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Thread: General Fan Mission Review And Discussion Megathread

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    In Dubio Pro Garrett

    In Dubio Pro Garrett by MH Thefreak and Dainem

    In Dubio has you reclaiming stolen goods heisted after someone broke into your pad and pinning some dirt on Lord Andre - the culprit responsible.

    This mission is a more simple "gameplay is king" mission - which I can completely appreciate. It isnt a bad looking mission, but the architecture is quite boxy and plain - so it may contrast quite a bit after playing missions like Broken Triad and The Seven Sisters like I did. That being said, it is by no means an ugly mission, just more simply designed.

    The gameplay here is alot of fun - there are some wide open spaces that give you multiple ways to go through them should you choose - and the difficulty is on the easy side, but not easy enough to make you lose interest.

    The story is good and overall this mission was fun to play.

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    Thief Trinity

    Thief Trinity by Theker:

    This is a great looking medium sized city mission with a few bits of paranormal activity thrown into the mix that has to locating a few key items and having a run in with a secret order of Mechanists.

    The city itself is great to look at and has some great design elements, and from a gameplay stance the mission is fairly straight forward but fun. There are a couple moments that may cause a fright due to them being unexpected, but thats half the fun!

    The story is pretty good here and the difficulty in some parts can be frustrating due to the amount of noisy floor and the proximity to the people that can hear it - so tread lightly in this one.

    Overall a very solid mission that is very nice to look at - and holds a lot of fun.

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    The Ashen Age

    The Ashen Age by Sliptip

    I think the first thing anyone notices is how absolutely striking this fan mission is. The textures used, the sounds (apparently lifted mostly from thief 3 according to the authors readable) and the architecture are simply a sight to behold. It looks like a completely different game engine.

    This mission is rivaled only by Rocksbourg 3 in the overall look - its that good.

    As far as the mission itself - It has great gameplay and fun objectives - the only problem I had is that frequently I got lost due to the similar architecture and design, but that is probably just user error on my part. I got a little frustrated when I couldnt figure out where to go next or what I needed to do to advance due to some strangely placed grate opening switches that were fairly far away from what they open.

    The setting is a daytime setting, which is a nice change - and there is a good story underneath the pretty face of this mission along with a few surprises. This mission should be played by everyone at least once, it is quite impressive.

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    Way Of The Sword By Ottoj55

    This mission wins a ton of originality points by trying lots of new things. It has a very interesting setting that you may not be used to, and overall has a very Samurai feel to it. Otto also gave us some different weapons to work with.

    The difficulty level here is fairly high due to the spaces being very small and cramped (at least the hallways) and many of the doors being transparent. The guards have a tendency to see you before you see them, in other words. There are a few complicated puzzles (one of which can get pretty frustrating if you do not map it out to give yourself enough time to throw all the switches before it resets itself) but nothing too mind bending really.

    The gameplay is alot of fun, and most of the fun comes from the puzzles and the different setting - Otto has really used his imagination to bring a different area of thief to life. His texture work and architecture fit the theme very well and are both top notch as well. If you enjoy samurai settings, feudal japan or anything of the sort - this mission will be icing on the cake for you. Otherwise, you'll still really enjoy it, I know I did.

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    Next up we have Burglary In Blackbrook by DarkAssassin

    This is a seemingly wide open mission taking place in and around a giant hammer temple. The place is massive, and is filled to the brim with hammer propaganda, which is great. Everywhere you look you'll see hammer insignia, banners, floor tiles, windows - even a hammer shaped pool. The author went all out decking this place out in true hammer fashion - and it is a sight to behold. If you are a fan of the hammer faction like I am, this place will be a great fit in your fan mission collection.

    The gameplay is completely solid - it is a ton of fun sneaking around the huge more or less open area of the building and avoiding the hilarious hammers (out of all the enemies, their fits of anger amuse me the most) while taking in the glorious decorations of the building itself.

    The story here is also good, albeit somewhat thin - I'll leave that one up to you to discover. A few great scripted events further the story in very interesting ways once you get to the lower levels of the mission. As far as challenge - this mission is fairly easy, but can get quite hairy in some spots if you do not watch your step. Decent challenge depending on difficulty level.

    Overall a great mission to play if you just need to have some fun while spending some time with one of the best factions in the game.

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    Shadows Of Eidolon by MasterThief3

    Make no mistake, this mission is frightening. You are thrown into an unknown area armed with nothing but your flare - you will wander around in the darkness alone (perhaps!) for quite a while. I wont ruin what happens in this fan mission, but lets just say I probably won't be playing it twice - being scared for more than a half hour straight once was enough for me.

