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Thread: TN music and demo

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    TN music and demo

    greetings, I find the 30MB demo of Terra Nova maximally playable, but have problems with music. in-game music does not work of course and I am unable to download the tracks from can you please reupload the midi/mp3s there? or send them to me to or via icq 259689233 please. is it possible to get (buy?) full version of this superB game any longer nowadays? is it abandonware? I have found it on the net but it is french only, not english. THANKS

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    I'm afraid I'm not sure about the music, but as far as the game itself is concerned it appears to be available from here:

    Not used them myself but it may be worth a shot.

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    I have used them, they're pretty good (and I even live in another country!).

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