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Thread: pavlovscat's 2008 Third Quarter FM Review

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    pavlovscat's 2008 Third Quarter FM Review

    The third quarter of 2008 saw 34 releases: 2 TG mission updates; 23 T2 missions (20 new, 2 updated, 1 playable demo); 4 T3 missions (1 new, 2 updated, 1 texture demo); 1 Dark Mod demo; 4 lagniappe releases. I will cover Lagniappe first. (What’s Lagniappe? That’s Louisiana talk for a little something extra thrown in for free.) Next, the Missions are listed in order of release dates. Even though the results for the Classic Thief Experience Contest were released in October, the missions were completed in September, so the results are listed after the regular release missions.

    This quarter saw some of our musically talented taffers share their efforts with the community.
    • July 08 – Dussander’s The Haunted in MP3 format; Dussander has mixed a music track called The Haunted using Unreal and Thief audio tracks. This is a creepy sounding track with a nice beat. It reminded me of a cross between Michael Jackson's Thriller and Enigma's Sadeness mixed with heavy overtones of Thief. I recommend listening to it turned up loud with a good subwoofer to enjoy the full effect.
    • uly 31 – Taonside’s Mortified download in MP3 format or listen at Taonside's My Space Page; Forum Discussion Thread; Taonside (also known as Yandros) has created an incredibly atmospheric tribute using the sounds of the Cradle. I sat in the dark and listened with my best headphones. This track flat out terrified me. Are you brave enough to listen? I bet your heart will race too!
    • August 17 – Xenith’s WaxyTune in MP3 format; Forum Discussion Thread; Xenith used Blackheart's victrola sequence as the basis for a very enjoyable techno remix. This was always one of my favorite tunes from Thief. Now, it has a great 4 min+ remix. Waxy Tune has a permanent place on my MP3 player.
    • August 22 – Xenith’s Child of Endeavour in MP3 format; Forum Discussion Thread; Xenith’s second Thief track is a slower than Waxy Tune. As you likely guessed, this track uses the voice of a Child of Karras along with some very enjoyable music that suits the Mechanists well.

    Warning: The mission comment sections may contain spoilers; however, the mission descriptions do not.

    • 03 – Skylab by BG Taffer for T2; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: The Mechanists are up to their usual tricks. They have a top secret project that the pagans have discovered. Garrett heads to the forest to get more information, steps through a portal and ends up at the new Mechanist installation. He must get information about this facility and grab something to make his trip worthwhile.
      Comments: Welcome to outer space! BG Taffer has made a small space station into an interesting and pretty place. The mission isn't hard and can be finished in 15 minutes. Despite the size, the mission still has a challenge for you.
    • 11 – The Uninvited Guest by eepcat for T2; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: The Keepers have a new job for Garrett. The Hammers are moving to Morgandy Parr. The Hammers have the Crayman Wand and cannot be allowed to discover its powers. Garrett needs to steal it for the Keepers. Rumor says that the Horn of Valiance is also at the Parr, so Garrett figures he can get a good price for the Horn as well as getting the Keepers to leave him in peace for a little while.
      Comments: Be sure to look for the new Hammers from Yandros’ T2 Hammerite Mission Development Kit. This is a fun mission with a variety of environments. The mission is not linear. You have several different ways to choose from to enter the manor including several secret passages. This mission is fairly easy if you blackjack everyone and can be completed in around 90 minutes. However, if you are ghosting it expect it to take a while longer. I recommend playing this one for variety and shear fun.
    • 11 – The Horn by Silencium18 for T2; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Garrett is helping his old friend Basso. Mr. Masso stole Basso's horn and is blackmailing Basso with it. Garrett must break into Masso's well guarded house and get Basso's horn back.
      Comments: Though this is a quick mission, around 15 minutes, there are still some easy to overlook pieces of loot. You must ghost as there is no blackjack, but, in this mission, it is not that hard to do.
    • 25 – Evirath’s Misery by Turcaill for T2; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Garrett receives a letter from his old friend, Franklyn. Franklyn has to leave town because the sheriff is after him. His friend Isabella has disappeared. People are turning up dead all over town. Franklyn needs Garrett to find Isabella.
      Comments: This is a beautiful mission. The map is small, but utilized extremely well. The mission design is very good and game play is excellent. The story is compelling. I found it hard to believe that this is Turcaill's first mission. This mission is suspenseful and a bit scary, though there are no undead. You should read everything because several readables will trigger other events in the mission. Overall this is an excellent mission. I recommend it.
    • 25 – Legende der Vier Elemente II: Die letzte Hoffnung in German only and Legend of the Four Elements 2: The Last Hope in English by Theker for T2; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: The Keepers studied the Plate of the four Elements and discovered a map of the palace where the Book of Ash is hidden. The Book of Ash can create zombies, so now Garrett must steal this book for the Keepers. Garrett will have to figure out how to activate the portal to the palace and retrieve the Book of Ash.
      Comments: Theker has a real talent for beautifully crafted environments, especially snowy missions like this one. It is a small mission with some interesting puzzles to solve. I enjoyed it. The game play was good, but I couldn't help but wish it would have a larger mission! This is the sequel to Legend of the Four Elements.

