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Thread: General Fan Mission Review And Discussion Megathread

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    Just wanted to shamelessly plug Behind The Builder Volume Four: Digital Nightfall for those of you who enjoy the BTB series and wondered where the heck it went

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    omg, haha!

    Quote Originally Posted by PotatoGuy View Post
    Just keep on walkin'.

    Very funny P guy!
    Feel the blood rushin to your head yet The Mike?

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    In Regards To An Old Post On Lord Beilman's Estate

    Quote Originally Posted by Thor02 View Post
    Puzzle in the end was a hard one for a less brighter guy like me and I have a confession: I didn't solve the puzzle, therefore I couldn't finish the mission itself. Bump. But I'm pretty sure I've seen at least 99% of the mission anyway...
    I managed to play through this one on T1 using Garrettloader with a TG media patch and ddfix 1.3.11, as well as some probable other necessary scripts and got all the way through it at 100%.

    Spoiler Alert:

    By using the only climbable barrel in the west outdoor area that could be pushed and bumped after some time to an archway, then jump on the barrel and mantle onto the fence nearby the west gate then walk along the fence to jump down behind the west gate; but I still have no idea what the large explosives mines are for. I blew my self up using 5 of them at the west gate, apparently, you have to be very far from them to not blow yourself up, but it will not do anything to the gate.

    Very nice little mission with some textures from TG and T2.
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    Too Late By Nielson74
    Released: Christmas Eve 2009 For The Dark Mod

    Too Late finds you playing catch up after a caper gone wrong that has left the antique scepter you were sent to steal in the hands of thieves that unfortunately were quicker with nabbing the loot than you were - and now you've tracked them to their warehouse to reclaim what was rightfully yours.. err.. was rightfully meant to be stolen by you. The story in the mission is a little thin with only one or two total readables, and the missions objectives are very simple and straightforward in a basic "find x item and steal it, return to start" sort of way. The difficulty level on expert not only gives you the challenge of not killing anyone - but also limits your number of knockouts.. so those of you who do not enjoy KO limits be aware of this ahead of time and crank that difficulty down a bit.

    The mission looks very good for the most part - one thing in particular I did notice that seemed to stand out was just how dark this mission was overall. I found myself lighting up entire rooms just to get screenshots or turning on my lamp (which I see will get alot of use in TDM) just to make sure I wasn't missing loot tucked away in any corners in these pitch black rooms. Electric lights for some reason seemed to only light themselves and none of the room around them, and though in story form it makes sense due to a broken generator it still looked as though the light was on and lit but was not illuminating any of its surrounding area. This could be an issue with the dark mod, however - so I'll reserve judgment on any bugs as the mod is still only in beta.

    The darkness that this mission presents is not only atmospheric and shows off shadows and gives plenty of places to hide, but also gives TDM a chance to really show off its lighting and object handling. I joyfully went around certain rooms with a candle and lit all the candles in the room not only because I needed to, but because I can. A few of the rooms could double as an extended "Light sources" tech demo for the mod itself, and I found it to be alot of fun. The warehouse area is stocked well and stacked with lots of boxes, barrels and other objects to really give the mantling mechanics a chance to shine.

    Gameplay wise the mission is really hitting on all cylinders. The dock area outside the warehouse leads to a little fun taking a dip in the water, and TDM's excellent mantling mechanics make it super easy to dive in and climb back out without the use of a ladder and without any frustration. I look forward to larger dock missions to really show off what the engine can do with water and with physics.

    Inside the warehouse you are presented with excellent patrols by the guards (some carrying torches which leads to a bit of challenge) but multiple ways to get from place to place for the most part, leading to lots of tense "did I see something there?" moments where you find that last bit of shadow just in time. Crates that can be opened are hard to differentiate from ones that cannot, so you'll find yourself checking every light colored crate just in case. You'll have a blast hopping from a group of boxes to the rafters and back again, taking long leaps of faith knowing finally that you don't have to deal with dodgy mantling that plagued the thief series. Most of the fun in the mission for me was hopping around above the eyeline of the thieves and hearing them mumble about possible noticing something, only to mention that it was nothing while I loot their footlockers. There is alot of fun to be had in this mission, the only shame is that it wasnt a bigger and longer experience.

