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Thread: General Fan Mission Review And Discussion Megathread

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    The Ravine (TDM)

    I seem to have issues with any mission involving rifts or ravines, considering how this is the second mission with that theme that I got frustrated with.

    The Ravine (by Spoonman) is a very...atypical mission. This time, Not-Garratt is being sent down into the titular ravine on a round of treasure hunting. Many years back, Bluemoon Prison had a mining facility where prisoners were put to work mining. All well and good, until a revolt forced the place to be sealed up, with the survivors inside. One of the acolytes from that time left a trophy down there, and now that thereís been a new entrance to the ravine discovered, our hero is expected to go down there at get it.

    The first thing that will strike you is that this mission is dark. Very dark. This intentional. The next thing that will strike you is that this place is tall and confusing. The Ravine will probably remind old-school Thief players of The Sword, with itís odd and confusing layout. It isnít all that big, really, but constantly overlaps and there are very few landmarks to help you get your bearings. Itís suitably creepy, mainly thanks to the well done sound. There are also a few interior locations which jack up the maze aspects and gives you more enemies to deal with.

    This is a harder mission than normal. The loot isnít exactly hidden but the nature of the level makes it a pain to find at times, though thankfully there is a margin of error allowed. I do feel that the later portions of the mission throw a few too many enemies your way, and the layout and sound make it very hard to pinpoint where they are and how many you have left. Itís a clever use of layout and sound and is part of the point, but my first playthrough drove me to the brink of frustration.

    All in all, this is an unusual outing. Fans of the classic mansion heist may not enjoy it, but those who like a touch of the bizarre in their mission will greatly enjoy it. Recommended.

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    Lockdown Part 1: The Key Out of Here (TDM)

    Lockdown : Part 1: The Key Out of Here (by GameDevGoro with help from Bikerdude) is part one of a series that never happened, as far I know. The premise is simple: Not-Garrett needs some cash to pay for some new equipment, but thereís a lockdown in progress due to bandit attacks. Thankfully, our hero might have a tip about the hideout of a bandit leaderÖ.

    When I saw this mission on the download screen it said it was 3 MB, so I thought it would be a quick and small mission. Turns out it was a bit bigger, but itís still a small city mission, though more complex than I thought. My second playthrough showed that the mission was a little straightforward than I thought, but thereís still a fair bit of ducking through houses and windows, scooping loot as you go. The main gripe I have is an area of the city that, as far as I know, can only be accessed by a window, and if you happen to end up there without rope arrows/didnít set things up properly, youíre stuck.

    Lootwise, itís pretty simple. On Expert, at least, just completing the objectives will get you most of the loot goal, and the rest is easy to find. There arenít many diabolical hiding places, but a fair bit of exploration is needed to find it. Thereís a basic enough story connecting everything, telling the tale of a hidden stash of loot which has a surprise or two for those who will look for it. The higher difficulties restrain your knockouts, but itís mostly easy enough to evade the guards. The only bit that annoys me is a building near the beginning that is near impossible to get into without alerting someone, and thereís a fair bit of loot in there.

    All in all, a fun little mission. Recommended.

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    All outstanding reviews have now been added. Thank you very much indeed, guys.

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    Pandora's Box (TDM)

    For the record, this was also made by Jesps.

    Pandoraís Box is another short mission, but with added difficulty and an interesting local: an airship, which our brave hero has infiltrated to find the titular box and swap it with a fake. The airship idea is interesting, and Jesps incorporates some interesting uses of technology, such as makeshift ďspotlightsĒ on the deck of the ship. The layout is linear, but thatís the only real gripe.

    Difficulty-wise, itís tricky. The highest difficulties forbid you from even been seen, much less killing or knocking out. The guards donít choke you, but moving around the well-lit and exposed deck is tricky, especially because while you get the wind howling in your ears, the guards can hear you perfectly well. But thatís a minor hurdle. The loot is sparse and slightly tricky to find, not helped by the guards, but careful searching will turn it up.

    On the whole, this is a fun, slightly challenging mission. Recommended, especially if you want something short.

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    Crystal Grave (TDM)

    Of note: This is a mission translated from Polish, I beleive! Which is neat.

    Crystal Grave (by ERH+ with help from Bikerdude, in translation, optimization, bug fixes, and decoration detail) is a mission that sets itself in a partially flooded fort. Not-Garrett has set out there to get his hands on some pure crystal, but gets shipwrecked nearby. Now he has to slip inside the fort, find the crystals, get some food and water for the long trek home, and open the gates to get out.