    • 01 – Valley Multi by Flux for T3; update of original June 04, 2008 release; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: The pagans are planning a war with the Hammers. Garrett doesn't really care for either group, but a war would certainly make things uncomfortable for him. An undercover Keeper agent has infiltrated the pagan settlement. Garrett needs to contact this agent to get all the inside information he can so that this war can be stopped. While he's there, Garrett has some personal business with one of the pagan shamans to attend to as well.
      Comments: This is the multi language update including English, German, Italian and Russian. I would classify this as a city-style mission though the setting is a pagan settlement located in a remote valley. The settlement is a multi-level complex with several distinct areas to explore much as in a typical city. The surroundings are quite different because the pagan settlement is built into the caves of a mountain valley.
    • 03 – Das Gasthaus zum blutigen Butt (or The Bloody Flounder’s Inn) in German by Master_edd for T2; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Garrett heard about a valuable antique crystal and a very special cheese being kept at the Bloody Flounder’s Inn. The inn's guests will certainly have other things to steal, so this should be a beneficial trip.
      Comments: The texts are in German, so here are the objectives: Find the crystal; Loot (800-1000-1300); Find the valuable cheese; Do not kill innocents/anyone; Find Master Edmund’s deck of cards; Leave via the sewers; Kill the guard outside. The mission is small, but there are still some hidden places to find with around 45 minutes of play. Overall, I quite enjoyed the mission.
    • 03 – Keeper Investigations by intruder for T2; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Now that the Trickster is gone, Keeper Artemus has found another concern - the new Hammerite sect, the Mechanists. They are interested in all things of a technical nature and those who work with them...inventors, chemists, engineers. Many of these skilled people have been drawn into this new sect. Artemus needs Garrett to find out what these Mechanists are doing and what their plans are. Will the Mechanists be the ones to bring the Metal Age?
      Comments: If you like the Thieves' Highway, then you should play this mission. It is intruder's first mission and even more impressive for being his first. This mission takes place in the time between T1 and T2, and the story fits nicely into the established Thief tale. The game play is very good with lots of interesting paths to find. On Keeper (Expert) difficulty, you must find 550 gems in your loot. This adds to the challenge of the game as many of the gems are well-hidden. Expect to spend at least an hour completing the mission. This mission is intended to be the first in a series.
    • 06 – Lord Bafford’s Manor CE by sNeaksieGarrett for TG; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Garrett must find a way into Lord Bafford's heavily guarded manor. Bafford has a lovely jeweled scepter that Garrett plans on taking with him along with whatever else he can manage.
      Comments: This is a Custom Edition of the very first Thief: The Dark Project mission. You will find more AI, more loot and some other interesting changes. Play the Custom Edition on Veteran difficulty and see if you can find all the differences.
    • 15 – Circle of Stone and Shadow 2: Mission X by Team CoSaS for T2; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Dante has been an agent of Master Nightfall's for nearly a year. He has gained much experience, but this will be his first mission as part of a team. If he is successful, he will become one of Nightfall's elite team, the Material Components or MCs. The success of Mission X is crucial, not only to Dante's advancement within The Circle, but for the survival of The Circle itself. He must join the MCs in preventing Lord Raputo from purchasing the Ivory Rose Casino and Gentleman's Club. Master Nightfall's base of power is Hightowne. If Raputo can gain control over the Ivory Rose, he will take control of the small district of Three Gates Bridge. This is the last remaining connection between Hightowne and Nightfall's allies. If Raputo holds the Ivory Rose, he will certainly ensure the destruction of Nightfall, The Circle and any known or suspected agents. Dante's role is vital to the MCs ability to prevent this disaster.
      Comments: This is an amazing mission which introduces the concept of being part of a team. Your choices will affect how you play the mission and also affect your team members. This is a very interactive mission where everything you do, starting with the difficulty level you choose, will change the game. It is a very challenging mission, so expect to spend a minimum of 60 minutes if you do the absolute minimum with no optional objectives. If you choose to fulfill all of Dante’s optional tasks, expect to spend 3 hours or more in the Ivory Rose. That is not a hardship because the Ivory Rose is full of new objects and textures. With the absence of both a loot objective and a no kill objective, you will be able to play this mission anyway you want. I highly recommend this mission.
    • 16 – A New Place for Ghosts by cardia1 for T2; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Garrett has been hired by Dia to recover some items for her family. The family mansion is populated by a whole horde of ghosts. Dia needs Garrett to recover these items since he is experienced in dealing with ghosts. Garrett has the gate key and his instructions. Now it's time to explore this New Place for Ghosts.
      Comments: The garden and mansion are both very beautifully made. This mission is a loot hunt with a few keys to find. I enjoyed this double-mission immensely. There is a lot of hard to find loot, and the place is just gorgeous. There are aggressive AI to avoid or kill, but the mission is primarily a loot and key hunt. This mission is dedicated to Dia.
    • 16 – Lord Raven’s Mansion v1.12.1 by DarkDragon for T3; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Lord Raven is new in town, and he's thrown a dinner party. The City's richest people are in attendance. Garrett managed to sneak in and hide in the cellar. Now it's time to collect some loot including three valuable statues that Lord Raven will likely have on display.
      Comments: Lord Raven's Mansion was originally released October 09, 2005. DarkDragon updated the mission and released the new version along with Avoiding Mistrust, its sequel. This is a straight-forward mansion mission that takes around 45 minutes to complete. Overall, it is a solid mission.
