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Thread: CoSaS Release Pack 19 - Flowers

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    The Architect
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    CoSaS Release Pack 19 - Flowers

    Unlike the other RPs, for this one I didn't just reach into our archive and package things up. I went back to the original photos which I took about eight years ago, recropped them, edited them to make them tile, and kept them as TGAs to maintain the colors. I grabbed NV's EP flowers in a pot model, edited it (to remove the little trunks and move the bush closer to the pot) and created a new pot texture from scratch. So everything you're getting in this pack is practically new!

    Download - Flowers!

    Other Packs: 178 Beds - Portcullises & Ladders - 18 Keys - Tinderbox & Flares - 103 Chairs - Chests, Boxes, and Luggage - Folded Clothes - Books and Scrolls - Light Gem & Health Shields - 80 Doors - Tiffany Lamps - Tables & Stands - Noble Skins & Drunk Voice - Lights of all Types - Desks, Cabinets, and Dressers - Drapes - Musical - Flowers - Bookcases - Loot - Pub Set - Bathroom Set - Gambling Set - Bow & Quiver - Dagger Motions

    There's eight basic flower textures, in five forms. Bush, Bush in a Pot, Fern, Fern in a Pot, and as a texture family. Additionally I made a set of five single-flower big leaf plants. Enjoy!

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    Very nice! I was just thinking today we need more variety in plants.

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    Once again... A+!

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    The Architect
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    I did alot of work on these today, so it's nice to know that they're going to be used.

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    Rosie's Flower Shoppe's in business!

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