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Thread: Memoirs of a Dead God (Thief 2 Mission - 29th Nov 2008)

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    Re: Info about the book..?

    I hope I wasn't suppose to find the "book info" objective, Before the celestial room ?? Constatine's spirit says "let's get outta here", but nothing happens.

    Anyways, cool music in the huge house, kinda reminded me of a piece in that super old game, King's Quest - The Mask

    P.S. Have a Happy New Year !!!

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    That remark doesn't mean anything in particular regarding the mission except that once you get the book it is time to leave the mansion provided your other objectives are complete. If not, then complete the other objectives first and then leave. There should be no problem in regards to the order you do things.

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    Excellent Mission!!

    I just finished this one and thoroughly enjoyed it. Part 2 was very, very creative, fun, and challenging. Outstanding mission; great work. I hope this story will continue.
    - eep!

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    d. 30.4.16 Always remembered
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    Finally finished it. Wow, I would never have imagined such a twist! Very original, even if the low gravity part was a little frustrating.

    I still have one question though. There are some doors that never opened for me in part 2. One is the one almost at the beginning, where you have to slash the wooden blocade. Another one is in the corridor with the teleport, near the kitchen. Another in the little corridor where the room with the organ is; another is in the little garden with the tombs. Maybe some of these are the same doors on the other side, but I have no sense of orientation.
    Was there a key that I may have missed for those doors?

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    Lady Rowena - the key to the door in the basement (with the wooden boards you have to break) is in the cash box on the desk in the basement office. You have to rope arrow up to it since the room is upside down.

    The door in the corridor with the music room is the door to the garden. The key to that door is in the garden on a little ledge around a planter directly opposite the door.
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    I guess I'm the only one.........again.

    I love the imagination , and the creations of " Memoirs ",

    especially the " big " house , and I made it

    through without too much trouble ..........but found myself,

    at the end, with no " book"

    I've looked everywhere, but can't find the " book "

    Help please....................thank you

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    NAC, the book is in the 'big' house. In the low gravity area. You have to go to the opposite side and jump to the pedestal.

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    Thank you for answering so quickly

    I had been out there several times, but didn't know enough to


    Now....all I have to do is avoid the " d s " machine !!!!!!

    Thanks again.

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    I have no idea why it took me so long to play this, this mission was absolutely incredible!

    I thoroughly enjoyed both parts of it (the second probably being my favorite, just so much interesting stuff going on)- this is Masks/Casing the Joint done right, but also much more than that!

    Anyway, I haven't actually completed it yet. How do you get out of this place when all objectives are completed?

    EDIT: Nevermind. The usual. found it. Feel stupid. Doy.

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    memoirs of a dead god

    mission 2 need help, where is the room with the book ,tannar said there was a key for a door in the basement office, but the only upside down room in the basement is a bedroom ,could someone please help me

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    doug - the upside down office is near the room with the cell in which you started the mission.

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    Beautiful mission(s) !! It captures the feeling of T1 and T2 perfectly.

    I am stuck at the start of Mission 2 - all I can find are those green tunnels that lead to an upside down office with two unreachable doors, an upside down office, and that's it really.

    How do I get anywhere else ?

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    Those doors aren't unreachable. You can climb on the bookcase and then up through that door.

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    memoirs of a dead god

    thanks tanner ,never thought of looking down there, i though that door would lead to the book, someone said that it was in the low gravity area ,but i cant find the room the book is in, running all over the place like an idiot , someone please help

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    To get the book you need to break into the vault. Have you done that yet?

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    memoirs of a dead god

    nicked, yes been in the vault ,in the tunnels, to a tree i cant climb, and for a swim, to an area i cant get out of.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tannar View Post
    CheeseshireCat - Look on top of the tall wardrobe.
    Crap, it WASN'T there. Had to restart, then easily found it.

    Other really annoying thing was, doorways appear too narrow. A guard could never pass by me if I were in a doorway, but that's nothing - I had three guards stuck one each other in a doorway in a corridor with exit to the garden, effectively making it impossible to get anywhere in that corridor - as I was playing on expert. Restart #2.

    And another two bugs were - "flying door" (a "standard" issue bug where some door randomly moves away from doorway instead of swinging) shooting through the library, and "death by rope" bug, which made it near impossible to get back down in giant rooms in Revelations. Had to reload like thirty times and try firing rope arrows everywhere before I managed to get bounced to a shelf ending up with 2 hits left... Is there another way down there?

    Overall, really nice one. It is simply as awesome as OM casing/stealing pair was crappy.

    Two questions, though - is there a way to save the servant who was bringing Garrett food from being killed in the start of M2 and well,
    Quote Originally Posted by Nicked
    It should be possible (or nearly possible anyway) to ghost mission 2, but it'd be a hell of a challenge...
    just how do you ghost bash those boards barring the basement door? Other than that, the ONLY ghost challenge seemed to be the main hall with the nice burrick head - if it breathed gas, it would have been all that funnier

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    Took me a few months to get to this mission, but wow

    Total immersion. I completely fell into this one. Tons to do, tons to see. Just when you think it's over, there is another whole area...

    You hit the nail right on the head with part 2. I hated Constantine's mansion, and I hated part 2 as well (in a good way). Played both missions right through with no breaking (2:45 total). Fantastic job.

    Go the other way around? I couldn't get that door open for the life of me anyway, so I had to go the other way (mossy tunnels).
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    memoirs of a dead god

    yes i have been in the vault, in the tunnels, found a large tree i cant climb and also went for a swim ,then i was stuck i guess thats my way out

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    After going for a swim, look for the little building and look in the chimney.

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    memoirs of a dead god

    thanks for all who helped me, mission compleated, and it was a very good one.

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    I seem to have trouble getting on rope arrows from above.
    I slowly move off the ledge hoping to grab the rope, but I either get launched across the area and receive minimal dmg (it happened in the garden, I flew from the balcony to the other side of the garden and only took 1 dmg) or I simply fall to my death.

    Oh, and I can't find the shrub inside the soot... Am I supposed to do something to the soot? NVRMIND, it was in the other room...

    But, I nvr did find where the Lord found the book...
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    For rope arrows in the area I think you're talking about - try shooting one into the ceiling, then going down that one until you can reach the lower one from the side.

    For info about how Morego acquired the book, try the master bedroom.

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    I need a hint. In part1 I just can't seem to find theuseful vault info to check off the objective?

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