    The gameplay is.. frightening. If you enjoy scary fan missions, you need to play this one. You will be freaked out once or twice I'm sure. As far as difficulty, it varies based on how well you do with the feeling that something is going to jump out at you any second. Thats all I'll say. The mission's story is second to its atmosphere, but it is pretty good as well.

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    Horns Of Canzo: A Long Way Up by Sterlino

    Ahh, HoC - how I have such a love/hate relationship with thee.

    Horns of Canzo is a mostly vertical mission that takes you more or less up the side of a mountain. You'll climb and climb, and climb some more - finally reaching your destination of the hotel at the top.

    There are tons of things that Sterlino does very well with this mission. An in-mission shop that you can visit at any time, vertical thief gameplay, a mixture of all sorts of location types and enemies, and a pretty good story to boot.

    I do, however, experience a few frustrating things when I replay this mission - and being one of my favorites.. it can be quite often. For example, in one area you are asked to scale the inside of a tower by ladders.. and seemingly through supernatural powers the guards will not only notice and hear you through solid stone walls but will sound the alarm midway through your ascent to the top of said tower - royally pissing off the guards at the top before you get there.. even if you are absolutely silent. I've had this happen to me every time I've tried it through many playthroughs - I still don't understand how it happens.

    There are also some elemental jumping puzzles that will make you want to put your fist through your monitor in frustration - but you know what? The mission is just really damn fun, and those minor frustrations can be overlooked. Is the mission perfect? No. Will I be replaying it for the next few years? Indeed. The sum of all of its parts makes this mission truly one of the best that have been produced - regardless of a few bugs that may pop up. Sterlino pushes dromed to do some things that I had never seen before this mission - and his work pays off. The in game shop was a fantastic addition - though I would have liked to have seen much more loot scattered around to use as spending money during the mission. Again, minor complaints about a fantastic mission.

    Horns Of Canzo 2 is one of my most anticipated missions for the future, so I'm hoping that Sterlino is able to finish it regardless of what needs to be cut for time. I'm sure I'm not the only one, as this one will always be a favorite of mine.
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    Bloodmist Tower by Kfort

    I don't really have alot to say about this one other than that it opened up to be a much more involved mission than I thought it would be, and that it was great fun getting through. There are alot of funny moments mixed in with frightening moments - and some very creative enemies involved.

    The locations are also interesting, as is the story. The mad scientist angle is always amusing to me, and here it plays very well. Highly recommended!

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    Bane 1: Keep Of Deceit by TheImmortalThief

    This mission really surprised me with how much gameplay goodness it packed into some relatively small areas. Lots of sneaking and a few bits of thieves highway rooftop jumping to be had - and overall this mission is alot of fun.

    The architecture and texture work are very good, and the mission itself as a whole is great to look at, you will have no shortage of eye candy while finishing this one.

    The difficulty can vary - I know more than a few times I alerted guards due to me being horrible with noisy floors. On the easy setting it was just right for me, I'm no ghoster unless I'm really trying to challenge myself.

    A great mission with a good story that expands a bit as you go along.

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    I posted this one in the announcement thread today, but might as well repost it here for archival purposes:

    The Book of Prophecy - Part 2: The hidden City by Schattengilde

    This mission was challenging in all the right ways and never frustrating. Very well done on the difficulty balanced with fun!

    When I read the part about an underground city I figured it would be small, but wow was I wrong! Also, the story and readable are very well done, and I found myself reading everything I could get my hands on to further the story for myself. A few shocking scenes along with some great story twists and turns. Very well done, and could be a contender for best mission of 2009!
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    Great job SneakyJack!
    You picked very good screenshots from FM's that are even better

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    Some of the pics are really jawdropping

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    I know this thread is now probably pummeling anyone not on a broadband connection and I apologize, but really.. if you are still on dialup you deserve it, haha. Its 2009!

    Next I decided to re-tackle the Night In Rocksbourg series.

    Night In Rocksbourg 1: New Beginning by DrK

    This mission would begin one of the finest fan mission series available today. The architecture, gameplay, texturing (gritty, dark and fantastic), and ambient sounds are all amazing stuff. DrK has excellent attention for detail and it shows.

    Difficulty is probably around mid level - you will be challenged a bit, but with the first mission there is no frustration, and you'll have alot of fun. One thing that did bother me was the way one key was hidden - you'd never know it was there until you search for a hint on the forum or you click around on every floor to find it. Also - the architecture.. though great looking - can get a bit confusing and have you going 'round in circles looking for the one spot you may have missed.

    There is a scare or two in this mission as well - so if you are faint at heart this series is definitely not for you. It only gets scarier as we go on.

