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Thread: Pirates ahoy! 08/17/2008

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    Pirates ahoy! 08/17/2008

    Pirates ahoy! by Greenhorn and me are now available for download. It's a campaign with 4 missions. You can take a look at some screenshots here:

    We hope you'll like it.

    TheKeep: and

    Many thanks to all who helped us with this missions, to our betatester, to Annemarie and Ar-Zimrathon for the English translation and to Nightwalker and Bernie for reading correctur.

    For fanmission builder: the custom objects and ai's that were made for this campaign are available for download at my homepage in the Shocked/Dromed section.
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    Alright! Getting this one now, can't wait to play it! It looks great, glad you're back into making Thief FM's Christine.
    Thank you, and thank you to Greenhorn too!

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    Wheeeee! Thank you so much. Getting it now.

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    Excellent news!! Can't wait to play.

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    Thank you for the mirror, I'll edit the first post

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    Wonderful! Bound to be a treat as always. Thank you Christine!

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    @ Christine

    Thanks for reply on the other thread Christine. I got a notice about this FM from the forum today regarding the other original message, and clicked to make that comment about it and asked the question of size. Then after doing that, I spotted this announcement about it's release, so you answered the other one before I had a chance to delete it, LOL However after all is said and done...thank you for the release and I guess I'll have to wait a bit longer to get it as it will require my DSL to get it downloaded, etc. Darn! But be will be at the top of list!

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    \o/ Thanks Christine and Greenhorn! I'll play this to take a break from DP2.

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    Another mirror you you, Christine:

    Pirates ahoy! (Southquarter)

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    Thank you

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    Erm, sorry Brethren, your Southquarter link leads to a "404 error: not found".

    Problem solved.
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    F***ing Hell

    I cant keep up with all the Fm's that have been release this month alone....

    At this rate Im gonna be all thiefed out...


    Thanks Christine


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    Quote Originally Posted by SinisterShadow View Post
    Erm, sorry Brethren, your Southquarter link leads to a "404 error: not found".
    I jumped the gun a bit, it was still uploading. Should be good now though.

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    Now this is what I've been waiting for!

    Thank you for this Christine. I'm sure this will be a wonderful set of missions - and I love dock style pirate missions as I said in your last thread - so this will be thief bliss for me!

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    Your prolific FM output is amazing. Your dilligence in creating quality adventures (for T2 & SShock2) for all to enjoy should be commended.

    Thanks to you and Greenhorn!

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    Many thanks Christine!

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    Oh man I can not believe so many missions have been released. I have like 6 to play now. Thanks Christine, I have been waiting for this one. Man this is like a total thiefing goodness week.


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    Thanks Christine . This mission is a blast to play with such a large and visually stunning map . I'm actually surprised to still be playing Thief , but with missions like these I'm still thoroughly hooked .

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    Where do I begin..

    Christine (and Greenhorn, of course) - I believe you truly have created the perfect thief mission for someone like me.

    In fact, I do believe you have created one of the best FM's I've ever played, and I'm only done with the first of the four missions. Hopefully you dont mind, I'd like to point out the pros and cons of your first mission, if I may.


    The texturing.. was.. Incredible. Not since DrK's "Ink And Dust" have I been this amazed with the choice of textures used and how they were applied. Simply stunning. I made a second run through the first levels interiors and exteriors with my gamma set all the way up just to see the perfect texture work you did with this mission. It was shockingly good. So much so that this mission overtook the first two "Night In Rocksbourg" Missions and "The Seven Sisters" missions in my mind as the best looking city FM ever created. Each and every building looked different than the others and the town had a ton of personality.

    The map maker had dozens of books everywhere - showing someone who truly enjoyed their work and had been buried in books for most of their lives. Also, the way you made the switch to find the map look exactly like the others was brilliant.

    The side (and secret) objective was very sweet, and when I completed it I felt like I had done something good during a night of crime - which was a weird feeling but added so much immersion to the level. That was great.

    The shadow distribution in the city was absolutely perfect. I had a great time leaning along buildings and sneaking from shadow to shadow all the while clonking folks with the ladle - which in my mind is now the premiere silent weapon of choice.

    The guard patrols in the difficulty I chose were just right, and never did I feel safe - but never did I feel frustrated either.

    And just all the little details like the fish in the river, the bottles in the pirate ship missing their tops from a long night of drinking rum, the way the rooms were decorated - I couldnt have asked for more.

    Most importantly, your missions are just incredibly fun. You take the thief gameplay and wrap it around your finger, and it shows. From your love of food in missions (a touch that i love as well) to the fact that you let the individual player choose how they play (your missions can be ghosted as well as direct contact and the mission is not an auto fail mission) - and this mission truly was a free roaming, free thinking, free styling fun fest. The most fun I've had playing a FM in months - perhaps over a year. Perhaps ever!

    I love the fact that while other mission makers are trying to get the dark engine to do things it was never meant to do - you continue focusing on the gameplay and how to make the missions fun.. and I'll choose this style of mission any day. This is what thief was meant to be - and I still have 3 missions in this campaign to enjoy.

    I've rambled and raved long enough - Apologies for the wall of text.

    Cons: None. I truly believe you've created a perfect thief city mission with the first mission in this series. You've got it down to an art at this point.

    Thank you to both of you for bringing this mission into the light. You've made my month.

    It took alot of guts releasing this mission the same month as another huge release - and I have to say (for me) you are the hands down winner. This is now in my top 3 fan missions of all time - and I've played them all at this point.

    Thanks again, and I'm off to finish the rest.

    People.. Play this mission. You owe it to yourself.

    Total Time: 1 hour 20 minutes (mission 1 only, I explored all I could and took my time!)
    4432 loot out of 5534 (looks like I've got some more searching to do!)
    Secrets: 1 out of 2

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    Wow ... Thank you, thank you very much... now I can quietly go to bed and sleep well ...
    Enjoy continue...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greenhorn View Post
    Wow ... Thank you, thank you very much... now I can quietly go to bed and sleep well ...
    Enjoy continue...
    No, thank you. The two of you have created an incredible campaign, and I'm sure by the end will be my hands down choice for best FM.

    I'm playing the second mission now - and its just as atmospheric as the first.

    And I'll tell you, those sharks pack a bite!

    Thanks again!

    Edit: Snakes burricks AND spiders? Wow. Haha. I did get stuck in a wall near the water that emits a green glow on the third mission that allowed a spider to chew me in half - but on a reload I couldnt duplicate it so I must have hit is just right that time.
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    Thanks to you too greenhorn , although I don't think you're any greenhorn . I have to agree with SneakyJack - this mission is flawless . I especially liked the birthday objective .

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    Wow! Thank you, Christine Downloading now!

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    Great game...Thanks Christine. I simply love your missions.

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