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Thread: Current song you are listening to(or the Last song you listened to)

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    Supporting a local artist I've never heard of nor met. His waxed moustache is pissing me off. I'm growing to like the song, but the main point for me is the video. It was shot quite literally around the corner, I walk past Battlefield Rest about three times a day, and Snuff Mill Bridge three times a week.


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    I like it. It's like a late sixties Beatles song. Interesting to know you walk those streets. I wish I had money for travel and could. Now we will have to wait for Covid to be over.

    This is my favorite love song. It's classic and has no words but played correctly says everything there is to say. You can tell who understands what love is by the way they play this. The proper pauses and tempo mean everything. It has such longing and ache. Such sacrifice of ego and tenderness. Such yearning. Love is a feeling and isn't words at all. It isn't even remotely logical. It's a giving of even the last of everything with no regret.

    I recall being at my daughters art showing and this being played. Of course she had arranged it for me. The pianist was excellent and knew. The moment I heard the opening chords I knew. We looked at each other across the room, my daughter and I. No words had to be spoken.

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    Two train songs

    Rod Stewart - Downtown Train This song reminds me of riding with mom and dad to one of their friends homes that had a fireplace that was too hot on a cold winters day. I fell asleep in front of the fireplace and in the car on the way home. [Must have been popular/playing on the radio at the time.]

    Howie Day - Collide

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    We once were explorers.

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    Thanks for closing my muslim thread, it was naive and foolish of me to think it could lead to anything positive. Even arrogant of me, I'm sorry. I had all the best intentions, but didn't think it through, I should have realised before posting it could so easily spiral out of control. Tempers flare during the lockdown, both locally and online.

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    Is music pop music if it's not popular, even while the artist intends it to be?

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    Yeah, "pop music" is a genre, not a measurement of success.

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