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Thread: Updated FM: Mission X version 1.13 - Walkthrough, Lootlist, Lexicon, Trivia, Album

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    Updated FM: Mission X version 1.13 - Walkthrough, Lootlist, Lexicon, Trivia, Album

    CoSaS 2: Mission X v1.13 - 319 MB (334,523,769 bytes) - Complete archive of the patched, enhanced edition - Darklurker - Komag - Darkfate

    After a month and a half of panic and confusion, as well as extensive and irritating hijacks by real life, the patched, enhanced version of Mission X is as ready as it ever will be to go out into the scary place that is your collective reception. The primary goal of the patch was both to do away with what turned out to be a draconian safeguard against erroneous installations, the infamous "black box" which was more likely to appear than it was for the player to actually have a bad installation, as well as to deal with fatal breakdowns in the timed progression of the plot that many players experienced for a number of different reasons. Additionally, after listening to a great deal of feedback (though I admit not all) several difficulty balance changes were made, some of which were bugs we had missed in the first place (many broken patrols called by the keyring), and others that involved easing off on the hardness of the mission, such as removing some AIs and adding more health motions on the Expert difficulty. It was also an opportunity to add in many things that fell by the wayside - interface art and distant art that was unfinished, a revision of the flares, additional bystanders in the foyer, and maybe most interestingly, the inclusion of the quotes scroll. So, if your first attempt at MX was either impossible due to the black box, or ruined from some other horrible bug, I hope you'll give it another chance. If you loved MX and found nothing wrong with it, I hope you won't have a problem playing it again, and will enjoy the extras. If you hated MX, well, I guess this patch won't change that. Now, here's the link most of you are here for...

    Version 1.13 Patch - 20.3 MB (21,287,094 bytes) - Darklurker - Komag - Darkfate

    In case you don't know what to do with the patch: Unzip it into a folder. Unzip the original mission download into a folder. Combine the two folders so that the files from the patch folder overwrite the files from the mission folder. Rezip it, and play through darkloader. If you're having trouble, you may want to consider just getting the full 1.13 mission zip.

    Version 1.13 Patch Readme - full list of changes, as well as persisting issues. Beware spoilers!

    The following are the major changes featured in the patch.

    • The player will no longer begin in the black box under any conditions, even if they are missing script files. The black box was put in place to make sure that players who have a faulty T2 install will not be able to play until they’ve corrected the problem. However with widespread use, it was shown that it was far more likely for the scripts involved to malfunction than it was for the installation to actually be bad. Thus this safeguard was removed.
    • Added a renamed gen.osm (i.e. MXgen.osm) to solve the problem of the bad gen.osm file out there. Some versions of Thief 2 were shipped with a bad gen.osm file, and this bad file would render MX unplayable (but would, ironically, not be caught by the black box safeguard.)
    • Redundancies have been put in place to ensure that if any of the main-plot related timing scripts fail, a backup will be brought into play in order to allow the mission to move forward. It is believed that saving and loading the game at the precise right time in relation to the function of timed relay scripts would cause the relay to break and disallow the plot to continue. Extensive and thorough safeguards and redundancies have been put in place to ensure that should this happen, and there’s no way we can make it never happen, other scripting objects would be triggered to take over, allowing the mission to continue with only a minor – and maybe unnoticeable – break. The lion’s share of the work done on the patch involved creating these backup systems.
    • AI issues with broken patrols and the inability to move or flee where they should which were caused by the keychain have been resolved. This includes 1 AI on the top floor (executive), 2 on the 3rd (guards), 3 on the 2nd (2 guards, one executive), and 4 on the 1st (3 servants and 1 executive).* This was caused by a problem with the keychain – Once the player has a key, all the AIs who also have that key (and AIs need keys to open locked doors just like the player does) would find their patrol paths impossible to complete, because the keys would become no longer usable. This is why many guards could be seen standing in place, eternally. Multiple solutions were employed to solve these broken patrols on a case by case basis. Many doors previously unlockable by the hotel service key are now only pickable.
    • The Messenger will no longer drop the scroll case until after he is on the ground. Attacking Raputo’s messenger would cause him to drop his scroll case. If the player then escaped without killing or knocking out the messenger, he would continue on his path until he eventually generated a new scroll case, and potentially a scroll inside, causing a duplicate. Now the messenger will only drop the scroll case if he is killed or knocked out.
    • Put M-NeverEfficient on execs before they go alert. This will keep the alarm-ringers from ringing the alarm automatically every time you enter a certain area. Some players reported the alarm being sounded in distant parts of the casino when they simply crossed over a certain point, even if no AIs were present. This is caused by the way AIs in the dark engine deactivate once they are outside of a certain range from the player. It is possible for one of the alarm-ringing executives to go alert when the player is not nearby – by seeing a body for instance – but the player can then go out of range before the alarm ringer completes their action. Then when the player returns to within range, they resume, ring the alarm, and the mission fails. Distant AIs ringing the alarm because of discovered bodies can still happen, but it will never be delayed and then triggered in this way.
    • The player's loot will no longer spontaneously vanish. This bug was not present in the 1.0 release, but rather in one of the early patch builds. I include it here because it is amusing. It was caused by a “fix” to another bug – the loot purse of one of Raputo’s guards would sometimes linger out in the courtyard after that guard has left the premises. The fix involved deleting the purse when the guard was deleted. However, if the player had already taken the purse, it deleted their entire loot cache along with it. Isn’t the dark engine fun?

