a rock song ? Or maybe Latino ?

    Las Fenix - "La Venganza de Tina" A all girl band that reminded me of our local authentic Mexican restaurant. The federal government often thinks it is a little too authentic so closed it down a few times. Open again.

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    It's rather quite nice being in love

    Being in love when you're old is pretty much the same as when you're young, you can't wait to be together and the whole world seems to conspire to keep you apart. Except when you're young that's actually true. When you're old it's just shameful and disgraceful, and generally frowned upon as if you should have outgrown it, but you no longer give a flying fuck about what the rest of the world thinks. But then your knees hurt and she forgot to bring her back pain medication. So, in a somewhat different sense, the whole world is indeed conspiring against you. But at least, at this point, you no longer care about them, and you learn to work around it. I love you, my Swedish angel.

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    No greater irony when it's used for political purposes at events:

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    Ronald Bell from Kool and the Gang passed away

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    Chakat sex pillow
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    'That's how we live
    Between pain and hopelessness
    But if our monsters could hold our souls
    They might tell of love, of holes
    That we all carry
    That we are reflected in
    Imperfection never leaves
    And the pain you feel you'll always feel a bit'

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