    After recovering the scepter you'll basically be presented with the "alright, now how do I get out of here" backtracking event - if you use your wits (and perhaps the rafters) you should make it out quite easily. Water arrows will be your best friend in a mission like this with so few light sources, so I'd recommend that you purchase them from the shop before the mission. A mission like this seems meant to be ghosted, otherwise players may find it a bit on the easy side.

    Overall the mission is very strong and showcases what can be done in a short period of time using TDM's editor. Tons of atmosphere, lots of tension and quite a bit of fun - Too Late definitely showcases alot of what is great about the future of Thief style fan missions. Recommended!


    I'm always a sucker for the moonlight shot.

    The interiors are all well decorated and 'homey'.

    Important meeting or roasting marshmallows? You decide.

    I see an unwanted nap in his future.

    Thats one intimidating shadow.

    The lack of alot of light sources definitely leads to some interesting atmosphere and visuals.

    Obviously in a situation like this you'd want to choose the "up and around" route rather than a head on battle. That is, unless you are me and are certain you have a deathwish.
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    The Parcel By Xonze
    Released: December 24th 2009 For The Dark Mod

    The Parcel is one of those missions that although it itself is not as ground-breakingly profound as missions that will come after it - you can tell that it is definitely laying the groundwork and setting an example for something bigger to come.

    The author has stated in the release thread that the mission only took two weeks to create - which in ways will show (the small size of the mission) but in others will astound (how great the mission looks, how tight the gameplay is) and overall will send your mind off wondering just how incredible these missions will get.

    The author of this mission got so many things right that its really hard to find alot of faults with the mission other than its length. The look of the mission calls back to the golden age of thief mansion missions - with the great looking Dark Mod textures on the walls (I'm a big fan particularly of the red texture used to great effect in this mission) and the way everything is fully decorated - for a mission so early into the life of TDM you can definitely see that we are in for visual feasts in the future if the base missions are any indication. In many ways, for me at least, this mission is one of the most 'Thief' feeling missions to date.

    We also see the first (I think) instance of snow in a Dark Mod mission to date, and it looks great. The ground outside the estate is covered in areas and the winter atmosphere really works in favor of the overall feel of the mission. The outside is cold and unforgiving, and the inside is warm and feels lived in. Overall everything looks very strong.

    The story this time around is a little more creative and appealing than some of the previous missions released up to this point - you've been tasked not only with recovering a stolen package that was being delivered to you (a fun twist on the usual bit of you intercepting a package belonging to someone else) and along with the package is your delivery person being held captive as well. I liked the tables being turned on the player character for once, it makes for a nice change and breathes a little life and sense of urgency into the old "break in and steal this item" formula.

    The gameplay here is solid - I've always been a fan of mansion style missions and this one is no exception. You'll creep around well lit halls while avoiding the inhabitants who routinely peek out of their rooms just long enough to make your heart race or to catch you red handed. The challenge is pretty moderate here as long as you stick to the well placed shadows - the author has very nicely spaced out wall lights and candles and you'll find yourself using the "run through light source and hide against wall" method we all know and love quite often.

    A solid (if not short) mission on its own - this is the mission that has given me great hope for the larger mansion missions that will follow it in fan mission development for The Dark Mod - I recommend this mission and recommend that if you are not playing The Dark Mod or are still skeptical - now is the time to start getting in on the action. It's getting to be alot of fun.


    "Oh the weather outside..."

    Lovin' this wall texture.

    All the indoor areas are very well decorated and feel realistic and lived in.

    Now thats a dinner table.

    Creepin' and stealin'

    "Book?" - Brooks, Shawshank Redemption

    I love being able to extinguish every candle.

    Peekin' down the halls.

