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View Poll Results: What would you think of the current DX 1 campaign with the difficulty increased?

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Thread: The Difficulty Poll

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    The Difficulty Poll

    Just wondering what people think... I've been toying with the idea of going through the maps and adding enemies/robots to make things more challenging. The goal would be to make you feel once again under the curve, and force the game to feel more realistic/stealthy, in the sense that you have to hide more, and pretend the situation is more "real". (ie, just take everything a lot more seriously in order to stay alive)
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    Why not make it harder by giving out less skill points, balancing some of the augs, reducing the number of medkits, etc. I have a feeling that just adding more enemies will only make battles tedious, not harder, and will encourage you to exploit the bad AI even more.

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    Make it harder by making it more realistic: damage, AI, etc

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    More damage?

    At realistic you already take four times as much damage as you do at normal.

    You could always just enter

    set deusex.human combatdifficulty

    and give yourself a combatdifficulty of 20 or something silly, if you wanted.

    A slightly more elegant fix might be to adjust WHAT that combatdifficulty applies to, as it currently simply multiplies the damage ONLY for 'shot' and 'autoshot' damagetypes (so any bullet-based guns, turrets, knives and swords), but ignores things like 'burned' and 'poison', so an enemy with a plasma rifle or a crossbow is exactly as dangerous on easy as they are on realistic.

    As for changing the AI....oh god, trust me: no. Making even minor changes to the AI is pretty tricky.

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    As a small example, my plans were like this:

    Liberty Island: add some patrol bots doing loops to the upper levels of the statue (you know, like around those square corridors with all the smoke grenades, under the terrorist leader). Populate the island a little more. (more friendlies/neutrals as well)

    Paris: possibly more bots outside, and more transgenics in sewers.

    ...and generally try to populate areas that seemed too lifeless and empty, though trying to maintain some balance, so that the game doesn't suddenly feel like a bad-guy invasion. (adding neutrals/friendlies as well, or just leaving some areas alone)

    The trouble is, I feel like I can just breeze through the game, even on Realistic, and I also like the ability to face larger groups of enemies at once, so that I'm pressed to use various types of grenades and rockets more. Some of the issue seems to be that some areas are just lifeless, which I think is because when they made the game, they had to drastically limit the number of NPC's walking around in order to keep the game from chugging.
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