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Thread: CoSaS Release Pack 5 - Tinderbox & Flares

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    CoSaS Release Pack 5 - Tinderbox & Flares

    During MX development I was perpetually bugged by the look of Thief 2's flares. Every time I saw them all they did was remind me of the clubber's guide to trance. Even though MX was very modern, I wanted something very low-tech that could be used in even more Thief 1 styled FMs. Inspired by the wikipedia article on tinderboxes, I redid the flares for the MX patch.

    Download - Tinderbox & Flares!

    Other Packs: 178 Beds - Portcullises & Ladders - 18 Keys - Tinderbox & Flares - 103 Chairs - Chests, Boxes, and Luggage - Folded Clothes - Books and Scrolls - Light Gem & Health Shields - 80 Doors - Tiffany Lamps - Tables & Stands - Noble Skins & Drunk Voice - Lights of all Types - Desks, Cabinets, and Dressers - Drapes - Musical - Flowers - Bookcases - Loot - Pub Set - Bathroom Set - Gambling Set - Bow & Quiver - Dagger Motions

    I included a tutorial on how to put the flares in your mission so that they work the same way they do in Mission X.

    Open object hierarchy
    Navigate to Physical -> Tulz -> FlareTypes
    Edit Flare
    	Edit Inventory -> Object Name to: Name_Flare
    	Add Inventory -> Render Type.  Set type to 'Alternate Model' and enter in: flarekit
    	Edit Shape -> Model Name to: flareout
    Edit LitFlare
    	Edit Render -> Dynamic Light: 100
    	Edit Render -> LightColor: hue 0.05 saturation 1.00
    	Edit Shape -> Model Name to: flarelit
    	Edit Inventory -> Object Name to: Name_Litflare
    	Add the following links... 
    		~ParticleAttachment from LitFlare (-4913) to FireArrowTrail (-2646)
    		~ParticleAttachment from LitFlare (-4913) to FireArrowOrangeGlow (-4818)
    		~ParticleAttachment from LitFlare (-4913) to FireArrowSmoke (-4820)
    		~ParticleAttachment from LitFlare (-4913) to FireArrowYellowGlow (-4819)
    Save the gamesys.
    Open up the file Objnames.str  (in the strings folder ... or strings/english or any other language folder)
    Add the following lines...
    Name_Flare: "Tinderbox with Flares"
    Name_Litflare: "Lit Flare"
    If you wish for the first flare the player picks up to use the inventory model in the game world, simply place the flare in the world, you must make it a container, do a contains link to the flares, and set the container to destroy itself once the flares are taken.  The model will also have to be given a more appropriate scale.  Shape -> Scale: 0.015 0.015 0.015 seems best.

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    Very nice! Thank you once again

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    "Object Packs 5"?

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    The miscellanea continues.

    I stopped using flares and forgot about them because I didn't like how they looked. These look much more authentic.

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    Done and working perfect. Finally it's a real flare instead of the SWAT type tool Thanks again!

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    Good! Really glad some people will use these. The tinderbox kit also has sentimental value, because it was the most complex object creation job I've done to date... from scratch, using three different programs (four if you count Photoshop).

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