    And the rest... beware minor spoilers!

    Minor Fixes
    • Dustbombing the drunk guard in the bar no longer wakes him up.
    • The bug that resulted in a coin purse floating in mid-air somewhere between the Pearl Hall and the back gate has been fixed.
    • Lady Antonette now turns back to face the others during the never-ending meeting when she should. Also, general improvements were made to the meeting by removing gaps between lines and shortening some pauses.
    • The gamblers should now always face the tables.
    • Changed the material of the icicles on the fountain to glass (to match T2 icicles).
    • Removed the boat from outside the courtyard.
    • Fixed a bug caused by gassing any of Raputo's men outside the Monarch Suite.
    • It should no longer be possible to fall through the gratings at any of the reservoirs.
    • The blueprints now give the loot sound when taken.
    • The following junk-items are no longer frobbable: Blue vase in the NE office on top floor, wine bottle in dressing room, plate in hotel room with artist, bowl in mechanic's nook.
    • The red suit can no longer be dropped.
    • The door you must deliver the red suit to no longer makes 'trying to open' sounds when you interact with it without the suit.
    • The locks on the chests in the Minister's Suite now animate when you interact with them.
    • The scroll case no longer sinks into the table on a save/load while it's on the table.
    • Fixed typos on Antonette's Note page, the drunk note, Monarch Suite Plaque, Ambassador's Suite Plaque.
    • Fixed one set of doors at the top of the crawlspace shaft that didn't let the light in.
    • Fixed texture on fireplace (T2 bug).
    • The sheet listing Rubber's tasks no longer floats above the shelf.
    • The scroll talking about the shift change no longer floats above the counter.
    • Made the dishwasher and the bartender in the Monarch Suite never 'deactivate' to maybe keep them from merging with nearby objects.
    • Reduced the physical model of a blackjack table to make it less likely for the nearby guard to get stuck.
    • Invisible optimisations to the texture families
    • The odometer success sound will no longer play again when the player gets within range of the camera room after Steel successfully shuts off the cameras.
    • 'I'm leaving' mask now goes away when you re-enter the building via the crawlways.
    • The copy kit now reliably appears in the inventory when an important document is read on expert and professional.
    • Removed sound leak from the Clubhouse Office to the Monarch Suite.
    • Fixed color coding on Dante's restaurant line.
    • Total pick pockets count corrected to 14.

    Balance Issues
    • The girl in the money change booth now leaves at the proper time, even after the casino key is taken. (See *)
    • Guards and Execs on all floors who, after collecting either the casino, hotel, or owner's keys, were standing idle and were very difficult to sneak past or ambush now always patrol properly. (See *)
    • Servants on the 1st floor now flee properly after the casino key is taken. (See *)
    • A broken patrol on the top floor which left a guard stationary by the Executive Suite, unrelated to the above issue, has been fixed.
    • Guards in the basement can no longer hear you when you're in the foyer and the front doors are open.
    • The windows between the arbitration room and the garden are no longer locked.
    • Moved the desk in the security office so it's easier to drop down onto it.
    • The door behind the drunk is no longer locked.
    • Added more health potions on Expert (3) and Pro (1).
    • Removed 2 guards from the 2nd floor on Expert and 1 on Pro.
    • Removed the office worker facing east in the accounting office on expert.
    • Changed some of the clerks in the Pearl Hall to Execs (who ring the alarm).
    • Set one of the execs to turn the lights back on if they're shut off in the Pearl Hall.
    • Added light switches to the 1st and 3rd floor public restrooms.
    • Changed the bystanders so that they flee out of the building, rather than running to the alarm. Only execs run to the alarm.
    • Many hotel room doors now swing in to allow better views out into the hall when hiding.

    Additions or other Changes
    • Redid the brochure readable image with less text, and larger text, so it can actually be read.
    • The 'get your gear' objective now only completes when you've taken both the gear collection on the toilet seat and the gear pack on the floor.
    • Increased frob distance for picking up the vent key.
    • Renamed Gambler's Attire (worn) to Noble Clothes (worn).
    • Changed texture above theater balcony to wood to make it clearer that it is vine-arrow attachable.
    • On the 3rd Floor Map, changed "his personal guard" to "his guards" to make it clearer that these are not his bodyguards.
    • On 4th Floor map, changed 'Cloud's Apartment' to 'Cloud's Suite' since that's what everyone calls it.
    • Changed Steel's "I left you my gear" line to include mention of the vent key (expert and pro) if the player chose the basement task.
    • At the beginning, when you're getting your mask, a message has been added which tells the player that it is HIGHLY recommended that they turn AUTO-EQUIP ON.
    • Added some nobles to the foyer area and who walk through the courtyard. They go away after you've gotten your gear.
    • Created a new voice for the conversational nobles.
    • Added back in Pomok's missing lines and updated the schema file.
    • Added a view to the sky above the tall that comes up outside the garden (but you still can't climb through it).
    • Changed the generic 'could you repeat that?' lines to two specific questions.
    • Finished options menu art added.
    • Added a new scroll to Cloud's Assistant’s office concerning the cameras and Pomok.
    • Textured and animated the call-bell at the front desk.
    • Chips added to all active gambling tables.
    • Added a brand new 'carrying a guy' icon.
    • Finished the Load Game interface art.
    • Brand new Save Game interface art.
    • Manual and readme both proof-read, synchronized with one another, and the credits therein updated to match the website.
    • Included Eshaktaar's water.
    • A new walking and landing sound effect has been added for the gratings in the crawlspaces, so that the player won't be afraid to walk over the bars over the water.
    • New version of the music in the Orchid Hall.
    • Flares replaced with new objects, names, & effects. They work exactly the same.
    • Added a coat/hat rack to the clubhouse.
    • Added a sound effect to the camera room to keep pace with the cycle of the cameras, to add an audio clue when they're about to turn on.
    • Gave the central room of the Minister's Suite a decorative ceiling.
    • Changed the text of the note in the camera room to give another hint about the switches on the ceiling.
    • Added quote scroll. Hint: Finding it involves combining camera room with switch room, and from it there is no return. When does paper burn?
    • Changed color of soap slightly to make it easier to see in the dark on the white table top.
    • Changed loot purses to a variety of different colors, and adjusted their position on belts.

