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Thread: COSAS 2 Mission X - Available Now ... 8-15-08

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    COSAS 2 Mission X - Available Now ... 8-15-08

    CoSaS 2: Mission X is now avaliable for download.

    The Story Thus Far…

    Three seasons have passed since the late winter’s night when a small inn in a remote corner of The City was host to the Scepter Owner’s Society, and was infiltrated by the amateur thief Dante at the behest of the mysterious Master Nightfall, founder of The Circle of Stone and Shadow. Since then, Dante has worked slowly through the ranks of The Circle, gaining the trust of those around him. Now, as the cold of winter once again grips The City, he stands ready to join the highest ranking agents in the organization, the Material Components, or MCs, captained by Sheam and under the direct command of Master Nightfall himself.

    Meanwhile, the face of The City is changing. The old factions splinter and quarrel amongst themselves. In these troubled, uncertain times, The Wardens thrive. Emboldened, they work in broad strokes, manipulating The City as so many pieces on a chessboard. However, in their bloated expanse to fill the power void left vacant by the decline of other factions, frictions have turned to conflicts. War has broken out amongst them. Lord Raputo, one of the most powerful wardens, has turned his eyes upon The Circle and Master Nightfall. Sensing a threat far greater than that of a petty crime lord, he struck out at once to smite Nightfall, and at once found his suspicions to be very well founded. Raputo’s territory and resources are vast, and they surround Nightfall’s tiny foothold in Hightowne, but Nightfall’s alliances are firm and his organization holds many powerful secrets.

    In a laboratory deep below The Circle’s territory, the mad Doctor Hallming works. The MCs deliver him goods, stolen from the powerful factions of The City which he uses to fuel his experiments, and he in turn supplies them with inventions. Now, his latest creation, stolen from the hands of Brother Karras himself, is finally ready to be used.

    It is at the collision of these threads where Mission X begins, at the northern gate to The Ivory Rose Casino in the small district of Three Gates Bridge; a pivotal strategic point in the war between the wardens. Armed with the creations of Doctor Hallming, the MCs and their newest addition, Dante, set in motion a plan to defeat Lord Raputo’s designs on The Circle’s destruction.

    COSAS 2: Mission X version 1.13 - 319 MB (334,523,769 bytes) - Darklurker - Komag - Darkfate

    Version 1.13 Readme

    Version 1.13 Patch - 20.3 MB (21,287,094 bytes) - Darklurker - Komag - Darkfate

    Version 1.13 Patch Readme - full list of changes, as well as persisting issues. Beware spoilers!

    Mission Without Videos - 158 MB (165,676,441 bytes) - Darklurker - Komag - Darkfate

    Indeo Videos (combine with above) - 152 MB (160,262,369 bytes) - Darklurker - Komag - Darkfate

    Divx Videos (higher quality, don't work with Thief) - 36.9 MB (38,769,362 bytes) - Darklurker - Komag - Darkfate

    Credits Movie Patch, Indeo, v1.13 (combine with the patch)- 63.9 MB (67,059,187 bytes) - Darklurker - Komag - Darkfate

    Game Manual - Darklurker - Komag - Darkfate

    High-Res Printable Maps Pack - Darklurker - Komag - Darkfate

    Desktop Art Pack (standard) - (widescreen)

    Additional Links:

    Walkthrough of version 1.13
    Complete Loot List, also for v1.13 This one may take a minute or two to load.
    The CoSaS Lexicon
    Mission X Development Trivia
    Deliciound - Memoirs of Courtier - An original album inspired by Mission X

    • The structure of the mission has branching paths and some (generous) time limits. Make a hard-save whenever you think of it.
    • If you begin the mission and only see black with the light gem and health shields, it means that the scripts didn't install properly. You may have to manually copy all .osm, dll, and dlx files out of the zip into the game folder.
    • If this still doesn't help, try either removing the .avi files from the movies folder or installing the no-movies version.
    • If you are used to coming onto the forum asking for hints, play it on expert (the easiest setting) and you'll get hints in-game.
    • Before playing, check the file gen.osm in your Thief 2 folder. It must be exactly 429,568 Byes. If it is not, download this replacement. Some versions of T2 came with a bad gen.osm file, and MX will not function correctly with it.
    • If the mission is not progressing as it should, and the above does not solve the problem, starting a new game is the only way. If the above file and a clean restart does not solve the problem, please let us know.