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    I like to read your short comments for each picture, and thanks for the TDM reviews.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swordbreaker View Post
    I like to read your short comments for each picture, and thanks for the TDM reviews.
    Thank you for your feedback swordbreaker! I very much appreciate your kind words.

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    Trapped! By Railgun
    Released: December 30th 2009 For The Dark Mod

    Although the story for "Trapped!" may seem a bit implausible (not only were you, a thief, hired to catch some other thieves by the wealthy nobles you normally steal blind but you were also out-thieved by this merry band of misfits and locked in their makeshift jail) its also somewhat new and a nice twist from the usual smash and grab story of most of the previous Dark Mod missions.

    Like many of the prison break missions before it, you'll find yourself locked in a cell at the onset of the mission looking for a way out. In somewhat of a clever spin on the usual "wait for the guard to get close enough to steal the key from his belt" mechanic of most prison break missions you'll find yourself utilizing TDM's excellent object mechanics to find your way out and into the next room where tools of your trade await you. It is from here that the mission really takes off and becomes the groundwork (hopefully) for the many (I'm sure) prison break missions to come in the future.

    You'll outwit plenty of thieves trying to keep you captive, you'll find plenty of treasure and you'll drag, drop and mantle on many objects along the way. The gameplay here is very solid and classic thief style sneak and snatch - and though the mission may not be particularly difficult there is a ton of fun to be had here.

    The mission looks brilliant. From the boarded up doors and windows with light shining through to the knocked over columns, piles of damaged bricks and boxes of shadow creating weapons - the atmosphere here is definitely well done. Not only do you feel as if you are really locked up in some sort of reclaimed dungeon but you can see things everywhere that really flesh out the feeling of the thieves using the place to traffic weapons and valuables. I was very much immersed in the environment the entire time, and it seemed like the author put great care into creating each room for maximum visual impact with lighting and object arrangement. Very well done. This mission definitely shows off the object handling, lighting and overall look of The Dark Mod really well.

    The patrol patterns of the thieves overall were pretty strong - they move from room to room convincingly. There was one instance on the top floor that saw two thieves get stuck on each other in a doorway, though I couldn't reproduce it with a reload so it must have just been a random pathfinding issue.

    Overall the mission not only looked great, but was alot of fun for me personally, and I've never been a fan of previous prison break missions. From the way the weapons and tools were spaced out to the care taken in the decoration of each room to the lighting and patrols -this mission is very solid. Highly recommended!


    Here we see one of my favorite parts of TDM: The rat. The little guy is just awesome.

    Time to pick up your tools and get to work.

    This area added some much needed color to the otherwise drab and dreary dungeon area.

    All the objects look really worn in and used, and I really enjoy that.

    You can see the debris on the floor along with the tipped over columns that really add to the broken down feel of the area.

    The atmosphere in the mission really is well one.

    Mr. Squeeks has somehow led me to the weapons stash.

    Left foot right foot left foot right foot

    The boarded up windows and doors really add alot to the look of the place.
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    Living Expenses By Sonosuke
    Released: January 2nd 2010 For The Dark Mod

    By now my Dark Mod reviews are seemingly entering broken record territory (repeating myself) for a certain sentence but as it must be said again about the mission Living Expenses - it still rings completely true: Each mission for TDM is seemingly better and more Thief-like than the last.

    Living Expenses is very much a Thief style mansion mission, and up to this point is by far the best mission at recreating the style of mansions we are accustomed to. You'll have more than one way to get into the mansion (with the return of the always loved vent systems of old) and you'll have multiple ways to approach the many rooms inside once you make your way into the main estate. Will you storm the front door? Unlikely. Will you take the sneaky route of least resistance? Most likely, but the option is there, and that is the kind of thing we've taken for granted in missions in the past. This mission shows us that multiple playstyles are finally being embraced in TDM.

    The story told here has a bit more meat to it than in many of the previous Dark Mod offerings - you'll find more readables this time around that give a bit more atmosphere and background to not only further the main plot of the mission but to give you the much needed insight of the non-essential characters who are also inside the estate. This adds more mystery and intrigue to your main objective and makes finding it feel that much more important.

