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Thread: T2 FM: Heist at night Oct. 20/2008

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    T2 FM: Heist at night Oct. 20/2008

    Hello everyone
    First I build this mission for the 10th A-contest but then decided to modify it a bit and release it just as a regular FM
    The name of the FM is "Heist at night". Itīs a little, simple looting-map containing a city passage, a small mansion and a crypt.
    Feel free to comment

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    Thanks, Silencium18

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    Quick and simple, but okay, except for only having a loot objective. This makes it impossible to get all the loot. Please consider adding a get out/leave objective so it's possible to get all the loot before ending the mission.

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    Please consider adding a get out/leave objective so it's possible to get all the loot before ending the mission.
    Okay, I will try to make a "Flee" objective next time. Thx for playing it, hope you all enjoyed it

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    Thank you Silencium18 and congrats!

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    Thankyou ! Silencium18

    Great Little Mission! Looking forward to more of your FM's

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Elusive One View Post
    This makes it impossible to get all the loot.
    Not impossible, I finished with 2315/2315 loot. All you have to do is leave the goodies on the dining-room table for last

    Nice little mission overall, I did however find that the apparition gets his skulls stuck on all sorts of things in the tomb area

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    Nice mission. Please make "Get back to the start" objective, so it would be possible to gather all the loot.

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    thank you for this

    just one suggestion - could you edit the first post so it has a release date on it please

    I can never remember if I've played a mission from the title alone so I end up downloading missions that pop up on the first page and then I as soon as I start them I remember I've played them already

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    I edited the thread title to include the date and I'm looking forward to playing the mission later on today!

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    Seems like I missed this earlier.

    Well, the mission delivers what is written down in the first post. Design looks pretty nice in some places, and the guards were tough.

    But in it's current state it delivers too little to become exciting about.
    It's linearity, and having just one objective, gives this little to no replay value.
    Took me 13 minutes to found 2065 loot.

    So not exactly bad, but I found it too meager to really enjoy. Sorry Silencium.
    However, your 2nd FM, City Conflict, looks promising and I'll check it out to see how you improved

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    little dml to fix a few misplaced gold stacks

    //T2 FM: Heist at Night by Silencium18 / Fixes: miss20.mis.dml
    //coin stacks
    ObjProp 165 "Position"
        "Location" 77.3372, 225.499, -5.05048
    ObjProp 169 "Position"
        "Location" 62.2784, 225.499, -5.05048

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