    This mission has a well-executed horror atmosphere, carried through the decrepit layout of the fort and interesting bits of atmosphere, such as quiet voices in certain locations, or the sound of Not-Garrett choking on the air in a room of bodies. Special note goes to the pseudo-lab in the depths of the fort, well-hidden and creepy. Itís well-done, but some sound effects for opening doors and windows are different than they are in ordinary missions, which could throw some people off. As expected, the fort is filled with haunts, leaving the player ducking through halls trying to stay a step ahead, though there is a pretty good balance: you can run into haunts in almost any room, but not in every room.

    Difficulty-wise, the main issue is finding the needed objects and trying to find your way around the place. The needed food isnít obvious, and not easy to find. The thread had people asking for help, and while I found the food quickly, I admit there was a fair bit of luck involved. The fort also has a semi-confusing layout and in spite of the claim of the title screen the map is dang near useless. Keys are plentiful, but there are no real hints about what key goes to what door or chest. On a more technical complaint, thereís one door in a main room that seems to cause every haunt that gets close to have a small mental breakdown.

    All in all, this is a fun, but flawed mission, with most of the entertainment coming from the creativity, but the elements of hunting for small non-obvious objects might annoy players. Recommended, with caveats.

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    These have been added.

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    The Crown of Pentience and The Builder's Blocks (TDM)

    Quote Originally Posted by Nightwalker View Post
    These have been added.
    Yay~ Now let me give you more work to do. :P

    So, now it’s time for more Jesps

    From what I understand, The Crown of Penitence was one of the first missions made for The Dark Mod. It’s interesting as a historical curiosity, but as a mission it’s somewhat lacking. The premise is simple, as Not-Garrett bravely infiltrates the home of a declining noble to snatch his new crown. The mansion layout is simple enough and easy to navigate, which is good because the map you get is a tad useless. The mission does do a good job at giving the impression that the house is one in financial straits and falling apart, but a few more visual cues would have been appreciated.

    Difficulty-wise, it’s fairly easy, especially if you’re willing to inflict head trauma on the guards, since the early rooms are a convenient body disposal area. Most of the loot is in the open, and hitting the goal isn’t hard. All in all it’s a simple, to-the-point mission. First-time players will like it, but more experienced ones might find it too simple.


    And now, a bonus!

    For an Unusual Gameplay contest Jesps made The Builder’s Blocks, which I can confirm is unusual gameplay.

    Because it’s literally Tetris. In The Dark Mod.

    Sadly, I was never a big fan of Tetris, and the controls; clicking on arrows to move your pieces, is a bit too clunky for me. But it’s certainly unusual, and I expect that some more technically minded person might be interested in seeing how it works. But it’s not my thing.

    Also added and thank you for your reviews!

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    Was lamenting recently over the fact that a major image hosting service changed their policies and disabled all older hot links for non-premium customers. All those beautiful screenshots... gone. I weep for thee, taffers

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    Yeah, Photobucket can suck it.....

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    It is possible for individuals to go to their photobucket account, download all their screenshots and then repost them on another photo hosting site. A pain to do, but do-able.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fortuni View Post
    It is possible for individuals to go to their photobucket account, download all their screenshots and then repost them on another photo hosting site. A pain to do, but do-able.
    More than a pain, unfortunately. It is tortuous just to access and navigate through your pictures, and I haven't been able to download them. It is a disgrace.

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    I recommend which is basically free and without ads. The only disadvantage might be that the free account (without an upgrade) only allows a single file uploding. But that should be sufficient for a few screenshots.
    My FM campaigns Garrett's Young Years XTra, Reunion With Basso
    Want your upcoming FM translated in foreign languages?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melan View Post
    More than a pain, unfortunately. It is tortuous just to access and navigate through your pictures, and I haven't been able to download them. It is a disgrace.
    Yep, a nightmare. I couldnít work out how to download all of my screenshots in one go, but you can pull them up individually and d/l one at a time.

    Photobucket is vile, worse I once got infected via photochucksh*t with an evil virus that completely scrambled all my files and my only option was to re-install windows.

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    Imgur also might be a good alternative to Photo$%^&it- I mean bucket

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    The Music of Sibel (Thief II, 2013), by skacky

    This mission drops you down with a plop.

    Some do that, to simulate Garrett jumping down from over a wall at the beginning.

    After the landing, you’re looking at a tight, Dark Project-in-Thief II FM made in under forty-eight hours, and it will take you under an hour to beat it.