    • 16 – Avoiding Mistrust by DarkDragon for T3; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: This is the sequel to Lord Raven's Mansion. Garrett's previous adventure at Lord Raven's mansion seems to have upset things. He has scheduled a meeting with the Captain of the City Watch at his newly constructed mansion. They are obviously up to something, so Garrett needs to get into the mansion and find out what is being planned.
      Comments: This mansion mission shows DarkDragon's growth as a mission designer when compared to Lord Raven’s Mansion. The game play is more interesting and the mansion much more complex. This is not a linear mission. You have several ways to enter the mansion and proceed through it to line your pockets. I had a lot of fun looting this place. Some of the guards were tough to avoid, and the mission was more challenging than its predecessor. Overall, this is a solid mission with good game play. I recommend it.
    • 16 – Pirates Ahoy! a four mission campaign by Christine and Greenhorn for T2; Forum Discussion Thread
      Cast Off: Garrett has had a run of bad luck, and the city's finest are on his tail. He barely managed to escape and had to leave behind all his gear. After hiding out for the day, it is time to get some gear, grab some loot and find a way out of the City. During his raid at Lord Carlson's, he found notes about a treasure map. While he's looting, he'll need to make a visit to the bookseller's and get that map. It looks like it's time for a sea voyage, so he will need lots of food, too.
      Pirate’s Island: Garrett manages to sneak onto the Dark Sparrow with the map. It appears Captain Hunt is also looking for a treasure. Lord Carlson is supposed to get the map, but there is something else needed to get the treasure. Garrett needs to snoop around and find the captain's notes about this treasure. First he needs to find some better weapons in case a pirate catches him.
      Ghost Ship: Garrett managed to escape Pirate's Island. He found the Cursed Island. It is a bleak, horrible place filled with bizarre and deadly creatures. Garrett must locate the wreck of the Black Raven and find the map and the stone that will open the treasure cave. Then, he must make it back to his raft and leave the island.
      Treasure Island: Garrett has the map and the stone. Treasure Island is a tropical paradise. This should be a pleasant stroll on a beautiful day. This place looks too peaceful to hold any danger...
      Comments: This campaign is a feast for the eyes. The scenery is beautiful. You begin in a classic Christine city with lots of yummy food and gorgeous buildings and plants. Then you sail to a tropical island complete with tropical plants and island people. You land next on a bleak & terrible, yet strangely pretty island. Your final destination is a beautiful tropical paradise complete with lagoons. You will find many new items and weapons designed by Greenhorn. Also, beware of the island critters. Some of them aren’t very friendly. Together, Christine and Greenhorn have made a stunning display of what Thief can look like. The game play is solid but not difficult; however, you will spend a lot of time just looking around and enjoying the view.
    • 22 - Legend of the Four Elements v3.0 by Theker for T2; Forum Discussion Thread; original German release May 17, 2008 Forum Discussion Thread; original German/English release May 28, 2008 Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Lord Xaldin has inherited the Plate of the Four Elements. The Keepers have instructed Garrett to go to Lord Xaldin's estate and steal the Plate. Also, Garrett needs to get Lord Xaldin's Horn and whatever else happens to fall into his pockets.
      Comments: This is the updated version. Theker has made a small but beautiful mission. There are clever clues to help you find the four elements which you will need to obtain the Plate. There is even a freakish new monster to deal with. I enjoyed this mission very much. If you are looking for a 30-45 minute mission, then play this one.
    • 24 – Mystic Gems 2: Heart of Bohn by Wille for T2; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Garrett has acquired the Mystic's Soul. Now he needs to find the Mystic's Heart. He knows it is located in the Baronial Museum in the city of Bohn. Museums are usually heavily guarded, but there is also lots of valuable loot to make breaking in really worth while. He needs to get in, find the Mystic's Heart, get some loot, see if he can find information about these two stones, and make his escape before daylight. Just a routine night for a Master Thief like Garrett.
      Comments: This is the sequel to Mystic Gems I: Unlucky Soul, and it proved to be even better than the first mission. The museum is a wonderful place to explore. The attention to details in the making of the mission was obvious. There are several puzzles but also ample clues to solve them. There are many shadowy corners and good hiding places that should make this a good mission for ghosting.
    • 29 – Elizabeth Bathory 3: On All Soul’s Day by Sensut for T2; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Elizabeth Bathory continues to tell her story to Gellert, starting after the end of her adventure in Sarvar which is chronicled in the previous mission. First Elizabeth must find a way out of confinement and meet with Anna Darvulya. Next, she will need to get into the castle. There are several important documents she needs to recover including a notary's memorandum, an indictment and her diary.
      Comments: Bathory 3 is just as good as its predecessors. It is a beautiful mission with a compelling story and entertaining game play. If the Dracula series was too dark for you, give Bathory a try. It shares the foreign atmosphere that I enjoyed in the Dracula series without the extreme horror aspects. Sensut has a certain style that is always apparent in all his FMs. I hope to see many more by him. I highly recommend the Bathory series including Elizabeth Bathory Chapter I and Elizabeth Bathory II: Blood on Ice
    • 29 – The Mask Part 1 by Silencium18 for T2; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Garrett has been hired by a Magician's Guild to retrieve a stolen mask. Mr. Masso hired one of that guild's own members to steal the mask and has hidden it at his home. Garrett must find the hidden mask.
      Comments: This small T2 mission had the looks and feeling of a T1 mission. Silencium18 has packed a surprising amount into the small map. This is a 30 minute mission which I enjoyed greatly.