    Other files...

    Mission X v1.13, no movies - Darklurker - Komag - Thief: The Circle - Darkfate

    Because the credits movie was updated, both to correct errors and omissions, and to add the patch testers, all movie archives have been updated. Because the patch zip does not contain the updated credits movie, I have that as a seperate download.

    Credits Movie, Indeo, v1.13 - Darklurker - Komag - Darkfate

    Video collection, Indeo, v1.13 - Darklurker - Komag - Darkfate

    Video collection, Divx, v1.13 - Darklurker - Komag - Darkfate

    The manual has been updated with the same corrections and additions to the credits, as well as a great deal more editing and polish. The printable maps pack has been updated due to two small corrections, and now includes the Ivory Rose brochure and the mask document. (Someone is going to kill me if I misspell sholeasgate one more time... oops.)

    Mission X Manual - Updated - Darklurker - Komag - Darkfate

    Printable Maps Pack - Updated - Darklurker - Komag - Darkfate
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    Don't Just Play Mission X - COMPLETE IT!

    Pavlovscat really outdid herself with this walkthrough and lootlist. I don't think that anyone else could have given a more complete walkthrough of such a complicated mission. Plus, her lootlist actually includes images of the loot! How cool is that?

    Walkthrough of version 1.13
    Complete Loot List, also for v1.13 This one may take a minute or two to load.

    jtr7 has been working away since the beta test on cataloguing all names from both Mission X and Gathering at the Inn. The list is a perpetual work in progress, but I have a version of it here to share with everyone now. It's best left until you've already explored the mission thoroughly, and just wanted that extra bit of information about certain details. The lexicon stays entirely "in character" and presents some information askew from reality, such as developing canocal explainations for things that were merely development quirks. Still, it leaves no stone unturned!

    The CoSaS Lexicon

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    Fun MX Trivia time!

    During the beta test, Anarchic Fox and I would amuse the testers with fun facts about the mission's development. Here's all (I think) of it condensed into one post, now for everyone's amusement. Though spoiler tags are used, it may be best to only read this if you've actually played it first, just to be on the safe side.