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    Night In Rocksbourg 2: Discovery By DrK

    This mission looks and feels alot like the first mission in the series, and obviously continues where the first mission left off. The plague is even more widespread now and causing more panic and unrest with the people.

    This mission offers an odd sense of both challenge and safety that I really enjoy - there is one main area of the city streets that you can travel and not be hassled by the patrolling guards or city folks - and it adds a ton of immersion to the mission by giving it a bit more realism as to how folks would really act toward an unknown person. A few guards even notice you and say something non confrontational, which is fun as well.

    One thing I wanted to mention as well is the improvement in voice acting. The first missions voice acting was pretty rough - and this mission was a bit better. It was odd to have a custom recorded line said right before a recycled guard line by the same guard during a scripted conversation, though. The third mission in the series blows the first two away with its voice acting, so don't fret!

    The gameplay here is even more fun than the first mission due to the previously mentioned safe/danger zone structure giving you that feeling of safety when you are within the metal gates - but fear when you step outside them of turning the whole city against you. That may very well happen if you are caught, so watch your step and shadows.

    This mission gets even more spooky than the first, and sets the stage for the third mission well - and we all know how that one ended up. I still have to change my pants a time or two while trying to make it through that horror fest.

    The second mission is more fun, more expansive and basically improved upon everything in the first - just the way a sequel should.

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    Night In Rocksbourg 3: Ink And Dust by DrK

    Alright, lets get this out of the way first: This mission is pants-shittingly scary. I mean that. Its hard for me to struggle through it due to some of the enemies and scripted events being literally terrifying - and I'm an adult who can handle scary movies and jump-scare movie scenes like nothing.

    The third mission in the Rocksbourg series blows the first two away in all areas. The texturing is better (if you can believe that, the bar was set high already!) the design is better (more fancy effects, scripted events and varied enemies), the voice acting is above and beyond the first two (almost professional grade with some very cool voice effects on the souls) and so on.

    The souls themselves steal the show - from their great look to the creepy (and funny if you listen to the fellows discussing scrolls and such) sounds they make - Its a shame they aren't part of thief canon.. they very well should be the next faction. I find them more interesting than the keepers at least.

    This mission gameplaywise kicks my ass as far as difficulty. The souls themselves are a terrifying foe - and once you anger them you'll have a very hard time matching them in speed or skill.. in other words - they will gang beat you until you reach for the reload button.

    The locations housed in this mission are so varied and interesting (but again, scary.. wait until you see the dark zone.) that I encourage everyone to try it once just to see what was accomplished in dromed for this one. Give it a spin - you may need a change of pants or two - but it is more than worth it.
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    And to take a break from posting tons of reviews and to get back into discussion - I really enjoyed replaying Rocksbourg 3: Ink And Dust due to the Souls being a new faction to the thief world.

    I cant think of many fan missions that create their own groups of enemies - can anyone else direct me to any?

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    "Curse these glyphs, they make a FOOL OF ME!"

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    L'architecte de Rocksbourg
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    Finally you made screens of my missions, awesome
    They look incredibly good, sharp, with high definition. It almost looks like you cleaned the textures ! And they show how the first missions lack of details and harmony in colors and textures compared to the third...

    And Captain Spooky voice is made by Quincy Jones Wannabe

    Quote Originally Posted by SneakyJack View Post
    The souls themselves steal the show - from their great look to the creepy (and funny if you listen to the fellows discussing scrolls and such) sounds they make - Its a shame they aren't part of thief canon.. they very well should be the next faction. I find them more interesting than the keepers at least.
    Thanks a lot !
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    Quote Originally Posted by SneakyJack
    Its a shame they aren't part of thief canon.. they very well should be the next faction. I find them more interesting than the keepers at least.
    Especially those lame T3 keepers... ungh... The Souls are actually closer to how I represented the keepers to myself when I first played the TDP when it was released.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Taffer View Post
    "Curse these glyphs, they make a FOOL OF ME!"

    Exactly the kind of stuff I was talking about. Even their mumbling sounds were amusing to listen to - partly because of the strange inflection of the voice effects used.

    Quote Originally Posted by all View Post
    Especially those lame T3 keepers... ungh... The Souls are actually closer to how I represented the keepers to myself when I first played the TDP when it was released.
    I agree, the Souls are much more mysterious and less.. well - "safe feeling" I guess than the keepers. With the souls you are actually frightened of the people you are trying to help. Well, that and the fact that they keep horrifying and sometimes invincible monsters in their home is a bit unsettling as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by DrK View Post
    Finally you made screens of my missions, awesome
    They look incredibly good, sharp, with high definition. It almost looks like you cleaned the textures ! And they show how the first missions lack of details and harmony in colors and textures compared to the third...