    The Music of Sibel was made by Thief 1-style practitioner skacky in AntiMatter_16’s 48 Hour Contest, held in August 2013, and got third place. It’s another great small FM done in Thief 1 style, but the difference is that it’s made in Thief II.

    There have been debates on whether there is any noteworthy difference between missions made in the The Dark Project / Gold and The Metal Age engines. Personally, I think there’s a slight enough difference that if you want to make a TDP style mission, you should make it in the original Thief’s engine. However, to make a Thief 1 style FM in Thief II's DromEd is fine and acceptable. The Music of Sibel feels Thief 1 enough, but there’s a little something missing. I promise, I’m not just making it up. More than subtle differences, most of the NPCs speak with Thief II dialogue, which dampens the intended atmosphere.

    No matter. This mission is neatly designed, with a couple paths into Lady Sibel’s manor. The first is through the front door – you know how that goes. So, the path you’ll take is via a Hammerite chapel. Getting to it means going to the area to the right of the start point. There’s a Hammerite here you can have some fun with – as you sneak along the shadows to reach the machinery you need to climb up, you’ll be constantly alerting him, so he’ll be saying “Over there!” or “I thought I spied something...” time and again, and then reassuring himself everything’s fine, the whole time you creep.

    There are difficult patrols in this mission, and the first is in the Hammerite chapel. Then, when you climb down a vine out of the chapel, you have to rope arrow way up to a window of Sibel’s manor – and then face more tough patrols! I had trouble even seeing the wood texture on the window. For the longest, I walked back and forth between the yard connecting the chapel with Sibel’s and a pathway back out to the City area. I decided to use a rope arrow just to try, and lo! It attached.

    Speaking of the “City area,” this mission takes place in the Old Quarter. One readable is by a servant leaving employment at Sibel’s for some place else because she can’t stand how creepy it is, even suffering with nightmares. Would you like to live in Old Quarter? Part of me is intrigued by the thought of living somewhere with such history, and the haunted house explorer in me (I wish!) would love being in an area with such legends and abandoned places. However, at night I might get a little too scared. Unlike the guards, I likely would not be dismissing every little noise as “just the wind” or rats.

    Sibel’s wind chime offers another bit of dark backstory. The thing repeats music Lady Sibel plays and causes her to sleep deeply and to dream. It’s obviously magical, but where did it come from? Maybe from some old magician’s place, buried in the ruined part of Old Quarter. That it only affects Lady Sibel suggests it only charms the person whose music it remembers.

    The Sibel manor has flickering lights and tough patrols. If you don’t blackjack, timing your grab of the wind chime will be difficult. Once you have it, getting back to the start point is as difficult as getting inside. Since it’s hard to climb down a rope arrow from Sibel’s window, I just take the front door. The guards don’t seem to mind (but that’s ‘cause I’m so good).

    I finished at thirty-three minutes and forty-seven seconds. It was a good one: the Thief II voices and engine blunts the Thief 1 atmosphere, but you still get a good dose of it, and you’ll enjoy the tight design and dark little story bits throughout.

    Added! Thank you for the review. Nightwalker

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    Thank you for the kind words! I'm surprised there is so much to tell for a mission this small.
    I could definitely have improved/made the wooden windowsills more obvious in the back garden, but I had just run out of time by this point and it was too late. Same with fixing a few issues here and there, like some Jorge surfaces.
    Last edited by skacky; 11th Feb 2018 at 18:35.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skacky View Post
    Thank you for the kind words! I'm surprised there is so much to tell for a mission this small.
    I could definitely have improved/made the wooden windowsills more obvious in the back garden, but I had just run out of time by this point and it was too late. Same with fixing a few issues here and there, like some Jorge surfaces.
    I haven't seen the Jorge surfaces. There were some sound issues I experienced, though, like the metal door to the right after you walk forward from the start point sounding distant, or the noise from the big piece of machinery, near the Hammerite standing guard, only becoming audible when standing right next to it. The patrolling guard in the first area would also sound really close or really distant, suddenly. Something to do with room brushes? I haven't messed around in Dromed since 2012, and never made a mission, so have no credibility in judging the problem, but am always curious how sounds can or cannot be "channeled" correctly.

    Still a great mission, and I know it was made under the constraints of the contest. Has an All For a Night's Sleep vibe to it. I really like the quick, TDP style missions that squeeze in all the types of atmosphere from that game, which yours do so well. Give me those moody City ambiances, a Hammerite chapel, a Constantine-esque manor, and, yes...I'm ready to go exploring!