    Visually this mission for the most part is very strong, and other than the occasional room feeling a bit too empty the mission is very pleasing to the eyes. The rooms here are more wide open and on a grander scale than previous dark mod offerings - and I for one enjoyed the extra space. Excellent lighting and object placement also add quite a bit of visual appeal and atmosphere as well.

    One of the more particularly striking elements I found in this mission was the detail and thought put into the placement of the rooms and their location within the environment and how everything just made sense. Weapons and armor were stored near the guard sleeping areas which would allow for quick suiting up or weapon gathering should the place be broken into or attacked. The drinking area was very near the guard sleeping area (complete with a bathroom that sees much use from a drunken archer, a detail that I found hilarious) and would allow for the guards to get some rest following an after-patrol drink. Everything seemed to fit very well and just felt correct on how a real estate would be laid out, and it really helped immerse me in the missions environment.

    In the technical department this mission showed bits of brilliance as well. One area holds secrets of a very dramatic magnitude complete with lighting and music that was very impressive (though frustrating if you aren't aware that you need to 'close the door behind you', so to speak when entering the area) and overall there is alot of switch clicking and secret finding that definitely feels just right in the Thief emulation department.

    There were a few small nagging issues with the mission that stood out to me - I did enjoy how you picked up most of your gear as you went, but the area in which you discover your blackjack did seem far too deep into the mission. If you are not a fan of ghosting a good part of a mission this one may pose a bit of a challenge. The other thing that comes to mind is a very nasty bit of lockpicking that had me clicking away at a multiple stage lock (I think there were what, NINE stages?) for what seemed like a very long time, and it really took me out of the mission and nearly put me into a "please let this be over already" state of mind... never a good thing I would guess.

    Those very small issues aside, what we've been given here is a fantastic mansion style mission that brings us ever closer to silencing the critics of The Dark Mod and showing once again what is possible with those that embrace it. If you are one of the few holdouts that has been waiting for "That one mission that really feels like the Thief I remember", this just may be it. A mansion mission with multiple entry routes, solid patrols, a few secrets, an interesting story, a bit of challenge and tons of atmosphere - this definitely feels the part. I had a blast with this one, and will be replaying it sooner than later. Recommended!


    Throw on your boots and grab that blackjack, its time for work.

    Then again who needs work when you can drink?

    Though I better get a bite to eat before I drink.. I'm getting horribly off track!

    Now im drunk with a full belly, time to sleep.

    You always enter the rooms guarded by angry mini-lions. Always.

    Is it sad that I fear guards with torches more than the Thief 2 combat bots?

    Benny: "She wasn't impressed by my uniform so I says to her, I says: But what if I walk like THIS? Does that do something for ya?"

    Henry: "Sure you did, Taffer. You'd have enough trouble putting one foot in front of the other from what I see."

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    Thanks for your nice review SneakyJack! I am glad you liked it

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    Thank you for putting the time and effort into a very good mission! Hopefully this is only the first of many that you create for us.

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    Wow Sonosuke, those pics look great. I see you used the door skins
    That might be a first (so everyone knows there are like 25+ available with the click of a button).

    I'm starting to lose track, I still have to play yours and Nielson74's. Once I get my new vid card this week I'm really gonna dig these!

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    having a computer that can't play tdm missions i can't say for sure, but the look in the screens bothers me. the textures are very clean, the objects very tidy, and the shadowing very "binary", its either well lit or deeply shadowed. the design echos many things i remember from early thief missions. big big rooms, lots and lots of crates/barrels. with the higher polygon limits, high quality models, and bump mapping of textures the scenes should blow my mind a lot more. i hope to be able to play these missions some day, see if they are really great or not. and maybe this is just me, but this is a thief series fan mission discussion board. tdm missions are not part of that lineage, really not at all appropriate to this forum. they should have a separate forum.