    Developmental Trivia:
    • The name Ivory Rose came to him as soon as Digi saw the outside of the building Finial had made. The name Mister Cloud came to him as soon as Digi saw Tazio's concept art for the casino owner (which is used on his character page in your notes). Finial didn't like the name Mister Cloud because he was sure everyone would think of Final Fantasy Somenumber.
    • Early concept sketches for the comm mask included objects that looked like steampunk walkie-talkies, and a funny object with a bronze ear on one end and a pair of lips on the other.
    • The last rejected comm. device was simply half a Servant's mask. A.Fox pointed out that Karras wouldn't have designed those to allow the Servants to talk back, and the current monstrosity was born.
    • In early drafts of the script there were actually six agents - Agent Wood was eventually cut. He was only a running gag, to be honest. The player could never hear him talk; only static. Dante would complain about how he couldn't hear Wood, and everyone would laugh at him and eventually get tired of repeating everything Wood said. It was dropped because it wasn't very funny, and was actually a horrible idea. There's even early concept art of him.
    • Pomok is the only complete new AI voice schema in the mission, and he was done for GatI.
    • We wanted new lines for Pomok for when he was fussing with the switchroom. Though we did get in touch with Loanstar about recording Pomok some new lines, nothing came of it. At one point we considered recasting him as Ibsen's Ghost, or even Yametha's father, but in the end it was decided that Loanstar's performance should stay, and he didn't need any new lines.
    • Lil Milly doll has no purpose. She's there just to fascinate and infuriate the Dewdrop fans. The truth is, Digi scripted the whole thing just as an exercise to teach himself about S&Rs.
    • In the early days there were ideas thrown around about how to handle situations where the player might see other agents. In the end it was decided to prevent situations like this at all costs.
    • The hardest part about writing MX was making the player feel like Dante was the dorky newbie on the team, while not making it seem like the other agents were having way more fun than them. The solution was to make Steel a condescending pseudo-equal, Stone have a possibly difficult but boring-sounding job, that nonetheless had some glamour to it, and keep Rubber's role nebulous other than as an information source.
    • The end-mission cutscene was actually finished only months after GatI was released. This is in part because it was not tied to the Mission X plot at all, and thus was already far into production long before work on MX hit its stride.
    • Sheam, Dante, Steel, Stone, and Rubber loosely parallel the five COT characters of Jyre, Nightfall, Ghost, Lytha, and James.
    • It was decided that Sheam and Dante not go by agent names because it might confuse players. In future missions, they will. If you reach the best of the three possible endings, Dante's agent name 'Glass' will be mentioned, however. Sheam's title of Agent Air is only in the manual.
    • When we were designing the Comm mask we wanted it to "look good enough so we could port it into T3 without having to redesign it to look better." Boy did we overdo it.
    • The eavesdropping notes were originally going to be one of the important documents, but a design choice forced them to be small incoherent rants jotted on small scraps of paper, rather than a detailed and informative log of observations. In the end, the only useful bit of information present was a mistress hint.
    • Cloud's letter to his mistress and the poem in his journal were split into two readables in keeping with the one-page only rule, and to make no document both an important doc and a mistress hint. However, the sketch of the mistress and note about the artist Luis was combined with the journal to bring the count back to two.
    • Each verse of the poem in cloud's journal was written by a different team member, including Anarchic Fox, Yametha, Digi, and Sogax. Fox wrote two verses. Yes, the whole thing is supposed to be horrible.
    • Rubber's task list was redone three times before the final graphic was created.
    • Only the first line of the Front Desk Girl conversation was scripted. Shadow Creepr made up all the rest by herself.
    • The no-bow/findabow system was developed for a much later CoSaS mission, but it also worked well with the current scenario. It always bugged Digi that any time in a mission where you had to find your gear, finding a single arrow or crystal was always enough to generate a bow like magic.
    • It's mentioned in a design doc that the name of Antonette's bodyguard is Sir Douglass. However, this is the man seen in her profile sketch in your notes, and not the character in-game who looks completely different. Poking fun at this, both characters are shown in the briefing flanking Antonette.
    • The camera room sequence was inspired by the first Mission Impossible movie, and the keypad dustbomb from an episode of Batman the Animated Series.
    • The crawlspace map was done in the style of the maps for the old Infocom text adventures.
    • Most of the agent dialog was written by Anarchic Fox. The IH and Garden conversations were written by Digi.
    • The IH conversation as written is not the conversation you hear in the mission. Sly did an extra adlibbed banter between Cloud and Raputo, and then Sogax took that and the lines of the conversation and totally rearranged it into a completely new dialog. The final line by Antonette was also not written, but included as a suggestion by Msledd.
    • The bow and arrow system, the dousable electric lights, the poisoned dagger, the mask conversations, and the other new systems were originally done without custom scripting. In particular, the bow and arrow system involved six frogs and four objects per arrow. The systems were irreparably buggy, though.
    • CoSaS is older than Thief 2.
    • The object name for the idol statue inside the .mis file is Jesus. More subtle is the name for the gold soup dish next to it, Shield of Saturn, which is a reference to the obscure animated film, Flight of Dragons by Rankin/Bass.
    • Two items made for Mission X appeared in other FMs before MX was released. One was the city map used for the briefing, which appeared in some form in DrK's FM Rocksbourg 3, and the statue inside Cloud's office, which appeared in that same FM, as well as Christine's Pirates campaign, and maybe more.
    • Many plot elements from Mission X were driven by the content of then unfinished sequel to Correspondence of Thieves (COT). However, that work has been completely scrapped, and if it is ever attempted again, it will be elements of Mission X that drives its content.
    • In the in-progress rewrite of COT, Sheam is a far cry from how she is portrayed in the original, and is depicted as someone who will grow into the character we meet during Mission X, though she still has a long way to go.
    • Master Nightfall's real name is never mentioned in GatI or Mission X.
    • A mission placed between GatI and Mission X where you have to kidnap a Mechanist servant to claim their mask was briefly considered, but ultimately it was decided to focus all time and energy on Mission X.
    • It is never explained in GatI or MX, but it is assumed that after the events of TDP's Assassins!, Lord Ramirez went into disgrace and lost his territory in Hightowne (he may have even been killed!) It is planned that a future CoSaS mission will deal with his absence peripherally.
    • In the release version the switches in the basement utility room are deformed so that no contact is made with the contacts! This is corrected in the patch.
    • The scripting to add in redudancies to the main plot thread for the patch was done in a hotel room in Bangkok, Thailand (though it took more than one night).

