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Thread: T2 fm: A new place for Ghosts -Updated Aug/08

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    T2 fm: A new place for Ghosts -Updated to New Dark -27,9,14

    "A new place for Ghosts" updated to V 1.6 (25-03-2021), changes done:

    here's the mission updated:


    Note: The thread for the New Dark version can be found here.
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    blimey, chock full of Fm's this month

    And this one is big too at 60mb, nice :-)


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    Location: Australia
    Downloading but I'm still playing mission X atm

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    Registered: Jul 2003
    Some mirrors please. Thanks.

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    Thanks a lot for the new FM, dunno what to play first

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    Thanks, cardia

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    Location: here in the USA
    Wonderful! Thank you Pedro

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    Great !!! Thanks cardia1...

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    Mirror for ya:

    A new place for Ghosts (Southquarter)

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    Registered: Mar 2005
    Nice FM part 1 easy once you figure out how to ditch the haunts
    Part 2 enjoyed it..... very annoying searching also I have to find 2 keys and that's all I have to do then get out....4 switches found and 1 button behind statue all activated nothing happens But aside from the exhausting key hunt good good effort and fun to play

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    my cup runneth over !

    Thanks, Cardia - I can't believe how lucky we are to have people like you producing all this fun for us.

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    Glad to see this out! Congrats cardia1!

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    Wow, another mission waiting for me to be played....just about 800 more + ~12 mission from each TG ang TTMA campaign mission ^_^ This will take years - good years .

    Like for everyone else, Mission X has the biggest priority. This comes after i think

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    Location: Georgia, US
    I would like to know how to ditch the haunts...

    I tried fighting them all, but i died after 6-7 kills. I was thinking of just running thru picking up the loot >.>

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    Umicel - The haunts are blackjackable, though you have to be sure you don't let the others see you doing it. Also, move the unconsious haunt away from the patrol route of any other haunt. Hope that helps...

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    Registered: Jun 2007
    Location: Georgia, US
    ah, thanks >.> those haunts have a pretty good eyesight range though, plus there's like no shadow to hide in near their patrols.

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    Registered: Jul 2008
    Yes, there are one or two tough spots but I think it can be done with patience. Perhaps it will be adjusted a bit in the upcoming update.

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    Registered: May 2008
    This was a great double mission and looked pretty fantastic - thank you Cardia! The mansion is alot of fun with all the ghosts dancing and having a good time as if nothing is going on.


    I hope more people have the chance to give your mission a shot - you had the unfortunate luck of releasing the same week as Mission X, but your mission is still a very good one.

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    d. Dec 2017
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    Location: Pacific Northwest
    I'm playing this one before I play CoSaS.

    Congratulations on your new release cardia!
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    Dawggon - Check the dining room..

    Glad you, and your grandson, are enjoying the mission.
    Last edited by Tannar; 18th Aug 2008 at 19:11.

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    Loot error in mission 2: the horn in the library is not frobable

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    Obviously nobody else is having any trouble with the first mission, so now I feel like a fool... I've been running around for some time now, how to I get into the mansion?? I'm guessing it's under the statue in the maze, but I haven't found any way in.


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    Iceblade - Don't think it was ever intended to be.

    Drunken Cricket - Check the statues in this courtyard carefully.

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    Registered: Jun 2004
    Where are the keys to the aunt and uncle's rooms?

    @Tannar:The horn is counted as loot in dromed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tannar View Post
    Drunken Cricket - Check the statues in this courtyard carefully.
    That makes me so mad... I checked those statues several times before. Now after you tell me to I found the switch at the first one I looked at...

    Well, I guess it makes the game last that much longer...

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