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Thread: Current song you are listening to(or the Last song you listened to)

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    That's the one. I should have linked it too.

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    Try walking in my shoes

's been a very long year.


    If there's one thing we need right now, it's empathy. I'll elaborate. Rant alert.

    Let's start on a very simple level, I've been very ill for 20 years and my life has become very limited in what I can and can not do. There are not a lot of good things to say about Covid, but if there is one, it is this: finally, normal, regular people are slowly becoming mildly aware that their normal life is very very free. For me, and the community of disabled people, it is a little bit as if normal people are getting a tiny little hint of how limited OUR lives are, and have been for years. You can't do A, B or C? Well, we've not done those for years. Whining about not being able to travel? Well boo-hoo, we can't because we're ill, and even if we could, we couldn't afford it, because being ill also means being poor. Can't go into a restaurant? Can't go into a pub? Can't go into a shop? Well boo-fricking-hoo, welcome to our world. Enjoy your stay.

    But there's more. That was just the angry bit. Coming up is the whiny bit.

    Can we not all, just for once, all knowing that we're in some really deep trouble right now, cut each other some slack, imagine for a second what it's like to be that other person in the street, and try your best to NOT be an asshole to them? Please? I dunno, imagine, if you will, walk a mile in their shoes? Lame, weak, I know, but try to use your imagination. What if we could be nice to each other? Just for once?

    Which neatly leads me up to the happy bit.

    Imagine if we were. What if you, and everybody else around you, could imagine what it might be like to be the other person you meet. Try to see their perspective. Might be difficult to get a connection in these Covid times, but it could be very simple. Just be considerate. Wear a mask. Walk around the next person in the street. Step back and give them an extra metre. It doesn't cost you anything, except half a second and actually thinking about other people. Do at least half of those things you already know you should. Why? For yourself, and everyone you know. The more considerate we are to each other, the more we save ourselves. Simple. Takes no effort at all. Trust me, I've been doing it for decades.
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    Stevie Wonder

    I certainly empathise.
    On the happy bit, I offer this which I recently watched. One particular line may make you smile. As an Englishman it made me laugh out loud.

    All English guys look alike”

    All the best.

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    LOL. That is great, Aged Raver, I also love the one he did with McCartney. Remember that one? Got me in the feels.

    I hate I can't see the one Gray posted. Oh well, here is one that got me like an arrow when it came out. I had no idea the video was so funny or went so dark with all the Stephen King references. I don't think I've ever had a relationship where the woman didn't try to hurt me. That really isn't a condemnation. All love is a war. The strong win just by hanging on. And no, I'm not saying accept abuse. Still... love is complicated... and if you are a man... and if you are strong... and if you understand where the hurt comes from... then you hang on till you both win.

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