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Thread: CoSaS Release Pack 15 - Lights of All Types!

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    CoSaS Release Pack 15 - Lights of All Types!

    Lights lights lights! Electric lights, fancy lights, torches, oil lamps, you-name-it. In this package I decided to include the Binskins and BinBins csv files, because they're such a huge help to me in creating these archives, and I realised that they would be a huge help to anyone who wants to extract a few of the objects without dumping the whole folder out. The csv files open in excel, and organize the bin and graphics files in the archive into tables, so it's very easy to not only see what textures every bin file uses, but a list of which bin files use by each texture. If this seems like a good idea, I can re-upload every RP with the csv files present. I also included the executable so that you can make your own csv files. Just drop it into your obj folder or wherever bins are present, and wait a bit. It's like magic. I love this program!

    Download - Lights of All Types!

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    As you can see there's several sets here, each with their own mis gallery. I tried it that way this time (many mis files rather than one big one) but decided that though it makes things easier to organize and do when starting out, later on it's too much trouble. The first set, the gold lights, are inspired by Deep Cover light fixtures, made by me, and used throughout the Ivory Rose. A few of the metal lights were used in MX and also in Rocks3, and were also made by me. The next set, "explights" are a few experiments of mine with textures to see if I could do something different with the old hanging light model. I think everything I did was okay, but never ended up using any of them. Well, now anyone can. The set below those are inspired by the Thief Gold opera lights, and date back to the early years of the project (made by Yametha). Likewise the torches, which were never finished (placeholder textures) and the oil lamps, also never quite finished (final textures never settled on, and they lack a wick and flame). I know that Schwaa, Phantom (not The Phantom), and SilentSleep worked on these, but I can't for the life of me remember who did what, and the records (from around 2000) are gone. I am pretty sure that Schwaa has used/released his work from these lights, but I do not know the details.

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    It's been awhile since I worked on those
    I did some work on the bottom left 3, I madethe hanging one, the other two were either started by someone else (phantom?) or I made them from concept art, I really can't rememeber now.

    I only released my oillamp which is not included in this pack but is at LPG.

    Another great resource pack.

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    I am in trouble in terms of the lights always, but mainly now very much. This just arrived in time for me, thank you very much Digi. You may count on me, than a user

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