    UPDATE to v1.14 by RSoul

    There is an update to this mission (v1.14) which features re-written scripts to make it much more compatible with NewDark.

    The thread for the update is here:

    Download links:
    Mirror 1: (thanks to derfy)
    Mirror2: (thanks to Glypher)

    Below is an alternative version in which the movies are in Divx format. Those movies were obtained from the thiefmissions page. Thanks to NewDark, these movies do now play in game.
    Mirror 1: (thanks to Glypher)
    You will notice that the total file size is quite a bit lower, but all other files are identical.
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    Thank you, Thank you....a thousand times: "Thank you !"

    I'm taking the Direct Download but will seed the torrent later !

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    downloading now

    thank you

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    I'm right on time Now i'll stop spamming for some while. Too bad i probably won't be able to normally play it today, anyway - giant thanks!

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    wooeeee ... down-a-loading we go.
    See you guys in the City.

    Edit: My megaupload download-code was LGS
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    Well worth staying up for

    Thank you for this fantastic treat!

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    you people are my heroes.

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    WOW, thanks a lot, something new to do during these rainy vacation days...............

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    WOW, just read the manual and its awesome. DL now and can´t wait to play. Thank you all COSAS team.

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    Great !

    Thanks a lot for all the time spent creating this one.

    Now downloading, it will take a little bit but with getright dividing in 4 parts and using different mirrors i should be able to play it soon.

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    So many years, and it's delivered...

    Hmm, Need to replay "The gathering" first... But thanks for all the hard work. The manual and printable maps are a REALLY nice touch - one of my favorite things from actually buying boxed games is things like the maps - I've got Morrowind, Cyrodil, the Inner Sphere circa 3052 and 3067, Verant/Mydrana/Nordmar (gothic 3) up on my wall - these might just end up alongside those.

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    Here we go.

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    Happy Days Are Here Again.

    Long Live Thief!!!
    It's so easy, but I can't do it.
    So risky - but I gotta chance it.
    It's so funny, there's nothing to laugh about

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    Hey, I have that LG "I can't play videos, hit ignore problem", so I downloaded the standalone videos. At what point should I play meeting with Sheam?

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    Woohoo, I just rated it a "5" on FilePlanet

    Played for a little while, extremely impressive from the get-go, highest possible quality all around. Dinging the front room service bell multiple times is quite satisfying!
    "For the Love of the Game"

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    Just got home, ready the redbull, closing the doors and windows, phone off, ready to steal


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    Quote Originally Posted by Skol View Post
    Hey, I have that LG "I can't play videos, hit ignore problem", so I downloaded the standalone videos. At what point should I play meeting with Sheam?

    At the end of the mission.

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    Skol, after you've played all the way through. It's the SUCCESS movie renamed.

    Haha, SlyFoxx beat me to it.

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    Awesome job on the manual. Can't wait to see the mission (dl'ing now). Congrats and a big thank you to all involved!

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    Oh my! Finally! I know I should replay GATI again, but I'm so very tempted just to go straight to Mission X!!!


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    Thank you to everyone involved for this release, I'm getting it now and I'm looking forward to spending the weekend playing it through a few times.

    Also, I read this from the manual:

    there are no objectives concerning how you may or may not behave toward your enemies (with one exception), and no artificially imposed restrictions on play style.
    This was my biggest concern about this massive mission, and I thank and want to shake the hands of each and every one of you for making it turn out this way. Couldnt ask for more.

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    Congratulations to the team for your continued vision and dedication to see this project to the end!

    This is truly the greatest "modding" community out there.

    One question, I've read the readme. I am leaning towards playing it on "expert" (the lowest setting). I just want reassurance that expert is not totally a cakewalk. That you will have to think and be challenged. Is that accurate?

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