    And Captain Spooky voice is made by Quincy Jones Wannabe

    Thanks a lot !
    All I did to your screenshots were crank up the contrast and brightness to make them visible like I do all of the screens to attempt to make them "pop" - other than that, I didn't even use a smoothness filter or anything that I recall. Thats all your excellent texture work my friend

    Quincy Jones Wannabe did a superb job with the voice acting of course - but the amazing vocal effects (the part where he first begins talking to you and starts to get angry with multilayered spooky voices... yikes) made the character both scary and likable at the same time.

    It took me a while to post shots from the Rocksbourg series due to me knowing I'd have to play through Ink and Dust again and I had to mentally prepare

    Edit: I just got an error that I included more than nine images in my post with this one - smilies really don't need to be included as images.

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    I think the most frustrated I've ever been with a fan mission had to be my recent playthrough of Calendra's Legacy Part 2: Midnight At Murkbell.

    Just about everything I dislike about a fan mission was thrown into this one all at once.

    * Timed objective? Check.
    * Forced ghosting? Check.
    * Both at the same time? Double check.
    * Completely unarmed? Check.
    * Undead everywhere? Check.
    * Putting undead in every main location entrance without giving you any weapons on easy difficulty? Yeap.

    I reloaded about 20 times after being massacred by hammer haunts and finally gave up. I replayed it for screenshots knowing that I did not enjoy it the first time - so what can you do, really.

    I'm sure ghosters loved this mission series and it is very good looking well built - but its not for me. Seeing that it came out around 2000 I bet it was amazing for its time, though. The area is absolutely huge.

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    Calendra's Legacy Part 1: A Meeting With Basso by Purah

    Released around 2002 - I had consistently read Calendra's Legacy on many lists of the best missions of all time here at ttlg - so I decided to replay it for the sake of posting screenshots and giving my impressions.

    This mission set is huge, varied and impressive indeed. The scripted events are impressive in themselves, and the objectives are creative and varied. Overall this is a very good mission set, though for me personally it was not my cup of tea.

    Part 1 has you meeting with Basso - I don't think the name could make your objective more clear than that. This mission is interesting in that the way it is set up is pretty non linear in its objectives - you could spend 3-4 hours exploring and collecting loot or you could spend 3-4 minutes meeting with basso and hightailing it to the inn to collect your room key. The choice is yours. This mission was fun gameplay wise, and has come creative design. If you've read any of my posted impressions before you'll know that I really enjoy bits of friendly AI and think it adds alot to immersion and believability (in that day and age other than posting flyers everywhere, how would the guards know who to look for in a public place and why would every one of them want to kill you on sight unless you were at a private residence? I like that missions like this take that into account) and the area itself was varied and interesting.

    The difficulty of this one is extremely easy as long as you don't get busted doing anything thiefy - but that ends the mission automatically so you'll know if you do.

    Overall, I enjoyed the first mission the most out of the three. I like "don't get caught stealing things" more than forced ghosting, at least. More on that later.

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    Calendra's Legacy Part 2: Midnight At Murkbell by Purah

    This mission.. Oh - this mission.

    Never before have I been that simultaneously frustrated and curious with a mission. The large city is very nicely built and the gameplay possibilities are very high had the undead portion been left out of this mission - but the way it is.. its just not for me.

    Why was I frustrated?

    You begin the mission with a 10 minute time limit forced upon your shoulders. The only thing I dislike more than timed missions are forced ghosting missions.. and this one has both in the first 10 minutes!

    Once you manage to overcome the first objective you get your glimmer of hope - you get to grab your stash and run amok on the city. Well, you think so anyway.. You grab your stash and are immediately thrown into the night of the living dead instead of a fun city filled with guards.

    The problem? On easy difficulty you are left with nothing but a blackjack, a few fire arrows and a metric ton of undead. This wouldnt be so bad if the undead were not hammer haunts - and were not standing in every important passageway.

    Needless to say, I didn't finish this mission. I didn't even get into the most interesting looking buildings like the museum - I spent the two hours I tried playing this mission reloading after getting swatted into the abyss by the super sensitive AI hammer haunts. Had I been given a sword - I may have finished this one - but I didn't find out until two hours in and reading an old forum thread that you get some sort of dagger on the higher difficulty levels.. which seems sort of backwards to me.

    At any rate - the mission is great in scope and in the technical and aesthetic aspects.. but it just was not fun to me. At the time of its release it was probably a sight to behold, but I probably won't be going back to it.

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    Calendra's Legacy Part 3: A Winters Eve by Purah

    This mission has alot of great scripting, some interesting thieves highway rooftop shenanigans and overall was less frustrating than the first two. The winter setting was also a nice touch - it added alot to the atmosphere and provided some variety.
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