    • 16 – Batman Demo by Independent Thief for T2; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: This is a playable demo of Gotham City translated into the Dark Engine. Batman is cruising over the City of Gotham when his Batplane is shot down. He has landed safely on top of a nearby building. Most of Batman's weapons and equipment went down with the plane, so he must sneak through Gotham while avoiding confrontations.
      Comments: You have some new tools to use, including the Batcape for gliding safely down from the heights. The police are friendly, so don't hurt them. It was cool to run around being Batman. Hopefully, we will see a full-fledged mission in the Batman theme.
    • 18 - Closemouthed Shadows by Lord Savage for The Dark Mod; Forum Discussion Thread
      Note: You will need Doom 3 and Thief's Den installed to play this map.
      Description: Find Dougal's key, enter his place and kill him. Find the golden plate and key he stole from his neighbor. Get some loot including Lord Julian's Scepter.
      Comments: This is a small unofficial FM for the Dark Mod made by Lord Savage using the Thief's Den alpha demo for Doom 3. It was a surprise to the Dark Mod team, but they posted it at TTLG for the taffers. If you've got Doom 3, give both Thief's Den and Closemouthed Shadows a try.
    • 20 – Balfour’s Secret in German by DarkShadow for T2; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Balfour, another member of the Thieves' Guild, has gone missing. It is rumored that he found a crypt hidden under the City. Find Balfour & get some loot.
      Comments: This is a small, lovely city area. You are searching for a crypt, so of course you will meet some undead. The readables are in German which makes some of the puzzles tough, but it was not a hard mission to complete. Expect to spend around 30 minutes to finish. Overall, a nice small mission and quite enjoyable.
    • 27 – Strife v1.1 by Ricebug for T2; Forum Discussion Thread; original June 27, 2008 release Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: The Hammerites want their Sacred Chalice returned. They will pay Garrett big bucks to get it back. So, Garrett heads off to recover the Chalice and pick up some loot for himself.
      Comments: Strife was a PC game released in 1996 made with the Doom engine. Ricebug has done an excellent job of reproducing the nostalgic feel of the old engine. His use of graphics and colors really gave the feeling of the Doom engine. In game play, this is a basic city mission with interesting puzzles. The original was designed as a hub, so you will find several doors marked as entrances to future missions. I hope that Ricebug carries on the series. I thoroughly enjoyed the vintage feeling and hope to see more FMs based on Strife.
    • 28 – Material Museum Texture Demo by Judith for T3; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Take a walk through the Materials Museum where you will see some beautiful new textures for T3.
      Comments: The Flesh engine is capable of rendering some amazing textures. Judith has put together a playable demo of new textures showing the reflective and transparent qualities of various surfaces. There is even a lovely skybox. Many of the textures are displayed as moving surfaces to allow the viewer to show the reflective effect. I've given a few screen shots, but you really should see them for yourself to appreciate them fully. Judith has also given a short explanation of each texture in game to help you enjoy the effects.
    • 30 – Plot v1.1 by Dront for TG; Forum Discussion Threads for the Plot Campaign and The Kill for Life
      Description: This is an update to the 3 mission Plot campaign originally released on May 10, 2008. In The Jewelled Sword, Garrett must break into Lord Fevler’s mansion and steal his prized Jewelled Sword. Garrett heard about a secret way into the heavily guarded mansion, so he’ll try to get in that way. Next is To the Meeting where Garrett is supposed to enter his client’s mansion and ascend to the fourth floor to deliver the Jewelled Sword. In the last chapter, The Kill for Life, Garrett discovers that his employer, Walter, is actively trying to get Garrett killed. Garrett needs to find Walter and kill him before he succeeds in killing Garrett.
      Comments: This is an update to the original release which corrects several problems including adding new voice tracks, making the store functional in the first two missions, fixing the falling through the ground bug in the third mission, and other technical details.