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    While I don't disagree that TTLG should have a separate subforum for TDM it really doesn't warrant one just yet - I don't think the activity would be high enough for it.

    That, and its giving the missions more exposure to the people they are meant for - Thief fan mission fans. Unfortunately it seems you've made up your mind about the dark mod before you've even played it, and thats a shame. You could make some amazing missions for it and major authors such as yourself really need to adopt it to give it the push it needs to be even better in the future. Being only a platform - if you don't like the objects or textures you can change all of it just as you do in dromed for your missions.

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    i haven't made my mind up on it, but based on the screen shots, i'd rather play highly polished thief 2 missions for a while longer. some of the screenshots are so strange to me. the guards are really highly detailed, and the scenes seem ripped from a dark project mission with low details and low res textures. the windows are bright yellow. it looks cartoony at times. i really hope the stories are engaging when i do have a pc capable of playing them.

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    These are the very first wave of missions - think of the first wave of missions for Thief 2 and then think of things like Rose Cottage, Pirates Ahoy, Broken Triad and so on.

    If you think something is too cartoony or low res, change it. I can tell by your missions that you are a perfectionist about textures and whatnot, so I'm not surprised that you are being overly critical about the first wave of creations

    Wait until someone spends an entire year or more on a mission and replaces alot of the textures and models and so forth like they do with thief missions now - then you'll notice some changes.

    I hope that thief missions for TDP and TMA don't stop being produced any time soon and I know we have a ton of blockbuster missions coming out in the future - but I'm alright with embracing both.. and I have. There is nothing wrong with enjoying Thief and TDM.

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    not trying to sound snide or snippy, its not the authors, they are doing work and putting out missions, its the limited tool kit, which i think needs expanding. i think my comment was intended to say that we are seeing the same kinds of things in early tdm missions that we did in early tdp missions. but we are so skilled now by years of dromed that it looks retro. i feel like a new engine like this shouldn't look so classic i guess. schwaa is adapting some models i made for use in tdm, and i'm willing to help with new textures as well.

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    I know what you're saying, Jason. There's generally more of a stark contrast between light and shadow, and the colours are more vivid, in TDM than in T2. I know nothing of DarkRadiant's or the engine's capabilities, but I have to imagine it's entirely possible to make a mission with a more muted colour palette and more reserved lighting contrast than the missions we've seen so far. As Jack said, within a few years authors will be doing all sorts of things like we have for T2 that are outside the scope of the initial mod release and mission style.

    That being said, I have enjoyed every TDM mission so far. The mod has its nuances and quirks, just like any game, and they do make it different than T2 - but there's nothing wrong with that, and it wouldn't make sense if it felt exactly the same.

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    I'm glad to see this discussion and these kind of doubts/concerns expressed, mosly because in a way I share this view. I remember when T3 FMs started coming out, I was wondering if they will push T2 FMs. I thought they would, but they didn't. I saw the statistics and it seems that there are 2 or 3 times more T2 FMs produced than T3 ones.

    Having the same concern, I wonder what will happen within, say, a year from now. Will TDM FMs push out T2 ones?

    Surely these first wave of FMs seem alright, they more like show the possibilities. And it seems that TDM provides a lot more complexity to T2 Dromed. I started playing TDM FMs and need to play all of these first ones released to have a better understanding of what they are like.

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    I don't know that anything will kill T2 or even T1 fan missions dead other than time, really - I guess there are only so many years that people will be willing to produce fan missions for games that are getting so dated.. but in a perfect world I'd like to see it go at least another five years for the first two thief games.

    Thief 3 was never a favorite of mine because of the awful mechanics and overall clunkyness (and not in a good, charming way like the dark engines clunkyness was) and I think the lack of missions for it is definitely well deserved.

    The Dark Mod is in its infancy - as we speak there are still a ton of AI being worked on to be added (Undead for example) and I'm sure there will be many resources added as well (like textures) over time. Really what we have to remember is that we're comparing apples to oranges.