    Creating the Ivory Rose:
    • The look of the exterior of the Ivory Rose has changed very little since it was first designed by Finial back around 2000.
    • redleaf created something like a thousand furniture skins for MX, though we only use about 10 - 15% of that. All of it will be released to FM authors after MX. Almost 200 of those are beds (it's arithmetic... eight bed types, 24 bedcovers...)
    • Finial worked on the architecture for the mission for maybe a year on his own before the mission's plot, goals, even concept were designed.
    • The mission almost looked totally different. After GatI was released Finial was working on a complete visual overhaul of the mission, and redesigned many areas as well. After over a year of work, all of it was lost in a harddrive crash. Bummer.
    • Speaking of setbacks, over a year of MX's development time was devoted entirely to lowering the mission's brush count. Somewhere around a thousand brushes were eliminated before progressive work resumed.
    • At one point, in order to get Dromed to build the pathfinding database, A.Fox went through and adjusted objects in order to reduce the number of pathfinding cells. Most of the adjustments involved were too small to actually see in-game.
    • The Foyer, the Clubhouse, the formal dining room and store room, the Monarch, Minister's and Duke's Suites, and the Garden are all Digi's work.
    • Much of the 2nd and 3rd floors were created by A.Fox using mockup designs Finial had created, and repeating them throughout. The money exchange area was also designed by A.Fox.
    • The rest of the building is Finial's, though only the security office (next door to the security chief's office) and the clubhouse lounge went completely untouched by Digi. Most areas are hybrids.
    • The clubhouse was the most often redesigned spot in the mission; contrariwise the clubhouse den is one of the most untouched spots in the mission.
    • The bars were designed by Yametha, Anarchic Fox, and Digital Nightfall - none of whom drink or ever set a foot in a bar (at the time, 4-5 years ago!). They had to actually go to some bars and do research in order to see what the hell they were even supposed to be like.
    • As many problems as we've had over the years building the mission, it's always been remarkably stable and there's almost never been issues of crashing during portalization that wasn't related to the the brush limit.
    • There was once an argument among the team that the Criminal Litigation office in the Ivory Rose was inappropriate, since criminal litigation only happens at the appropriate law enforcement/judicial authorities.
    • MX reached the brush limit before any scripting had been done on the mission. The pre-scripting version even had a hand-drawn map, whose usefulness, unfortunately, was in deciding which rooms to cut. In this version, all of the hotel rooms on the current map were enterable, and they were all the same.
    • Very little of the loot in the mission is placed. It's all generated at mission load by "The Money Tree" which is filled with xyz coordinates for every bit of loot that isn't within a container. It makes editing the loot placement very, very hard, but it was the only way to place the loot without having the brush limit be a burden. NV came up with the idea when Digi suggested that we make object combos out of most of the loot, so you would be stealing ten stacks of gold coins with one frob. The idea was so inconceivable to him he at once set out to find a way for us to have each stack of gold a single object.
    • Most of the desks, everything on them, the waste basket and the chair next to them, are one object.
    • The same goes for most pipe combinations, many arches and pillars, all the table/chair combos, the sets of curtains, the stacks of furniture in the basement, the rows of coat hooks (some with clothing), and some of the fences. Plus many more combinations we're forgetting.
    • Unlike in Thief 2, when a wastebasket has paper in it, it's usually just trash.
    • The tree, building, and bush props in the theater storage room are all poking fun at LGS's attempts at creating scenery for areas outside the mission playable area.
    • Digi made the portable clothes racks after spending 2 months working at a department store.
    • If you rush to the elevator on each floor while it goes up, you will see that all elevator dials show the needle slowly move towards 4. We don't think it's actually possible to do this outside of dromed.
    • There are very few ornamental objects in MX. Most of the objects that you see, but cannot interact with, have a scripting role such as being a RelayTrap, an Inverter, or one of several custom types.
    • The fence near the frozen fountain is not solely ornamental. If you get behind it, looking at the Ivory Rose will crash the game.
    • Digi went through a ton of trouble to make sure the game would not crash in the courtyard. And then, what happens several months before MX is done? A widescreen patch comes out that most certainly will cause a crash in the courtyard. Oh well!
    • There were once solid walls behind the gates to the IR courtyard.
    • The Mechanic's nook in the sub-basement was added in much later as a way to make the hotel crawlspace system a complete loop.
    • The long vertical shafts in the crawlspaces were nicknamed 'talls' early on by the team. Eventually the name worked its way into the mission, thanks to the crawlspace map.
    • Speaking of the crawlspace map, it was initially used to help team members themselves navigate the labyrinth!
    • Though many stacks of chips were modeled in the early years of MX's development, they don't appear on the gambling tables until after the patch!

