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Thread: Current song you are listening to(or the Last song you listened to)

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    I would never have guessed that Total Eclipse of the Heart was written in Meat Loaf's style* (i.e., the hybrid Meat Loaf-Jim Steinman-style that's just part of Jim's musical DNA that whole article is about), but just thinking about it next to I Would Do Anything for Love, it's very easy to hear it, and it would have been a perfect song for Meat & his style.

    Probably it would have made him more immortal than he is now, since that's such an immortal song. I feel like he doesn't get the respect he deserves often, and him being attached to that song would have obliterated even the idea that that could happen.

    But I guess in the grand scheme of things it's okay. Bonnie Tyler's version is really special too, and it's hard to criticize great art getting out into the world however it happens.

    * Jim Steinman had a different story than Meat Loaf's you can read in the wiki page for the song. He said he didn't write it specifically for Meat Loaf and didn't finish it until it was for Tyler. It's still in that characteristic style anyway.
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    As mentioned on my most eye opening moment about Jim Steinman was when I found out he wrote my most beloved Sisters of Mercy songs (More, This Corrosion). But then it made perfect sense.

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    That requires posting at least this song.

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    Since I'm posting old stuff today, here is one I suggested to test out my cousin Tony's sound system which is a series of speakers made into bird houses in his yard. He makes and sells them. There must be thirty in his yard. It sounded as great as I thought. It's one of the few songs made for quadrophonic sound systems. And if I had one song to listen to forever this would be it.

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    dö-dö-dö-dödödö-dö-dö! dödö-dö-dö-dödödö-dö-dö!

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    Um... I may have found a new favourite album today, Carole King's "Tapestry", from 1971. Listened through it twice while playing Subnautica and pretty much every song is a HIT!

    I know Carole King is like A BIG DEAL but I only discovered her recently through the Simpsons ep where Lisa goes to visit Bleedin Gums Murphy in the hospital and sings this King song.

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    RUSH or REO Speedwagon fans ?

    There is a new band called *Greta Van Fleet* that have YouTube videos. Their sound, and lead singer, sounds like is a cross between RUSH & REO Speedwagon lead vocals. *Wig Wam* is another band that has a 80's sound - old guys - YouTube as well.
    The two songs I'm enjoying the most.

    - Wig Wam - "Never Say Die"
    - Greta Van Fleet - Heat Above (Live)

    - *Dirty Honey* has a new interesting YouTube video - Dirty Honey - California Dreamin' - got that Robert Plant squeal down pretty good.

    If you're into the 80's sound it doesn't look like any of these guys are popular. I guess 'the in crowd' doesn't like the 80's sound anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malf View Post
    Huh, didn't expect to see DJ Scotch Egg here!
    I used to work with a guy who knew him. The London music scene he's part of is quite small and everyone seems to know everyone, with a lot of people flowing between bands.
    Hey Colossus, Gum Takes Tooth, Bad Guys, Shit and Shine, those guys are all part of the same scene, although often playing wildly different music.

    My friend from work is the guy behind Drumcunt.

    He was a terror in the office, who would lull us in to a false sense of security with a relatively normal playlist, then leave having queued up some combination of white noise, static and feedback.
    Nice. And thanks for the "recommendations"; I'll have a listen later if I can.

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    This is actually a request. I'm looking for reggae inspired new wave, most likely British, most likely late 70s/early 80s.
    Like what made The Police famous. Or like Elvis Costello's Watching the Detectives, or 10CC's Dreadlock Holiday. Do you know anything that sounds similar?

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    What about reggae and dub inspired punk?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Moyer View Post
    Sounds great, but due to 🌩🔫💣✊🗡💀❗ content restrictions I have no idea what you linked there.

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    It was The Clash- This is Radio Clash. Not sure that quite fits what you were looking for but I got nothing either. I'm sure you don't want to hear Ashes to Ashes for the millionth time. Thanks for the Elvis Costello though. That was great.

    I've been on a rediscovery of James Taylor, Carol King, and Carly Simone since henke posted his. I went more hard middle seventies in my tastes but that stuff is good and jibes with my better nature. I hadn't heard some of it in a long time.

    Such a shame him and Carly couldn't make it but nothing can beat heroin. Scary shit to know it could tear one from their hearts desire and make even the most beautiful soul forget what is good and pure in life. I've done a lot of stuff but that shit scared hell out of me and I'm glad I never touched it.

    How could he forget this.

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    Just Reminiscing

    Not at all what you're looking for Kolya but your question made me reminisce about these records which aren’t new wave. Perhaps Old Wave. Definitely a wave, you can almost hear the sand in the record grooves. ...

    Dat by Pluto Shervington – (1976) – UK Number 6

    At the time I didn’t understand the lyrics. Clever song. Is that reggae? I never know the difference between ska and all the others.

    And these two below were played regularly on the radio in the early seventies in Guyana (South America/Caribbean - old British Guiana).

    Lord Kitchener - (Dr. Kitch) The Needle
    I couldn’t possibly say what this one is about and surprised it’s dated 1963 as I heard it regularly in 1973. Again is that reggae?

    "I am not a qualified physician
    And I don’t want to give this injection"

    Mighty Kaieteur - Drunk Man
    Calypso about about a drunk visiting the grave of an old drinking friend. So very clever and played a lot on radio in early 1970’s Guyana. (The name of the singer comes from Guyana's waterfall, Kaieteur, which I believe is the highest single drop waterfall in the world, way out in the jungle). They produce a lot of sugar and hence rum.
    A drunk man walked in a graveyard
    And to the top of his voice
    He started bawling out hard”

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kolya View Post
    Sounds great, but due to ������✊����❗ content restrictions I have no idea what you linked there.
    It was "This Is Radio Clash".

    How about some American cheese.

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    Blondie fits the bill of course, why hadn't I thought of her! And so do The Clash. (Actually Elvis Costello wrote "Watching the Detectives" after listening to a new The Clash record all night long.)
    I also really like the calypso that Aged Raver posted, especially Lord Kitchener.
    The closest to what I'm looking for maybe Graham Parker, some of Talking Heads and perhaps Rancid although that's more Ska.

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