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Thread: Thief 2 Multiplayer Player Contact Info List

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    Registered: Nov 2003
    Location: Thief fan since ca. 1999

    Thief 2 Multiplayer Contacts Info List

    Hey taffers! As I'm sure ya'll have noticed, thief 2 multiplayer beta has been released. I propose this thread as a cousin to the System Shock 2 multiplayer info list. Tos basically agreed, so I figured I'd hop to it. Credit goes to MrTrip for the awesome thread idea. Oh, and for those out there that don't get the point of this thread: It's so we can connect outside of the forums to have a multiplayer session.

    Here's the format, copied from trip's thread:

    your ttlg name

    Since I already posted this in another thread, please see here for my info:

    I might add as a courtesy to me and to others, that when you add a person (like me) let them know you got it from this thread. They may figure it out quickly, but it is kind of a nice thing to do. Happy multiplayer taffing!
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    Location: I could care...but I won't.

    AIM: Tyranthax007
    Modem: Wired, Cable, Routed
    E-mail: RavynousDezign {at}
    Location: US, Earth, Sector 001, Alpha Quadrant, Milky Way Galaxy

    Timezone: Central
    Time Online: Generally after 1:00 PM or so; but I have a rather erratic sleep schedule, so I could be on as early as 7:00 AM, and as late as... well... 7:00 AM.
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    Registered: Jan 2003
    Location: NeoTokyo
    My info from the other thread

    Name: demagogue
    Skype: DemagogueLG
    Email: Cade at trioptimum dot com
    Modem: Wireless, cable speed
    Location: USA

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    New Member
    Registered: Jun 2008
    Location: Inside a command window
    Name: CMD
    Skype : cmdfighter
    Email: XCMDX{at}
    Modem: ---------
    Location: Germany
    server: ?????
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    name: b1k3rdude
    messenger: check my profile
    Modem: ADSL router 8MB/400kb
    E-Mail: check my profile
    Location: London, UK

    This is for Thief MP only, for tech support questions please PM me via the forum
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    Location: Watching the puppets thrash.
    CMD, change your e-mail format or risk being spam bait!

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    Registered: Nov 2003
    Location: Thief fan since ca. 1999
    He's right. I probably should have posted that in the first post. Avoid posting your email address in its normal format. You could do it like this:

    XCMDX AT web DOT de

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    Registered: Nov 2003
    Location: Thief fan since ca. 1999
    Bump for justice. Anyone else want to add? Maybe this and the T2 beta thread could become stickies?

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    If this just keeps going and growing and gaining players, y'all could get your own Thief Multiplayer forum, like the System Shockers have.

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    Location: Jafaville New Zealand
    I'm upside down (+12:00 GMT)

    • Name: bob_doe_nz
    • MSN: bob_doe_nz (at) hotmail dotcom
    • Yahoo: bob_doe_nz (at) yahoo dot co dot nz
    • Modem: Wired ADSL
    • E-Mail: bobdoenz (at) gmail dotcom
    • Location: New Zealand (Quite a ping away)

    Send me a PM saying that you are adding me to your list. Or else I will block you.
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    Registered: Jan 2008
    Location: Sweden
    MSNMSG: seventyfour.5{AT}gmail{DOT}com
    Skype: seventyfour.5 (I prefer to use Skype)
    AIM: --
    Yahoo: --
    ICQ: --
    Modem: Not sure
    E-Mail: seventyfour.5{AT}gmail{DOT}com
    Location: Sweden
    Time online (approximate): 16.00-23.00 GMT +1
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    Permanently Enlarged
    Registered: Dec 2005
    Location: I could care...but I won't.
    For those who are interested, I have setup a ThiefMP Hamachi group thingy:

    Name: ThiefMP:RH-00
    PWD: UkgtMDA

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    Registered: Jan 2008
    Location: Sweden
    Maybe it's good if we added the time when we are online to the list, because of the different timezones and working times?
    For example: "(approximate) Time online: 18.00-21.00 GMT +0".
    (Info about the timezone could be good.)
    That could make it easier to know when you should have a chance to play with someone.

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    Registered: Nov 2003
    Location: Thief fan since ca. 1999
    That's a good idea. If one feels so inclined, go ahead, but I wouldn't force anyone to do it.

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    AIM: Sarioya
    Yahoo: bahumuttt
    Modem: Cable

    Location: Central PA, USA
    Time online (approximate): Pretty much all the time.

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    The Architect
    Registered: Dec 1998
    Location: Lyon
    I was about to make a thread exactly like this, because I didn't realise that this thread was about contact information until I actually opened it. So now the title has been clarified and the thread is stickied.

    ICQ: 18357279
    AIM: Daneelias
    Modem: Various broadband speeds depending on my location
    Time zone: EST
    Location: Currently in limbo

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    Registered: May 2008
    Location: St.Petersburg, Russia

    Maybe I'll try to join you.

    ICQ: 485324740 (don't confuse with profile written in Russian)
    Modem: DSL
    E-Mail: in profile. aerododo at mail dot ru
    Location: Russia
    Time zone: GMT +3.

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    Registered: Nov 2003
    Location: Thief fan since ca. 1999
    Thanks, Mr. Nightfall.

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    New Member
    Registered: Dec 2008
    My ttlg name: Beldrama
    MSNMSG: roininin4 {at}
    Modem: Broadband
    E-Mail: roininin4 {at}

    Contact me if you need my services for your next assignment, Taffer!

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    Keeper of FMs
    Registered: Oct 2004
    Location: Meraux, LA
    AIM: iampavlovscat
    MSNMSG: pavlovscat at hotmail dot com
    Yahoo: thepavlovscat
    ICQ: 438875781
    Modem: DSL, wired, routed
    E-Mail: pavlovscat at att dot net
    Location: Katy, Texas

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    Keeper of FMs
    Registered: Oct 2004
    Location: Meraux, LA
    That is so that spammers don't pick up on the link to your address. When "at" & "dot" are written out the address is disguised as plain text.

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    Registered: Aug 2008
    Location: in your second eyelids
    ah, i thaught it's about those demons. Blast them!

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    Registered: Jul 2006
    Location: Tartu, Estonia

    MSNMSG: ziili [at] hotmail [dot] com
    Modem: I'm not sure, it's basically a 'satellite' connection (I've got a receiver on my roof), which comes indoors via a cable and is shared between as much as 3 computers (not all the time though) and its speed is like 1 Mbit
    E-Mail: zilonline [at] gmail [dot] com
    Location: Tartu, Estonia

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    Permanently Enlarged
    Registered: Dec 2005
    Location: I could care...but I won't.
    I recently tried to rejoin my Hamachi group because I had to reinstall Windows on my bro's machine, only to find that the network was full.

    In response to this, I have made a second network for those who wish to join, but the primary group is full.

    The info is as follows:

    NAME: ThiefMP:RH-01
    PWD: UkgtMDA (same as before)

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    Registered: Nov 2003
    Location: Thief fan since ca. 1999
    I noticed on the first hamachi group that there were two people named "RH-00"

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