    Uncadonego’s Classic Thief Experience Contest produced six solid missions. The voting was close for the top positions, so congratulations Melan on your win! All the entries were engaging, so play them all!
    • First Place – Unbidden Guest by Melan for T2; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: The new sheriff, Gorman Truart, is trying to wipe out every criminal in the City. He has enlisted the help of a new sect of the Hammers, the 'Mechanists'. The Mechanists are creative characters who are contributing many new devices for the war on crime. They are planning some truly horrible new creation that will jeopardize the whole City. The Hammerites are at odds with the Mechanists and are Garrett's closest allies in the fight against the Mechanists. They have provided information about a Mechanist banquet for the richest nobility. Garrett needs to be there to see what can be done to prevent the Mechanists' rise to power.
      Comments: I had a fantastic romp over the rooftops! Melan made the most of the limited map and this mission ended up feeling larger that it was. I had several breathless moments as I leaped out into space, hoping to catch a ledge. The story was excellent as was the game play and architecture. I would love to see this expanded into a full sized city mission. It was challenging and entertaining. My one gripe is that if you misuse your fire arrow, you cannot complete the bonus objective.
    • Second Place – The Plot Thickens by Ottoj55 for T2; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: The landlord is looking for the rent and doesn't accept loot, only gold! So, Garrett needs to pay a visit to Farkus Jr. to trade some items for the needed gold. Farkus Jr. has requested that Garrett arrive without his weapons, but that's not a problem. This is just a quick jaunt across town.
      Comments: Ottoj55 made novel use of the map area by splitting his entry into 3 separate Acts. Act 1 was a great tribute to Assassins. It was a challenging and fun path to trail the thieves and pick their pockets. Act 2 was a short rooftop run followed by an unexpected and unpleasant surprise. Act 3 was the most complex and the most challenging of the 3 which avoided the linear play of Acts 1 & 2. There were many new weapons which I thoroughly enjoyed using. There were also some good puzzles that really made me think. Overall, The Plot Thickens is a diverse mission with great architecture and many challenges.
    • Third Place – The Unsung Villain by R Soul for T2; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Garrett was hired to steal a valuable gem from Lord Sodbury. Garrett's got the gem, so, now, it is time to collect his payment. He is to meet a local jeweler outside the weapon smith’s shop to make the trade.
      Comments: This tribute to Assassins was a lot of fun to play. R Soul's inventive idea of using virtually undetectable teleports to utilize the entire map area was brilliant. Auto-map is always a plus and made exploring the mansion much easier for me. The story was believable, and the readables supported it nicely. The city was very old school TDP. Overall this mission definitely gave me the Classic Experience. The attention to detail was great including the letter left by the delivery person and the various letters found around the mansion. This is a solid mission with excellent game play.
    • Fourth Place – Shadow Moon by P Forth for T2; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: The Keepers have sent Garrett to find a way into Old Hammergrove, a place sealed for many years. Garrett needs to find a way in and retrieve the 'Horn of Shadows' for the Keepers to study. They are paying well, so Garrett heads off to Old Hammergrove.
      Comments: I always enjoy rooftop acrobatics which this mission certainly had. The heights were very high indeed. I would have traded some of the heights for more detailed interiors, though, which may have reduced some of the strict linear feeling in this mission. The Cathedral itself was interesting, but the crypts fell flat for me and were a bit disappointing. This mission is certainly playable, but I would love to see P Forth flesh this one out more and give some more interest to the middle areas and interiors.
    • Fifth Place – Bafford’s Town House by Esme for T2; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Garrett's old buddy Lord Bafford has relocated to a new house due to some security issues at his old mansion. Located within a 'gated community' area near the city watch, this place is really secure! A toll must be paid to enter or leave the area. Bafford has regained possession of the Jewelled Scepter, so Garrett is going to check out the new place and get back the Scepter.
      Comments: This is Esme's first full mission. She released a demo in the past so was not considered a new author for the purposes of this contest. Her mission was fun and shows a lot of promise. I hope we will see another mission from her when she doesn't have a deadline to meet. Though some areas were sparse, there was plenty to do and some inventive tricks, such as the rope arrow needed to climb out of the well and finding a blackjack. Overall, the game play was solid and the mission enjoyable.
    • Sixth Place – A Simple Job Planned for this Evening by thief0 for T2; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Easily the most unusual entry in the contest, there is method to the madness if you can find it. You must enter the mansion, find several artifacts and make it back out onto the front porch.
      Comments: This tribute to Constantine's mansion from ‘The Sword’ and the TG Blooper Reel can be overwhelming at first because everything is so topsy-turvy, but, if you experiment and try unusual things, you may find yourself having a lot of fun. I know that I did. This mission isn't for everyone, but I really did get a kick out of all the bits & pieces that made up the whole. If you like missions in the vein of Bestest FM, you should play this one for sure!

