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Thread: pavlovscat's 2008 Third Quarter FM Review

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    Just another one here to say 'Thank you!'. I go through phases where I play the heck out of Thief (new missions and replaying faves) then I go through periods where I'm busy or otherwise engaged and it never comes up.

    These help a lot to get me caught up, point out which ones I'm likely to want to play first, and make sure I don't miss any wonderful Thief joy!

    Thank you (from a fellow Southern gal who had her own share of hurricane madness this year.. at least neither of them were another Rita).

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    Or Katrina! She chased us from New Orleans to Houston. Permanently. Ike was kind and only broke our gate latch & blew a blade off the patio ceiling fan. Hope you made out as well!

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    Thanks for that summary thread. That's really a good idea, because I don't keep following FM releases usually so I'm way out of touch which missions exist.

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