    Things to look for while you are exploring the Ivory Rose:
    • There's three different endgame conversations, based on how many optional and bonus objectives you completed, and if you're faster than Steel.
    • There's four different returned the key conversations, based on how fast you returned it and where you returned it.
    • redleaf has a cameo in the mission - listen at door 303. It's the diva's room, who is advertised all over the building. She sings seven different songs, at random.
    • Four celebrity faces snuck into MX. Look for Jodie Foster as a female clerk, Ben Affleck as a male guard, Sandra Bullock as a female guard, and Ewan McGregor as a male clerk.
    • There's about 60 readables in MX (give or take), but only one of them is more than one page long, and that one only exists in your inventory.
    • ... and of those 60, only two are books.
    • There's around 220 lines of spoken dialog from the circle agents (including Dante). Of these, the player will possibly only hear 25 - 30% on a single playthrough.
    • The last person to be cast in the mission was Quincy Jones Wannabe, who has two lines as Sergeant Dendrington - but only really crafty players will ever hear them.
    • In one of the offices is a tribute to the movie "Office Space." Yes, it's a dead fish on the desk with a knife in it. It's also the only easter-egg like item in the mission. Before the patch anyway!
    • The note left for the player by Antonette uses the old forum avatar of Msledd - which is a scan of her actual lip-print. Msledd did the voice of Lady Antonette.
    • There is not one single crate anywhere in Mission X... though there is a soap-box. At one point there were crates in the 1st floor store room and the Theater storage, but Digi worked to purge them by creating blocks of stores furniture and various theater props.
    • The dust bombs are actually flash bombs. They will stun any AI that sees them explode.
    • When Steel does the camera task, the correct code will be entered on the keypad in the camera room if you check there after he finishes, likewise, if Steel does the switchroom task, the correct fuse box will be shown destroyed, and the correst switch will be pulled - though Pomok will flip it back! So, a player could get the solutions to the opposing objective if they attempt to analyze what Steel did.
    • Three of the things shown in the media release (the interface screen, the Victorian mansion, no comment), never actually made it into the mission, and one only in a truncated form (the newspaper). Ironically, the one piece that was professed to be cut - the briefing image - managed to find its way back into the project.
    • The tall in the casino crawlspace system was made to be falling into shambles of disrepair so that the player would be sure that they've gotten somewhere new and didn't just find a new way into the hotel crawlspaces.
    • The grandfather clocks in the hotel are keeping real time. They indicated that Dante entered the Ivory Rose's courtyard at exactly 9 pm.
    • It is the biggest and most grand room in the building - The Rose Hall - and yet, almost nothing happens in there.
    • Fleeing bystanders and Raputo's guards head due west when leaving out the north gate. It looks like they're walking straight off the cliff into the river. This is because everything north of a narrow strip outside the gate doesn't exist in the AI's pathfinding database. Any attempt to add it results in a crash!
    • The room names in the Ivory Rose are all based on plants or life-based substances; rose, ivory, pearl, coral, orchid, mahogany, pine, oak.
    • The four plaques in the 3rd floor suites were designed to give the player a sense that the world was much bigger than just The City, that the Ivory Rose has been around for a long time, and that there are many historical events beyond what we know about from the three Thief games.
    • Digi thinks that Fijjin-Arro has got to be the coolest foreign-hero name ever!
    • Ruckenaw must be playing a strange game of solitaire, since all of the cards are nines.
    • The bear trophy is intentionally toothless.
    • Though the Ivory Rose has dozens of bookshelves, no room is labeled as a Library. Each of the suites has a bookshelf in the bathroom!
    • Lord Palladio & Lady Vitruvius take their names from architects of centuries past, and Nathan Detroit is a gambler from the musical "Guys and Dolls." Oddly enough, no other guest names in the guest log have hidden meanings.
    • Grichemer, Roenel, and Ruckenaw are all names from "Le Roman de Renart", a 13th century epic.
    • There's a tall stack of books. One in the middle is turned the wrong way. Digi did this just to drive OC neat-freaks crazy (and pavlovscat!).
    • Unbeknownst to Digi, a reference to the game "Final Fantasy Tactics" was snuck into the mission (possibly by Anarchic Fox) in the form of Sweegy woods, and Lake Poeskas in one of the Mister Cloud related readables.