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    Pandora's Box (TDM)

    Wow, been a while. Apologies, life has been busy as of late


    For the record, this was also made by Jesps.

    Pandora’s Box is another short mission, but with added difficulty and an interesting local: an airship, which our brave hero has infiltrated to find the titular box and swap it with a fake. The airship idea is interesting, and Jesps incorporates some interesting uses of technology, such as makeshift “spotlights” on the deck of the ship. The layout is linear, but that’s the only real gripe.

    Difficulty-wise, it’s tricky. The highest difficulties forbid you from even been seen, much less killing or knocking out. The guards don’t choke you, but moving around the well-lit and exposed deck is tricky, especially because while you get the wind howling in your ears, the guards can hear you perfectly well. But that’s a minor hurdle. The loot is sparse and slightly tricky to find, not helped by the guards, but careful searching will turn it up.

    On the whole, this is a fun, slightly challenging mission. Recommended, especially if you want something short.

    I didn't add this one because you already reviewed it in much the same way in January. Nightwalker

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    Mad's Mountain (TDM)

    More Jesps!

    Mad’s Mountain was made for a vertical contest mission, which is obvious from the premise: A gang has stolen a valuable painting, and Not-Garrett’s client would like to claim it for himself, sending him to ascend the gang’s mountain hideout to claim it.

    I admit to a bit of weakness for vertical missions, and this mission delivers. Like the previous mission, it’s a short and fun romp through the caverns. It’s slightly less linear as well, though more in the sense that there are multiple ways to your destination they all end up in much the same place. The atmosphere and storytelling, while minor, are well-done,with hints about loot and some jokes scattered about, along with some mildly creepy implications (such as what I’ve dubbed the “Epilepsy Room”). The loot is fairly placed, though backtracking for missed pieces would be a pain.

    All in all, a fun, short vertical mission. No real complaints. Recommended.

    Added! Nightwalker

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    Death's Cold Embrace:

    This is a large release, but it takes a slightly different approach to multiple maps by making several of them be based in the same area. Namely a town area (but also one or two others). It mostly works, with various small changes and evolving subplots, but some things, like certain enemy placements, get a bit predictable. There's also a notable focus on small bits of attention to detail, like how most "modern" interior rooms have a light switch (which also creates a contrast with the torchlight and other sources used in older buildings). That comes through even in the locations you don't revisit, and brings a believable atmosphere to each location, even the more intentionally unrealistic ones (like the occasional horror type moments). The general design level is also high, with lots of detail and interesting geometry in just about every level.

    The square of the town you'll be getting familiar with throughout the set.

    The storyline is a major element and a bit different to the typical Thief release in that it's not especially focused on Garret himself; he's essentially a background force who does the dirty work to realise the desires of others (in exchange for a promised large monetary reward, of course), and most of the story revolves around the characterisation and development of the other characters. A background element is also that it's set in-between the first and second Thief games, so the Mechanists are still establishing themselves and robots aren't properly developed yet. The story starts with you doing some espionage work between two warring houses, which builds around a Romeo and Juliet type tale, and then transforms into something else in the aftermath of that. There's various in-game cutscenes to develop it, and quite a lot of voice acting too, which is mostly decent, and the Garret voice stand-in does a good job matching the original. On more of a major spoiler note I did find A Hammerite priest's willingness to go along with a dark ritual in something called the "Book of Shadows" a bit odd. If you stretch from the end-level twist it sort of makes sense in retrospect that he presumably has some experience of such things (and their legitimacy) from his links with a Necromancer, but that isn't really explored in-game at all unless there's some messages I missed. There's also various subplots that develop as you revisit locations, and it helps sell the places changing and evolving as time passes. I did feel one seemingly major subplot introduced early had a slightly abrupt ending, but maybe I missed some details.

    This mansion is another place you'll get familiar with

    The gameplay is generally classic guard evasion Thief gameplay, but the storyline does throw in the occasional twist and surprise (the final level in particular is quite a shift from the rest). The interiors tend to have quite a bit of tile, especially later on, but the light switches I mentioned earlier ease things up quite a bit because it's not too hard to make large areas of darkness in most levels. There's decent amount of depth to the level layouts, with plenty of vertical gameplay and multiple approaches, and quite a bit of exploration (some of the secrets I found also had some story content, and I imagine there was background information I missed from the ones I didn't get). Some of the progression felt a bit obscure at times, with important items practically in secrets, but item placements apparently depend on difficulty, so maybe this is only the case on Expert. I also had a bug that made the penultimate level impossible to complete without Yandros modifying my save, but it seems no-one else has had it so I'll assume it's a weird one-off problem. A great set overall, with multiple original ideas and ambitious concepts, and a must-play newer, larger set.

