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Thread: CoSaS Release Pack 10 - Light Gem & Health Shields

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    CoSaS Release Pack 10 - Light Gem & Health Shields

    This is also a requested item. The high quality interface graphics are meant to be a drop-in replacement for the existing ones. Since I rarely like new interface graphics I tried to stay true to the originals with these.

    Mission X Version...
    Download - Light Gem & Health Shields!

    Minimum light gem patch...

    True to originals health icons...

    Other Packs: 178 Beds - Portcullises & Ladders - 18 Keys - Tinderbox & Flares - 103 Chairs - Chests, Boxes, and Luggage - Folded Clothes - Books and Scrolls - Light Gem & Health Shields - 80 Doors - Tiffany Lamps - Tables & Stands - Noble Skins & Drunk Voice - Lights of all Types - Desks, Cabinets, and Dressers - Drapes - Musical - Flowers - Bookcases - Loot - Pub Set - Bathroom Set - Gambling Set - Bow & Quiver - Dagger Motions

    A comparison of the originals to mine. The health icons themselves are partially transparent, and the light gem has an 'orange' warning in between the yellow and red ones. Just for fun, I made the light from the red warning show up on the light gem as well. For additional fidelity to the originals the top of the shields could be edited to be the copper color like in the originals... but I chose to go with a simpler look.

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    Could you please re-upload "Minimum light gem" and "True to originals health icons" versions? The links seem to be dead.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Thanks Digi ! What a Treasure house of Goodies ! Thanks for all the Work put into these !

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    The links seem to be dead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JudasTheSlick View Post
    The links seem to be dead.
    Alternative link to a mirror on my site.

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    Hope its not too much frowned upon here for necromancy, I'm pretty new to Thief™ and these forums, just installed and setup game according to my preference, somehow I picked these stuff aswell as things to add to my Thief 1 Gold install and now I'm just reporting that stuff from first post from only working link - is not working for me - it crashes game as soon as I get into gameworld and I have Orgy's and Daemonite's stuff working alright, read all info on these forums about adding custom textures / content into TTLG games so I'm pretty sure I did everything alright.

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    Hi shadowww. I never tested these to work with Thief Gold, but the format they're in is very unlikely to work there.

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