    There is quite a bit of difference between a thief-centric style mod like The Dark Mod developed by a small unpaid team of fans (which is an amazing feat in itself) and a professional release by a larger paid team like the thief games were. With folks just putting TDM together in their spare time for the love of the game I'm quite impressed by how it is turning out, and it will only get better. The Thief development teams worked on those games as their jobs, so of course they are going to be a bit more polished right out of the gate.

    Before I played TDM I nearly wrote it off because of what I had seen and heard about it - and then I played a mission. And then I played a few more missions. And then I wanted to play every mission that came out because they kept getting better and better. And then I heard that all the issues in the mod (or at least alot of them) were going to be tackled head on by the team and made better.. and I was completely sold on it. Are the missions going to melt your face off right now at the beginning stage? Probably not. But I think with enough support a year or two from now you are going to see missions on par with the best of the past.

    One more thing I've noticed is the willingness of folks that have never made a mission before to jump in and try their hand at making on for TDM - so that must say something about the ease of use for the editor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SneakyJack View Post
    I don't know that anything will kill T2 or even T1 fan missions dead other than time, really - I guess there are only so many years that people will be willing to produce fan missions for games that are getting so dated.. but in a perfect world I'd like to see it go at least another five years for the first two thief games.
    I think you may be underestimating this community a bit. I fully expect to look back on Thief's 20th anniversary with ttlg still going strong.

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    I'll be more than happy to celebrate along with you and I hope the fan mission communities lifespan stretches that far, trust me

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    I think these are three separate questions, although all will influence the perception of the game environment.
    1) Technology: lighting in the Doom 3 engine produces unnaturally sharp shadows without the diffusion (?) effect that was simulated in Thief. This is not changeable without the source code in hand, and even then, I would argue that this should not be a TDM team priority - other people will do it just the same, so why dedicate a huge effort to that. However:
    a) While shadows are sharp, they look better in the game, where you don't usually notice the sharp lines, since everything is moving around. Global ambient light also diffuses it a bit.
    b) Where lights don't cast shadows, their edges look all right with the addition of light textures, allowing for different degrees of falloff, form, colouring and shading. The coloured lampshade on the top floor of The Crown of Penitence is a fancier manifestation of this feature.
    c) Normal mapping really adds a whole lot to the visual experience, although, again, it is in movement where it really shines.

    2) Maturity: Yes, many of these missions have the stamp of early work. That's because they are early work, obviously including my upcoming mission (although I bet some of the in-works stuff by the TDM/beta mapper team is way more advanced). That's experimentation, getting familiar with new technology or just with building at all (e.g. bikerdude is working on a mission that he got to the beta stage in about a month without prior editing experience). Adding the same polish as I did to Unbidden Guest or Disorientation where most textures were meticulously adjusted to meet the others on the next plane, and there was a lot of time to plain come up with eye candy, would have been great but also pushed the same mission into the "February/March" territory, if that. What I am saying is that we will be seeing advanced work, but not immediately.

    3) Resource base: This is what worried me the most, that TDM would not have the resources to do the type of missions I want to build, that it would be too Victorian, or (worse) that it would have "that fantasy look". I think the results are better than expected - the feeling is a bit like in the Classic Thief Experience contest, in that there is not the optimal amount of tools to do the job, but you can do something with a bit of spit and polish. Industrial-meets-gothic environments take some effort but they are already doable. There is still a need for:
    a) More textures: basic textures are abundant, but they are mostly clean, having a slightly Thief2-ish look. The application of dirt decals to add grime is helpful, but insufficient. Therefore, darker and grittier textures need to be added by fans in the future. There is also a need for trims - the selection is very narrow right now - and metals. General windows would also be welcome, the selection is nice but more is better.
    b) More objects: I like what is in there, generally. Mechanical gizmos, inscrutable bits of machinery and plumbing, electrical lights and that sort of thing, are in short supply, and there are no transformers and coils yet. They can be built of brushes and patches, but there are obvious limits there. There may be a lot of fan-created resources out there that could be repurposed - say, that woman's statue and the various decoartive gratings from DrK's Rocksbourg missions, or the custom generators and object buildings Otto built - in slightly higher poly versions.
    c) More ambient sounds: the selection is, to my surprise, much broader in availability than I expected, with some sinister, atmospheric stuff. They were a bit underused in FMs so far, but they are there. Nonetheless, a few industrial beats, or the distant, muffled chimes and warbles of Brosius's work, would do wonders. This sort of invisible stuff can add a lot.