    The snowy theme gives the whole set a cold and isolated atmosphere.

    There are some impressively large interiors

    Added! Thank you for the review. Nightwalker

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    Deep Trouble 2: City Under the Sea (Thief II, 2004), by Dark Assassin, a.k.a. John D.

    I love horror FMs, and I love Mechanists. John D.’s Deep Trouble 2: City Under the Sea combines both in an FM that is a cornucopia of Mechanist goodness and is flavored with System Shock 2 AI horror.

    This is a three-part mission campaign, but you can skip the first one. It isn’t horror, and only sets the premise: Garrett, intending to be delivered to a lord’s cellar, finds himself in the cargo hold of a Mechanist submarine, the Swordfish. He escapes from this onto the Cetus Amicus, which was travelling to the Lost City but had to divert course to the Mechanist’s “Central Aqautic Facility.” Things have gone wrong there, and it is the second mission where matters get horrific.

    The crux of the mission is the setting itself: an underwater Mechanist complex that has been ravaged by a faulty AI. This AI, “Mother”, has control of the station’s security systems and a group of servant-like combatants known as the “Sisters.” When you begin the second mission, Nasty Surprise, you don’t know what has gone wrong, just that something isn’t right. The bodies of dead Mechanists lie everywhere. These Mechanists weren’t just killed, they were brutalized.

    One of the best scenes is in the kitchen and rec room area. A dead body lies face down on stove eyes, a sickening broiling sound coming from beneath it. A dance area, with flashing lights and Climb from Quake II (or The Grinding of the Gears by “Friend Quake”) playing, is littered with corpses and blood stains. Dead bodies can also be found in the freezer, where a ghost scene of the last moments between the two deceased AI plays. Whatever force wrought havoc here, it showed no mercy.

    The first objective is to reach the Central Control Room. When there, you see screens with the chilling text “Mother is not pleased.” Not pleased, indeed! Near this area you also hear a Mechanist, who is hiding in a storage closet, get killed while a sadistic feminine AI taunts him. Oh, that’s right: Mother.

    Soon after that segment you proceed through a security checkpoint to the third mission in the campaign, called Mother’s Playground. A sense of horror remains, but it is toned down as beautiful Mechanist greatness takes center stage in this part.

    Before things went south, this was a complex built for the pride of the Mechanists, and it shows. Being a lover of Mechanist art and architecture, I drool exploring this section. There are gear icons and Mechanist angel statues galore. The chapel room is glorious. It made me want to join the Mechanists, so in awe of their wonder was I as I gazed upwards towards all the heavenly figurines. The main hall of the complex is also delightful. There is custom art throughout, like posters with Mechanist slogans and soda machines with the name “Karras Cola” on them. My favorite is one of Karras pointing towards the viewer that reads: “We Want THEE / For the Builder’s Army.” A highlight in this area is a fountain with gear icons and an angel statue atop. Such…beauty!

    I have to remind myself that there’s a faulty AI commanding a team of murderous machines here. It’s hardly a time to be admiring Mechanist art, especially since I’m Garrett. He would only see the smiling face of a fence in any religious artifacts he lays eyes on. That, and the Mechanists are insane, murderous techno-zealots. But their art is so pretty!

    Getting back to the mission, I discover that this whole catastrophe was caused by the Commander of the station, Friend Hunday. He didn’t follow the orders of his Elder, the infamous Cavador, not to mess with the AI. Hunday tampered with the AI, meaning no wrong. Well, wrong happened, and he regrets his mistake in his diary. The main goal of the mission becomes shutting off Mother via a process Hunday has written down. Part of this involves obtaining a key from the quarters of another executive, Friend Koressa. Her room is lavish and blessed with a personal escape pod. Garrett observes that her leaving in this as soon as disaster struck was very self-serving. It could have held a few more people. But, as SlyFoxx's Garrett also remarks, “Heck, I would’ve taken off too!”

    There are so many great scenes in this FM series. There are windows that show you the underwater area of the station, such you can look out and see a walkway tunnel that you can actually go and walk through. Then you can look back at where you were before. I love cool stuff like this!

    There are a couple exits by which you can swim around outside of it, too. It’s a great underwater building design. The feeling of being trapped in some underwater complex where evil is afoot is thick.

