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Thread: TAC The Tower November 30, 2008

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    Registered: Mar 2007
    Location: Spain
    WOW. This is a great mission, my congratulations to the author, thank you!! (but, also like Weekend Getaway, its too obvious to know who the author is )

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    Registered: Feb 2006
    Location: The BoneHoard
    Excellent mission. Thanks.
    If at first you don't succeed...reload and try again!

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    Registered: Nov 2008
    Location: St. Petersburg, Russia
    A terrific mission. I bow my thanks to the author.
    i have almost completed but one goal - loot. I now have 3174 only 16 gold short May anyone hint at some easily missed items? Any help will be much welcomed.

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    Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Fabulous mission.

    I love the tower-top, as well as the show outside the cells. Nice touches, sublimely creepy in what is a pretty much straight up city-mission (well, a courtyard mission, if I were being honest.)

    Excellent use of architecture and space, excellent use of sound, and some very nice little twists.

    Now to track down the other secrets - I've only found the one thus far, very unlike me.


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    Registered: Jun 2006
    Location: Italy
    Is there a loot list? It seems I visited every spot but I'm short of something more than 100..........

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    Location: Thunder Bay, On., Canada
    I have a loot list, maga. I'll send it to you.

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    Location: Siberia, Russia
    Nightwalker, send me too, please.

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    Location: Land of enchantment
    I agree with everyone that this is an excellent, A-1 mission. Thanks to the author. It gave me two evenings of great game play. I really liked the 3-D navigation puzzles, the architecture, the details. The AI patrols were perfectly timed.

    I just ghosted it and got all the secrets, but I am missing 100 loot in my ghost run. In a BJ run last night I got a little more loot, still missing over 50. I guess I need to do another BJ run from this point and take notes.

    There was one thing that bothered me about this mission when ghosting. Mantling up onto the first, eye-level ledge of the tower (also accessible with difficulty by stairs from the shop) was a pain. The sloping walls prevented a straight mantle, and a jump mantle was hard to do without making foot noise and alerting someone. Many reloads were needed to preserve the ghost mode. If you BJ the AI, of course, this is not an issue - just walk up the stairs from the shop.

    As for getting onto the old lady's balcony, I used a rope arrow two ways. Both required accessing the beam across from the large balcony with the goblet, which I reached by jumping from a 3rd floor window in the notary building and walking around a ledge. One way was to jump from the rope to the barred window opposite the lady's ledge and then from there to the balcony. That was pretty easy. A trickier way involved careful placement of the rope so it went down close to the balcony, twisting down the rope above the balcony, and dropping directly down to the balcony edge. I could never make the jump from below. Since this is a fairly tricky move maybe there should have been loot in there. Or did I miss it?

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    Location: here in the USA
    smithpd, I think there was a single vase as the only loot in that particular location.

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    Location: Italy
    Thank you so much, Nightwalker!
    It seems I've collected all, but I'm at 3144..........
    I'll give it up for a while and then will come back with fresh mind......

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    Location: montreal
    Quote Originally Posted by bob_doe_nz View Post
    At the tower attic. You need to get the key lying by Lenora which should open the hatch at the top.
    i've looked everywhere in the tower shaft to find that key that the bad guy lost

    looked in the room where i found the shovel read the book in her cell but non key ...

    help !
    I may be blind But I found my way

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    Location: Italy
    It should be on the floor near the shovel

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    Location: montreal
    i never saw a key there and i crawled though that room
    unless you have to be very close for it to highlight
    but i searched that room carefully
    going back !

    mmmmm found it after a reload !!!
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    I may be blind But I found my way

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    Location: France (Reims - Champagne)

    A very good mission

    I love this one , excellent gameplay and design with a well placed ambient sound to create a suspance atmosphere , beautifull textures and objects, congrats on this one...i think i know who its author is

    Looking foward for more

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    Registered: Sep 2007
    Superb mission, just finished it. Excellent story telling and atmosphere. As for the author I agree with Melan and others. Particularly, the story telling and even some of the textures gave the author away.

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    I have finished it with 3774 loot on expert and it was a stunning, superbly-designed mission. Excellent attention to detail and color coordination Even the labels in the wine bottles scattered around the level were superbly designed

    Despite being a night mission, in terms of color coordination, matching, and tone, it somehow reminded me of two missions from previous contests, Stowaway by Finial (Trial Contest) and Midday Escape by Sxerks (5th Contest)

    Overall, a A rated mission.

    Best to all,

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    Registered: Dec 2003
    Location: Texas
    A masterful mission that began simply enough and built up to a truly creepy finale - the corpses in the cell were particularly ghoulish - well done!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sticky Fingers View Post
    Thanx, Slyfoxx. Was just about to post that I finally made that jump from the barred window of the tower.
    I was thrown off by someone suggesting a rope-arrow to reach the snoring Lady's balcony

    Edit: WOW, what a mission! Just oozes class - plot, use of space, gameplay, pathfinding & the sheer look of it. And made in just 53 days!!
    Found the same 3 secrets as ticky - anybody find the 4th?

    I made that jump by. Jumping from Blaines window, that faces that ledge, I put a rope arrow in the first beam. I was able to jump from Blaines window to the rope arrow, them to the ledge across from the balcony, from there it was easy to get in. I'm am just trying to find the jewels, any clues? I know to rope arrow.

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    Location: Ireland
    BA: At the top of the building with the elevator, jump out the window and catch onto the ledge above, then go the balcony with the goblet and look down. You need to rope arrow to the window under you.

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    Registered: Aug 2001
    TY NV, I'll give it a shot, once I've eaten dinner, lack of food, doesn't help my gaming. I've been to that window, just need to go back, also, thats the notary's building. Did anyone get the *bonus* objective?
    Last edited by BrokenArts; 15th Dec 2008 at 19:24.

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    Finished, 3720 out of 3844. I had been to that window before, I kept falling, going back fresh, did it in one jump. Go figure.
    One secret, will play again, much fun in such a small area! Great story too, love stories like that. Can't wait to find out the author.

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    Location: Alberta, Canada
    Ok, I am thoroughly *stuck*. So far, I have broken into the notary's shop, gotten into the bottom of the tower, gotten a key to 'Alf's Apartment', and gotten from the base of the tower to the old lady's balcony/room - and appear to be able to go no further.

    From the edge of the balcony, I can jump across to the barred window of the tower. I can shoot my one and only rope arrow to a beam way up, but I cannot reach the rope. Or rather, I can, but Garrett's arms don't appear to be strong enough to hold it and haul himself up. Lazy creature. I hit the rope and slide right back off again no matter how hard I try. I can't seem to find any other places to sink the rope arrow, and all the doors I've tried are locked and unpickable and the only key doesn't work on any of them.

    Any straight up spoilers to get me moving on this one?


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    I was stuck in exactly the same place! If you stand on the tower ledge with your back to the tower to the right of the steps and shoot a rope arrow into the wooden beam that's furthest on your right, closest to the window with the patrolling guard, you can jump from the arrow to the tower balony above the steps.

    Hope that's understandable.

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    Location: Sauerland
    Wow, what a great mission! Outstanding! Thank you!

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    Location: Great. Now I can't get back in
    Elentari - Alf's Apartment is on the south side of the map, in a little alcove, the door on the left.
    I just checked - that key should open it.

    Actually, you can get onto the rope from the barred-window ledge; it took me a few tries & is definitely the hard way.
    I recommend Snork's suggestion once you've gotton further.
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