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Thread: COSAS 2 Mission X - Available Now ... 8-15-08

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    yes,i found a wayyou have to get to vents exit on second floor and then go into the room next to the monarch,but make sure when you leave vents not to use headset as that will end mission

    but you miss a ton of the mission prescripted stuff

    start out by breaking door down with dagger security door i think,left of bathrooms whee you changed,then flip book use vent to get out side then do what i say in first spoiler

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Black Cat View Post
    Is there a way to access the Monarch Suite besides the strategy described in the walkthrough?
    Use the secret vent system.

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    I played this FM many years ago, but never really beat it. The first time I played on impossible. I tried to use a vent, but wasn't good with english, so I got stuck with other agent saying why I am so slow? Really annoying. I gave up.

    Few months ago, I returned to this title. I started on lowest difficulty this time. Now I have more advanced computer, but loading is still long. I finally beat both choice objectives with some catches (but about this later). Since I explored area after getting equipment but before using communication, I really had no idea what to do. Sure there were some optional objectives but I had no idea how to finish them. I waited 10 min and nothing happened. I read on ttlg that it could happen bug that prevents continuation of the game. So I gave up.

    I understand why many people like this FM. Great graphic, a lot of creativity and replayability. But that only when this FM works. I got permanently stuck few times and was forced to go back to the previous save many times. And, man, these loadings are really long. I didn't like it the first time and I didn't like on my second playthrough.

    Even so I'm still curious about 3 things:

    1) The first time (in my second playthrough) I choosed shutting off the security in the vault. And I completed it. Woman said that I can explore mansion, but I encountered a little problem at the time. Actually it was huge problem. How to get out? Behind doors there are 2 guards and climbing on the pipes is impossible (I make too much noise and camera spot me). And the bow is only available in second choice objective. So how to get out?

    2) There is one piece of equipment that I never figured out how to use - KO drops. After using it their numbers drop by one. But nothing else happens. I tried to KO guard and he killed me in respond. So how to use it?

    3) Communication Device. On my first playthrough it worked perfectly. On my second playthrough it stopped working. I restarted the mission. Nothing. I restarted mission on other difficulty. Still nothing. I shut off the Thief 2 and launch it again. Nothing. I installed newest scripts. Nothing. After many tries, I restarted the whole computer and ... it worked. That never happened to me with any other Fanmission. The next day, I encountered the same problem and again restarting my computer was the only thing that maked communication device to work again. That's just magical. How does that even work?

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    The problem is that Mission X also has some script modules all of its own, and that one of the essential ones sometimes doesn't work on newer computers. That sort of explains the third item in your list.

    I've recently been rewriting those scripts. I've been testing various different ways of doing things, and the results seem to be the same as when I use the original scripts. It's not ready for release yet - it needs testing, but your post has given me an incentive to get that process started.

    1) For both choices a bow is available, but in a different place for each of them. For the task you chose:
    Hint: It's not far from where you get the vent key, but it doesn't exist on the highest difficulty.
    Spoiler: It's hanging on the wall in the office next door to that storeroom where the vent key is found. There's another one in the office outside the camera room, which should be in pitch darkness if Steel's finished his task. The corners of the camera room should be dark enough to hid in while you wait for the right time to get out.

    2) Using the Knockout Drops will affect the dagger, in a similar way to holy water affecting water arrows. However, the script that controls it is in the the same module that sometimes doesn't load for you. This should be remedied if the aforementioned script rewriting has been successful.

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    downloading now thankyou

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    Cloud key

    after reloading the asking for where she left the key returned even though i asked where she left the key! and now that i found it and left it in the nightstand the objective wont tick off...
    whats wrong?

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    It's possible you saved and then reloaded at an awkward time that broke something. You could also try sneaking and putting it on Cloud's belt and see if that works.

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    fourth note

    the knight will not come to deliver the fourth note to the bathroom! how do i get him to do that?

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    Did you deliver the lockbox yet?

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    When you put the lockable scroll case in the proper spot, he'll pick it up and walk upstairs to meet Raputo to get the note, then come back down and go to the bathroom before getting his friends at the 1F bar and leaving. You have to copy it when he goes to the bathroom on the third floor and is inside the stall with the case placed onto the table inside the bathroom.

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    Digital Nightfall - I'm really enjoying your drawing style.

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