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Thread: TAC Yume no Rozen updated (7/01/09)

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    Me too!

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    Well, I played the TAC misssions in alphabetical order, so this was the last one. What a refreshment! Before I started I made a web search to see what the title means. Apparently it's some kind of reference to a manga title, so I was laughing when the music changed. It was very clever that the mission (it's atmosphere) was divided into two (contrasting) styles. One with a soothing casual thiefing style and the other one is a mad dash (I guess a reference to the manga style?) to the exit. The mission is clearly outside the mainstream Thief Universe, but as for artistic implementation (and I don't mean pretty texturing) it is quite good. Pity, that there is no voting category for that.
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    Nice level. I liked the end of mission

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    This one was...AWESOME!! I loved the real twist at the very end (a perfect example of exactly how a twist should be done). Well done author, whomever you are.

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    Great mission in most aspects, great choice of music!

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    This is such a hilarious mission
    great music choice, such a different style, as the mission is, although it's quit Thieflike, going by the gameplay
    and...I found a 500 $ worth Dewdrop dolly!!! YEAHYEAHYEAH
    My vote for the Netherlands: only me hehehe:
    Music: 8
    Mission: 9
    Strategy playing: 10
    mix with lights: 10
    tension for the player: 9
    Humour: 10
    Finding Dewdrop: 10+
    This one ROCKS!!!

    Gloria Creep
    There're angels who playThief and angels who don't ........ both go to heaven ............
    Dare to join .............

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    This was probably my least favorite of the bunch. I felt bored walking around the manor collecting obvious loot. The 2 maids posed no challenge whatsoever. Then the twist came out of the blue, making no sense to me at all. I just ran to the basement to get it over with. The undead weren't sneakable anyway.

    Sorry, no offense to the author.
    Thank you for the entry though, I know many players liked it!
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    Finished this one - had a fair bit of trouble finding the *out* - since it was so hard to sneak by the undead. Some of them I could, others I found impossible to get past - and each attempt ended as a race around just trying to find the way out. The music was also too loud in the second part to make sneaking any easier. I couldn't hear hardly anything but that.

    I have to say this is one of my least favourite missions I've ever played and one of the few that is being deleted as I am finished with it. Sorry to the author, but I just REALLY didn't like it. To me the story did not seem fair, nor did I care for the ending at all. Perhaps it was meant to be humourous, as some posts here suggest? I just found it annoying. (Sort of hit me the same way Ultima 9 did. . .I was SO mad when I finished that one. Grrr. lol Of course, that one, I decided I'd try it again and never could get it running a second time. Oh well.)

    On the one hand it was a great mission for getting mixed reactions on. You seem to have half the players on one side and half on the other! lol

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    I had somewhat mixed feelings about this FM. I don't like being forced to ghost, but at least on Hard, that part was actually very easy, even for a non-ghoster. I must say that I sort of did expect some sort of twist, as it always felt like the mission was going to be a little too easy. Still, it did manage to give me a somewhat panicky feeling, just like it was supposed to. My main complaints are the music in the second part (too loud, plus I didn't really like it anyway), the ending (even if it was a reference to the age of Thief 1), and the fact that you couldn't really tell which spots were genuinely dark and safe (spots that looked dark still made the light gem light up).

    Overall, this wasn't really my type of FM, but for something that can be finished in under 20 minutes, it wasn't a bad experience, although I already know I'm not going to play this one again.

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    An updated version of the mission is here.
    As well as video walkthroughs and a lootlist.

    Added GammaBox
    updated readme
    tweak light radii
    add a couple object shadows
    tweak AI difficulty
    fix bed texture
    fix manhole cover frob
    lower music volume -7dB
    Added some more objects

    Please update to the newer version.
    Other download links will be added when they update.
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    Updated links for Yume no Rozen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eigenface View Post
    That was brilliant. (...) I've played so many 'straight' thief missions, an occasional slap in the face is refreshing.
    I couldn't agree more.

    Quote Originally Posted by Eigenface View Post
    [/spoil]The second part of the mission was great too. The ridiculous J-pop and the quick flash of a dead body on the floor at the beginning let you know something is 'not quite right', something above and beyond all the other, obviously not right things you run into later.
    Yes. It devilishly well done. I watched the youtube capture of this level and I fully felt the uncanny "sense of 'this isn't really happening!', but inside the game", as if the player now dreams or hallucinates the second half of this computer game, creating a whole new dimension to it, 'breaking the fourth wall' as Eigenface puts it. I thought 'suspension of disbelief inside your suspension of disbelief' is very well said.

    Quote Originally Posted by Eigenface View Post
    The final revelation that it's all going on in Garrett's dead head mirrors the fact that Garrett's entire life is all going on in your own head (and computer). The voice at the end chastising Garrett for indulging in another escape fantasy mirrored the nagging voice in my own head, reminding me I'm indulging in another escape fantasy into Garrett's world even as I try to immerse myself in it.
    Yes, its almost as if the voice doesn't address itself to Garrett, but directly to the player who is playing as Garrett, designating his or her own experience of playing a Thief FM. In the case of literature, I believe the term 'meta-texual' is used to identify similar effects. So what do we call this style of effect in an FM? Meta-FM? Self-aware meta-humor? Meta- something, surely. I think it could be nice to put a name on this.
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    I'd say it is one of the most thought-provocing fan missions released for anything Dark Engine and possibly for video games in general.

    Self-aware meta-humor?
    I like this one despite the fact that anything "meta" is automatically being "self-aware".

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    lol I was wondering where I heard the term "Rozen" before, and then I grabbed that gem and saw that doll.

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    I just played this and i'm in tears of joy from giggling at this whole thing, lmao

    I keep seeing people being SO bothered over the fact that ghosting was required, while i actually very much like doing that, at least occasionally, so it was interesting to see Garrett devoid of any tools except his lockpicks.

    BTW. Halfway through the house the
    This is alarmingly peaceful, i have a premonition of something either ominous or hilarious impeding
    kind of thought was already crossing my mind, only to get amplified to the max after i reached the attic. I wasn't disappointed, let's just say this

    Very short but nice mission that doesn't take itself very seriously, quite a nice side dish among more conventional ones, i love it. Nice weeb music too, even though this obviously doesn't fit anything that is meant to sit in the lore convincingly

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