    Things that almost showed up at the Ivory Rose:
    • MX used to have a small but detailed city section, complete with enterable shops and a circle agent's hideout with observation tower. All of this was removed long before the brush limit crisis. Parts of this city section were imported into a future CoSaS mission.
    • The Ivory Rose at one point had a fourth Grand Hall - an enormous indoor swimming pool.
    • ... and a second back stair which mirrored the one in the northwest.
    • ... and a dungeon, complete with torture chamber. At one point, you had to rescue Agent Rubber from his holding cell!
    • The Ivory Hall (where the first conversation between Raputo, Cloud and Antonette takes place) once had a flat ceiling with no skylight. Likewise for the garden.
    • The marble display on the floor in the center of the Ivory Hall was originally meant to be the vault door design.
    • For the longest time the pin-up-girl in the guard's barracks was a painting by Luis Royo, but was eventually changed to something less... immersion breaking.
    • Only one element was cut from the final MX master plan (other cut items were cut long before anything was deemed final.) After the main objectives were completed, the guard shift on the 1st floor was to change, all of the casino guests to leave, and all of the lights turned on and re-locked.
    • An event was once planned for the crawlspaces where it would sound like guards had heard you and a conversation would play where they would argue about if it was possible for a human being to crawl around in the vents, only to be scolded by Cyrano. In the end it was decided that it would be too awkward to try to script the guards noticing the player in a situation where they had no power over if they were noticed or not.
    • A sub-plot about a 'creature' in the vents that would sometimes stalk the player was dropped because it didn't fit the tone of the mission.
    • The note in the room with sheet-covered chairs was meant to be elaborated on with a conversation overheard behind one of the closed doors, but it never made it into the mission.
    • At one point, Rubber's chores had you fetching meat from the freezer, wine from the basement, laundry from the staff's locker room, a quill pen to the monarch suite, room service to the drunk in the 2nd floor hall, locking the front doors rather than the clubhouse, paperwork from the foreman's office to the accounting and procurement offices, and any bit of soap from any restroom would do. It was the most revised part of the mission, and was continuously revised as it was scripted in. The only part that didn't change was moving the passed-out guard to the foreman's office.
    • One of the 'important documents' could have been a new set of maps which replaced the starting set, with detailed security information. It was to be found in the security chief (Cyrano’s) office. We weren't sure if it should replace the automap graphics (how to pull that off?) or if it should just stay in the inventory, if it stayed in the inventory how to keep it all on one page, what kind of useful information we could cram into it and still keep it large enough to be able to be read while still covering the entire building. It simply never got made.
    • At one point, the mistress objective didn't require you to figure anything out. Each 'clue' was a 'secret' and you got the objective if you 'found all six secrets'. It was designed this way so you'd have to find all of the clues on each replay. Digi hated it, and decided to try something that required actual thought at the expensive of any replayability, with a single deliberate act as indication that you've decided on the correct answer to the puzzle.
    • At one point MX had no blackjack at all - only the dagger and KO drops. After getting input and a lot, a lot, a lot of arguments, a compromise was decided; include the blackjack but limit its usability.
    • For the longest time, the big meeting actually was supposed to be happening in the small, dark, cramped arbitration room next to the garden, and you could observe it from the big, spacious, grand, well lit garden next door. Then we realized how backwards that was.
    • The final line of the front desk girl's conversation is actually FUCK OFF... but we decided we shouldn't use it, or some people would get mad. We may have let it slip into the mission's files though.
    • Though a bunch of Dante-comments were written, none are used. Dante never speaks unless it's part of a mask conversation. Most of them were also really, really badly written (Digi's fault).
    • Correction to previous trivia item! Dante does, in one place, say a line that is not part of a mask conversation. If you mark two hotel room doors with the dusty bomb, he shouts "Oh bollocks!"
    • The names on the locker doors behind the front desk are all coworkers from a summer job Anarchic Fox once held.
    • Originally Pomok had a long, rambling, epic journal done in the GatI style detailing an epilogue to the GatI plot and the story of his attempted involvement with the mechanists only to wind up working at the Ivory Rose. It was cut long before the one-page-only rule was established, because it was simply too GatI, and we wanted to distance ourselves from the overly goofy themes used in that mission.
    • Pomok also wrote an application letter to the mechanists, which you could find. In it he threatened to blackmail them if they didn't accept him. This was much more in keeping with the eavesdropping mechanic persona, however.
    • ... and the 'mechanic's nook' on the sub-basement level was supposed to be Pomok's hideaway, and he was the one crawling through the vents eavesdropping on people. It was changed when we realized that it simply didn't fit the character of a grumbling, booze loving, machine kicking scottsman.
    • ... and to make it clear that Pomok was not the mechanic, a scrap was added to the eavesdropping notes calling Pomok out by name.
    • The mechanist manual page was originally part of the eavesdropping notes, a sketched diagram of some equipment some mechanist guests to the casino had. Even after it was changed to its current form, it was kept in the custody of the mechanic until very late in beta 2, when it was moved to Pomok's area.
    • The mission notes at one point contained photographs and paperclips.
    • Ironically, many of the Enhancement Pack objects that Digi worked on never made it in to Mission X.
    • There was once a female guard whose patrol included the women's restroom. At one point her skin was changed to that of a male guard, so (s)he had both breasts and beard. Digi has a screenshot. Eventually this was noticed, and the voice and model were changed. Much later, he was finally set to patrol into the men's restroom. Why so much trouble? Because the original pissed standing up.
    • For the longest time the mission had both Vine arrows and Rope arrows, until it was pointed out that having both in the mission will taff up the player's inventory. Some of the agent lines even specifically mention rope arrows!
    • Early design docs list Ivory Rose guards as packing gas arrows. The idea was that they would use them on guests who got out of line, thus subuding them without causing harm. In the end, no enemy archers made it into the mission.
    • Also, contacting Sheam with the mask for the first time and the first appearance of Raputo, Cloud, and Antonette all happened before you set foot inside the building.
    • An objective from an early design doc; Lure the IR guards and Raputo's troopers into a fight. A set of Raputo's troops were to be cycling through a series of insults for the IR guards, and the player had only to lure an IR guard within earshot to begin a battle.
    • Another had you placing some of your loot into coffers in the Monarch suite, to frame Raputo and his troops for stealing from the casino.
    • Another one had you falsifying gambling records to make it look like Raputo had cheated at the tables.
    • Finially, after the primary objectives were complete, the meeting was to end and Antonette contact the team via a communications mask of her own to report the outcome.

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    Finally, we have something that was almost ready in time for the mission's release, but we decided to wait until patch day to unveil it. Mission X's musician and audio expert, who goes by Annakis on these forums, created a small original album of music from, and inspired by Mission X, as well as two original tracks he felt suited CoSaS. Even if you have no interest in the MX Patch, or MX itself, I can still highly recommend this.

    Deliciound - Memoirs of Courtier

    These golden recordings have been obtained from personal collections of Master Nightfall. They are dated to times when major factions were in verge of war. Composer was a connoisseur and courtier to high society in The City and abroad. His demeanor made many bold and powerful careless with their facades and words. Outside of opulence he was known but nameless, in front but faceless.

    Produced by Ivory Throne Records / Sogax. Recorded at Wayside dock studios. Released for CoSaS - Mission X

    01. [Ivory Throne Records] - Deliciound - Material Components
    02. [Ivory Throne Records] - Deliciound - Through The Room
    03. [Ivory Throne Records] - Deliciound - Downright (feat. Raputo)
    04. [Ivory Throne Records] - Deliciound - Juggernauts
    05. [Ivory Throne Records] - Deliciound - Because Thew Can
    06. [Ivory Throne Records] - Deliciound - Mission Experimental

    The zip contains the high-res album art as well. - Darklurker - Komag - Darkfate
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    Amazing!!! Hats off to you guys!

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    Congratulations to all involved in these releases - truly astonishing commitment!