    Dark Assassin may not be mentioned amongst the FM author greats, but he did a superb job designing the Central Aquatic Facility. Especially knowing how frustrating it is to wrangle with water in Dromed, kudos to him. I’d play dozens of missions set in underwater Mechanist facilities.

    I also love that this mission emphasizes the horror aspect of the Mechanists, a la Soulforge. Little spider bots walk around – one of them caught me off guard. The Sisters speak of hearing Mother’s “sweet song.” A nursery shows little children that were converted into young servants. There was an element of horror in Thief II’s story: Karras was a madman and his creations were frightening. I love it when an FM author recognizes this. A good Mechanist horror mission – even a good Mechanist mission – is rare in the Thief community, brilliant as you are at Hammerite, Keeper, and Undead missions. Hidden Agenda is the only other one I can think of in the sense of a primarily Mechanist mission (which would exclude missions like The Greyfeather Gems, since the Mechanists are secondary in those).

    If you want a Mechanist horror romp set underwater, this mission is for you. Go ahead and hit Ctrl + Alt + Shift + End to skip the first mission, The Swordfish. It isn’t that remarkable, and only sets the premise of Garrett inadvertently finding himself in a secret Mechanist facility. Get straight to the horror: play Nasty Surprise and Mother’s Playground, and tell me you don’t want more Mechanist horror fun.

    Added. Thank you!

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    can someone please do a full review of "brain child" fan mission its truly amazing

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    I hadn't heard of that one. I've just downloaded it and will check it out.

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    Lord Alexander's Mansion by Bulgarian_Taffer

    I played the mission yesterday, and here is what I think:
    • It looks decent. Heavy use of Vigil's textures and rich colours gives it a visual identity. It has a pleasing, cohesive "look". I liked the weird bookcase column. Was that inspired by a real thing?
    • The exploration part is goodish, with multiple ways in, although I feel the intro movie spoils half of it. It is logical Garrett might "know" these things, but it still takes some of the mystery out of the scenario.
    • The stealth gameplay abuses marble. It is one marble floor after the other, while the rooms are packed with guards on short patrol routes. The central rooms on both main floors are lit up like a Christmas tree, creating hazardous choke points. Challenging (while ghosting)? Yes. Annoying? After a while. The good part is finding an opening between tight patrols to slip into a room, while tiptoeing on a loud floor. The bad part is that quite a bit of it is sheer dumb luck (the chapel), and there is not that much gameplay variety. If you like marble, this is your mission.
    • The puzzle is one of the ones which have become routine by now. diary scrap --> find the date --> code number Then again, Thief is turning 20 this year, so it is kinda expected.
    • The mission ends when your objectives are done. Mine ended crouched right in the middle of the mansion, desperately trying to fish a few coins out of a fountain while trying to avoid getting busted. No getaway, although it spared me from more marble shenanigans.

    Fairly enjoyable, and a definite improvement in the visuals.

    Added. Thanks for the review! Nightwalker

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    Selis Woderose 1: Flakebridge Monastery (TDM)

    Wow, I've been slacking here.

    Flakebridge Monastery (by Jesps) is, in contrast to the previous missions, a larger, more expansive one. Our hero, Selis Woderose isnít after something as mundane as money, but a collection of songs from a famous musician whoís one of many who have vanished in the titular monastery. Oh, but the money is good too.

    As stated, this mission goes from the small, linear/semi-linear style we've seen in favor of giving the player access to a large, realistic building. Part of the enjoyment, for me anyway, comes from creeping around this huge place, digging out secrets and loot. Difficulty-wise, itís not really hard. As you might have guessed, the place is infested with the undead, but they only tend to be in large areas and the occasional connecting hallway, so a bit of waiting will get the player though much of the mission, barring a few areas with plenty of haunts and light hanging around. In fact, thereís almost not enough light; you can crouch in most any room and youíll be hidden.

    Loot-wise, itís simple enough. Most of the loot isnít hidden, and you can actually get enough to complete the mission without having to set foot into whatís meant to be the endgame area, which I thought was odd. The creator clearly noticed this, since the objective that takes you there is optional in the first place, but still. The loot that is hidden in that area though, it hidden well and tricky to get at even when you know itís there, due to a nearby haunt.

    The mission is a horror-lite one, with a few creepy moments here and there (mainly around the guest wing), but nothing that will have you looking under your bed at night. Some of them (such as a certain portrait in an exorcist's room) are almost a little cheesy. But the atmosphere of the rest of place keeps it going, and the story is simple and good.

    All in all, a fun and large mission. Recommended.
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