    These are my thoughts so far. If the community wants something, the community can build it. But it has to do the work this time, since the current TDM team can only do so much, and there is no company behind the building effort. Myself, I have created a few textures, two of which will be featured in my upcoming FM, and will do more when I am finished. Maybe I also need to take up modelling and do some work on machinery, although that's bound to be hard if I also have to find/create good-looking object textures from scratch. So - if you believe you can help, please do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yandros View Post
    That being said, I have enjoyed every TDM mission so far. The mod has its nuances and quirks, just like any game, and they do make it different than T2 - but there's nothing wrong with that, and it wouldn't make sense if it felt exactly the same.
    I agree 100%
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    The Sons Of Baltona Part 1 By Carnage
    Released: Jan. 2010 For The Dark Mod

    The Sons Of Baltona (Part 1) is a mission that goes out on a limb to try quite a few things that up to this point in The Dark Mod's lifespan have not really been seen alot or at all. Though we've had quite a few mansion missions at this point (hey, authors have to start somewhere - and I for one love mansion missions!) this is one of the first missions to not only have a larger sized mansion, but a fairly well fleshed-out outside area leading to the mansion as well. Here you'll find the series (hopefully there will be future parts!) gets off to a strong start, and I look forward to the future missions that will be released to further the story.

    The gameplay housed inside the mission is very classic "Break in, find out what happened, fill your loot sack and get the heck out". You'll sneak from room to room avoiding light sources, grabbing shiny things and you'll be looking for someone being held captive - and along the way you'll even open a further objective, something else that seems new to TDM. Ghosting is more than encouraged, as being noticed not only leads to to having no choice but to flee (due to a no kill objective) but one guard alerted quickly leads to five or six guards alerted as the mission seems to be fairly over-saturated when it comes to patrols. This becomes most evident outside the mansion where the patrols are probably a bit heavier than they should be and could possibly frustrate the non-ghosters among us.

    Inside the mansion you'll find a few odd design quirks - the scale of the doors in particular look more at home in Wonka Land than in a Dark Mod mission, but being the first mission in a series and the first mission for the author we will only see improvement from here out I'm sure. Everyone has to start somewhere - and for a first time mission builder it is a very solid effort.

    I did encounter a particularly nasty bug outside the building on the second floor - each time I would try to access the roof (exploration!) or would climb on an object in this particular area - TDM would hard lock and cause me to eliminate it in the task manager or restart my machine. More thorough beta testing could be in order for the missions before release - moreso because TDM is still in its very early stages and mission building has not become the exact science that it has for games in the thief series.

    A solid mission with a few quirks and some new attempts - I'm definitely looking forward to seeing where the series goes. If you are a fan of the ghosting style and don't mind the feeling of being outnumbered - definitely give this one a try. Just know ahead of time that once you are discovered, the last thing you will receive is a fair fight.


    Not sure why I loved this big gate starting off the mission so much, but I did - so here is a picture of it!

    A look outside the estate and the fancy fountain.

    If I had a not-so-secret entrance in my garden I'd have guards patrolling it too.

    I like to keep my valuables at arms length as well. You never know when you might get blackjac....


    Apparently the dining room also doubles as a drug induced raver party.

    I drew a line
    I drew a line for you
    Oh what a thing to do
    And it was all yellow - Coldplay

    I'm a big fan of seeing giant imposing guard shadows before I see the guards themselves - its a really neat effect.

    Bonus picture!

    This is what happens when a random guard meets ol' EL KABONG! Unfair? Maybe. Hilarious? Definitely.

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