    (& a remarkable amount of typing )

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    Congrats Dan, fantastic release ! Maybe this mission will finally leave you free.

    Quote Originally Posted by Digital Nightfall View Post DrK's FM Rocksbourg 3, and the statue inside Cloud's office, which appeared in that same FM...
    Wait, was this statue made only for MX ? I had no idea, I thought tdbonko did a public release of it ! Sorry about that

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    The Architect
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    He did, but when I asked him to make it, publicly, it was intended to be used in MX. Noone did anything wrong.

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    Holy crap...... I haven't even attempted to read all this stuff yet, but that's quite some data you got there Digi! Also, congrats to everyone envolved to get this patch completed! (I assume this is the "official patch," as I was just reading previous that you were looking for testers.)

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    Wow, indeed.

    Well done to the CoSaS Team!

    Many hotel room doors now swing in to allow better views out into the hall when hiding.

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    The Architect
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    It's really tempting to keep lucasing it (yes, I used his name as a verb) and release a new version every few months. I already have a small list of additional changes that I thought of in between getting the files uploaded and releasing them, but none of which were worthy of stopping the presses for. If somehow we get all of the act 1 missions finished before dromed's death clock runs out, I'll have my chance then, but for now, it's time to close the book on Mission X's development. After all, I have...

    A novel to finish,
    Websites to care for,
    A thesis to wrap up and a master's degree to get,
    A potentially dramatic change of living location imminent,
    A career to consider,
    Some editing community donations I want to package up and release,
    That GatI / MX art book I promised the artists I'd do,
    A complete MX soundtrack with all victrolas, redleaf songs, and ambients,
    And of course, something called "WFFF" with the dubious title of CoSaS 3 attached to it.

    Being able to actually call something done for once is a pretty big deal.

    I know that most of you have played the mission, and I don't know how many will be replaying it any time soon, but after two months of mostly dealing with bug reports and complaints (I know it wasn't mostly that, but it sure felt like it), now that both of those things will do noone any good, I hope some of you will take the time to talk about some of the more positive, memorable experiences you've had while playing it. I've already had pounded into me what I shouldn't do next time. I hope we can have a dialog about what was done right, and what you would like to see more of.

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    I surely will replay the mission with these new settings, but I'll keep it for christmas holidays. I wrote I didn't enjoy the team work, and had frustrations with the very difficult gameplay (few health potions, unuseful sap, etc...). But overall this mission still is unique and has a strong identity, and this patch can make it only better. So I'll keep this christmas present hidden in my hard-drives in the meantime...

    Anyway, I'm listening to the album, pretty good stuff here. I love Downright, sounds like a mix between silent hill tracks and Karras dialogue, so good.

    And start working on third part, leave MX quiet !

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    Oh WOW
    What an incredible amount of work.

    Hats off to you, digi, and everyone else who've made this happen

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    Gretchen did an terrific job on the walkthrough and the loot list is pretty amazing, with pictures for each item so you know exactly what you're looking for.

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    Where is that collage of screen shots for Mission X....


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    Aside from being still online in the original thread, I have it in local storage. I can't remember if I even kept the full size version of those screenshots, but they're all tossed in a folder somewhere. I can zip it up and send it to you if you really want it.

    Edit1: You're in luck. I did keep the original screenshots, and they're all jpgs, but completely unedited otherwise, so most are too dark. Uploading...

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    I really enjoyed reading through the mission trivia, thank you for posting that.

    To be honest, I wish all mission makers would include interesting behind the scenes "making of" trivia when they release a mission. I love that stuff.

    And thank you for this patch - I know i'll have a chance to completely enjoy the mission now that it wont kick my arse up and down the marble floors on expert.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightwalker View Post
    Gretchen did an terrific job on the walkthrough and the loot list is pretty amazing, with pictures for each item so you know exactly what you're looking for.
    Thanks, Linda!! Your many walkthroughs and lootlists were my inspiration.

    I hope that all of you who got frustrated with the difficulty and bugs in the first release will give MX another try. With the walkthrough, everyone should be able to finish MX. The walkthrough was very challenging to write (not to mention my first ever! ), so be gentle if you find any errors. You will be guided through the Ivory Rose exactly as I play it.

    The lootlist was made already when I had the bright idea to showcase all the neat custom loot items on it. Some of the items are in chests or cabinets, and I thought it was a shame for them to get so little notice. So, I pestered Digi to give me a white room with all the loot items which he did. I took screenies from there, cropped them and put them into the lootlist.

    I hope these two documents help everyone enjoy the Ivory Rose and MX as I have.

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    Great work there, Gretchen! *applause*

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    a big thank to all of you!

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    As per Digis request I have attempted to seed some torrents of the main downloads. I am seeding all 7 torrents atm, but in order to see if it has worked I need people to try and download them..

    Digi, remove/edit this post as necessary.


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    Hm. I can`t use the mask! TRying with the 1. version it worked fine, but now nothing happens. The oby. to use the mask is checked anyway. What happened?

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    I ... don't know?

    I don't know what to tell you. Have you tried restarting the mission and trying again?

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    Kudos, anyone?

    Many, MANY hats off to the CoSaS team. This is an incredible production, and it's way, way up there in my mind as one of the most extraordinary fan productions I've ever seen. The amount of care and detail and love that was poured into this project is astonishing.

    Seriously, you guys. Major admiration is due!

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