    10/15 added Taonside's My Space Page link
    10/15 added Aug 01 Valley Multi update
    10/15 added Aug 22 Legend of the Four Elements update
    10/15 added Sep 27 Strife v1.1 update
    10/15 added Sep 28 Material Museum Texture Demo
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    Your screenies are wonderful as usual! Carkass' Escape looks good! City areas, zombies &'s certainly got variety! I'll give myself a pass on the original release date since the updated version was released Oct 10. I'll need some time to figure out the German. It will be on the Fourth Quarter Review. And, I will give it a Circle news post once I've played it.

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    ok, missed things this quarter besides "Carkess Escape" already mentioned by clearing (in no particular order):

    - Strife 1.1 update of FM from 2nd quarter [ ]

    - Valley (TDS FM) multilang version update [ ]

    - Material Museum TDS texture demo by Judith [ ]

    - Legend of the Four Elements (part I) - updated to version 3 [ ]

    that's it.

    if someone finds anything else, please add it to the list.
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    Thanks, Hiatus!
    I totally missed Judith's TDS texture demo. I guess I need to check the Editor's threads for interesting things, too.

    And yes, I missed those updates, but I'll get them added pronto. This was a bad quarter for a 'cat. Bdays & hurricanes!

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    Thanks pav - another great review - and another list of fms I missed. What would (did) I do without you.

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    A good review, it is fun to read!

    Carkess Escape:

    I already wrote an email to the author of "Carkess Escape" and asked for permission to translate it into english. If he agrees, I'll upload the translated files and post the link here so that a native speaker can read over them again.

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    Great. I was looking over it today to figure out the goals. If you can translate, I can proof. It looks like a good mission.


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